Teacher License 101: What It Is and Why You Need One
Teacher License 101: What It Is and Why You Need One

What can I do with an abacus teacher license and How is the flow?

What can I do with an abacus teacher license and How is the flow?

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What knowledge is required for an abacus teacher, and what are the costs associated with obtaining an abacus teaching qualification?


What is the qualification acquisition method for abacus teachers, the necessary expenses, and the flow?



1. What is the qualification for an abacus teacher?

Why should I qualify as an abacus teacher?

To teach the abacus, one needs to know:

  • Basic calculations using the abacus, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Methods for mental arithmetic. Techniques to quickly spot errors and methods to verify the correct answers, as well as mastering abacus calculation techniques.
  • Additionally, various knowledge about the learning effects of the abacus is also necessary. In this Abacus Teacher Qualification Course, you will learn online not only the basic calculation methods using the abacus but also the techniques necessary for instructing as an abacus teacher. Once online learning is completed, schooling, including classroom training, will be conducted in Japan.


2. Who has the abacus qualification?


In the ISHIDO-SHIKI, which has expanded to 300 abacus classrooms in 6 countries worldwide, the teachers who instruct have this qualification. To become a certified classroom of the General Foundation National Abacus Federation (SFOJ), it is essential to have the abacus teacher qualification recognized by this organization. Not only those who open classrooms but also those who teach their children, and friends, or engage in social contribution activities to convey the charm of the abacus have obtained this qualification and are active.


  • ISHIDO-SHIKI website
  • National Abacus Federation website

3. We will inform you of the cost and process to obtain the abacus teacher qualification.

We will tell you about the cost of getting an abacus teacher license and actually running the classroom process and flow.

  • (1) Study at online-soroban.com (660 USD) Teacher curriculum within 12 months. Pass the mock exams online from grades 9, 10 to 3, and pass the abacus exam grade 3 conducted at the certified venue.
  • The period available for online learning is one year, but the period up to passing grade 3 is a maximum of 3 years. If more than a year has passed until passing grade 3, a separate fee is required to extend online abacus learning.
  • (2) After completing (1), schooling and classroom training in Japan.
  • (3) After clearing 1 and 2, you can apply for the teacher qualification. Application fee & certification fee: 44,000 yen.
  • (4) Once certified, an abacus teacher certification will be issued.

4. How can you utilize the abacus qualification?
online abacus teacher

Based on the learned abacus teaching method, you can teach your children, family, and friends. You can also teach as part of community service activities in communities or schools, allowing you to thrive in various situations according to your lifestyle. If you want to open a full-fledged abacus classroom, please consider the "ISHIDO-SHIKI Abacus" franchise. By joining the ISHIDO-SHIKI Abacus franchise, we will provide a curriculum and teaching materials based on 50 years of experience. Also, as a National Abacus Federation certified venue, you can conduct certification exams. For more details,
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