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About us

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Through this website, especially for beginners, will be able to pick up the foundation of Abacus including an animated video showing the correct way of using the abacus. This helps the child to better understand the lesson and to keep them focused on the lessons through play.Many skills like concentration, endurance, improved memory, competitiveness and ablility to analyze can be developed in the process of learning Abacus, hence building up their self esteem. We hope that with a learning environment like ours will have a huge and positive influence to your child.All the syllabus on Abacus used in 48 countries worldwide will be available on our 24/7 online lessons anytime, anywhere.Learning the Abacus has greatly benefited in daily lives and at work.
Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to supporting you!
Yuji Miura   National Abacus Education Council Instructor Certification No. 2016003

Company name: miuranguide 

Location: 11-13-50 west ebeotsu,takikawa-city,hokkaido,Japan

Support :  support@online-soroban.com

Let's learning ISHIDO-SHIKI
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