Essential in managing life skills
Essential in managing life skills

Essential in managing lige skills

Ability to calculate a series of flashing numbers within spilt seconds.
Flash mental arithmetic refers to the adding up to three number figures that are displayed on a monitorscreen using mental arithmetic.

Mental arithmetic is said to be a healthy brain stimulant and requires concentration to work out the answer.

One of the most difficult mental arithmetic challenges is to calculate 15 groups of 3 number figures within 3 seconds.

It is really amazing,Once the images are generated  by the brain,it is possible to calculate the results in a quicker and accurate way.

How does one achieve such amazing feat?

The secret lies in the unique mental arithmetic that is being processed by the right brain,projecting a mental abacus to calculate accurately.

With left brain controlling languages while the right brain handles mental arithmetic,one is able to converse normally while doing mental arithmetic calcualtions at the same time.


Early childhood development is crucial at this moment.

To start from young is always the best option as this is the time their brain can input effectively

Regular practice in abacus and mental can stimulate the left and right brain to improve mental agility and attention span.

Adults do pick up the skills to learn abacus.

But its result may be different as compared to a child.In addition, abacus helps a young learner to learn mathematics in a concrete way and this will benefit his lifetime learning journey.

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