Abacus everywhere in the world
Abacus everywhere in the world

Abacus everywhere in the world, but what is the effect and cultural value of education? 
Abacus has been introduced in Japan for more than 400 years.keeping in steps with changing times, a brand new approach has been developed for much convenient use.
What will be the outcome of Abacus Education?
To date, the usage of this incredible calculating tool is all over South East Asia, USA, Europe, and more than 48 other countries.

The importance of learning abacus is not the ability to calculate numbers faster, but rather, to have a better understanding of the basic foundation
and principles of mathematics. In the united states, an abacus is part of the mathematics curriculum.
To some countries, the main focus is not only the ability to calculate,
but to use abacus as a tool to increase brain function, using it as a form of the power generator.

What is the cultural value of Abacus?
Having Being Brought over from China in 1570, the Japanese found innovative
methods to the learning of abacus.
Originally rounded, the beads were modified to hexagonal
by the Japanese for better ergonomics.

The long history of abacus has now become a part of the Japanese culture,
being acknowledged not only as a simple tool,
but as an important theory for the learning of mathematics.
Even though calculators and computers have mostly replaced the use of it,

the intrinsic value of the abacus has become a part of the lives of many people.
The value of the abacus will always be present even times keep changing rapidly.
It is our mission here at ISHIDO-SHIKI to promote the benefits of learning abacus by sharing it on
all communication platforms throughout the world. Currently assisting with the publication of Polish abacus textbook

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