Abacus classes
Abacus classes

Abacus class
Currently, there are 245 classrooms throughout Japan, and in the world, you can learn Ishido-Shiki in various parts of the world such as Poland, Romania, Germany, Dubai, Guatemala.can learn, 
To children and their parents who want to maximize their power,
Develop the ability to nurture minds and dreams that never give up by providing Ishido-Shiki methods

Through the work of “Abacus Teacher”, social independence and rewarding,
The mission is to produce human resources full of joy to work.

Through providing the educational effects and cultural value of the abacus to countries and people around the world,
The mission is to inherit the abacus as traditional Japanese culture.

If you would like to become an Ishido-Shiki abacus teacher, please feel free to contact us if you want to become an abacus teacher.
support@online-soroban.com (To Yuji)

Let's learning ISHIDO-SHIKI
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