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About us

Online-soroban.com birth story

I had traveled around the world for a year and a half.

In the many countries I have traveled, I was surprised that in many children around 5 and 6 years old took up many jobs, such as collecting litter and water.

During the critical age where brain development mattered the most, the children were struck because they had to work, thus losing the potential to succeed.

This made sense to me as I figured out why Japan's economy was strong before. It is a country that focused on three basic aspects of education: reading, writing, and learning abacus.

Since I was a little child, I had the opportunity to learn the abacus and had mental mathematics training. After joining the workforce, I realized the importance of using the abacus to cultivate a good sense of numbers, imagination, and creativity.

Online-soroban.com was born with the goal to share the power of abacus and mental arithmetic to people all over the world.

This curriculum is the only one in the world that uses the ISHIDO-SHIKI curriculum, which has produced many mental calculation world cup champions. We can now deliver the world's best curriculum online to everyone in the world.

There are many needy children and refugees in the world especially Africa. A portion of the school fees from Online Soroban will be used to provide emotional support and abacus education to these children in Africa and developing countries where abacus is not available.

Join us as we work together to improve the future of our world.

I believe that with the brainpower cultivated with an abacus, we can better improve the future of people.

Let's start now!

Yuji Miura   National Abacus Education Council Instructor Certification No. 2016003
Company name: miuranguide 
Location: 11-13-50 west ebeotsu,takikawa-city,hokkaido,Japan
Email :  support@online-soroban.com
Tel :  +81 50 5806 8484

Let's learning ISHIDO-SHIKI
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