25 Jan,2021

2 Android Educational Games for Abacus Students: Jan 2021 New

We discussed the vastly growing android market of educational games for abacus students to learn and play with.
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24 Jan,2021

Jan 2021 New Using 2 Learning Methods: Online Learning vs Reinforcement Learning

Find the balance between online learning vs reinforcement learning and how can the abacus be used.
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23 Jan,2021

Abacus Training App for Student's Online Learning: Jan 2021 New

Abacus training apps for students and children of all ages. Learn more about soroban and mental maths to success
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22 Jan,2021

Jan 2021 New: Free Online Learning for Graduating 8th Grade Students

Free online learning tools made for 8th graders to learn all about the abacus and soroban.
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21 Jan,2021

Jan 2021 New: Effective Homeschool Programs That You Can Add Into Any Existing Program

We explored the comparatively newer realm of homeschool programs and how it is possible to incorporate the abacus into you routine.
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20 Jan,2021

Jan 2021 New: games for baby brain development

Understanding how babies grow and how we can help them with games for baby brain development.
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19 Jan,2021

Jan 2021 New: Free Online Learning Games for 1st Graders to Learn Abacus With

Explore one of the upcoming areas of education and learning with free online learning games for 1st graders.
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18 Jan,2021

Fast Math Worksheets for Second Graders to Use at Home: Jan 2021 Updated

Using fast math worksheets can drastically improve calculation skills for second grade students. Use them with abacus classes online.
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17 Jan,2021

Useful Homeschool Programs for 5 Year Olds: Jan 2021 New Update

Learn more about homeschool programs for 5 year olds and how to use them at home or after school.
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16 Jan,2021

The Best Educational Apps for Your Child: Jan 2021 Newest Update

Playing the best educational apps on mobile phones may benefit your child more than ever now.
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