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When I come back from school, I usually take a break or watch TV slowly.
Parental support is essential, such as planning a study together so that you can do it yourself and telling things you don't understand.
If you have accumulated materials, don't get angry, but think about how to proceed.
The trick is to keep the kids motivated and support their parents
Correspondence education works hard at first, but it gets tired gradually and becomes troublesome.
To continue that, it is essential that the child really wants to study and the support of the parents who support it.
I can't go on alone yet
Rather than say “Do it!”, It ’s better to encourage your kids to speak softly like “Where are you doing today?”
Elementary school students are more willing to play, so it takes time to get into the habit of studying.
Once you have the habit, you will be able to do it yourself, but during the lower grades, your parents will need to support you.
However, this is the same for both cram schools and distance learning. The period until you can do it depends on the child, but the feeling of “I support you” and calling out is very important.
What do you study for
The reason for studying will not continue unless the child's own purpose is firm.
Then, my parents said that they could do it.
It will be important for children to understand the necessity of studying and decide how to proceed with their own feelings.
There are advantages and disadvantages to distance learning.
Based on that, let's think about whether it suits the personality of the child.
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If it suits you, it doesn't cost anything, you can do it whenever you want, and there are great advantages over attending a cram school.

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