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There are 4 ways of Home Abacus' Mum which can arouse the child's interest in learning abacus.
Let's discuss about the topic of Home Abacus' Mum
How can mothers handle the child psychological changes of their children when they are working too hard or in low spirits?

1) Heartfelt praise for children
A real case:
Teacher: How do you get a child to be interested in abacus?
Parent: I do not know anything about abacus but I will sincerely praise my child, "Baby, you are very impressive,"
By doing so, this may be the first step to promote the liking of abacus.Mostly importantly is th encouragement toward a child from the bottom of your heart.Do you know how to solve a multiplication by the application of an abacus ? Mummy do not understand, why don't you teach me how to do it?By saying this, you are actually building up your child's self-esteem.Once the child is feeling happy naturally he/she will bekeen to learn abacus.In order to make their mother feel happy, they will work hard to surprise them.

2) Try to practice with your child and at the same time you can even try to be a competitor to challenge each other.
even if you do not know about abacus, you can spend time together to work it out to creative an active atmosphere to learn and dieplay teamwork.

3) Not to say "Do it"
An Intelligent "Home Abacus Mum"will not mention "Do it".
This is bcause mothers know that this is a directive instruction which will cause a negative input on them.
The main concern is how to motivate the child to practice independently.For example: Accompany your child to practise abacus. Set goal, reward them if they have achieved it.
Parents are advise to put aside their busy schedule to spend times with your child.

4) Morning Practice
Bright children live their life in orderly manner.
Ensure they have adequate sleep and balanced eating habits in order to practice in the morning.Hence,they will have spare time to practice their abacus even if it's only ten minutes. As time goes by, they will still be able to produce good results.

Avoid reprimanding your child, it will not help them in their development process.How to make a happy child?This will be the first step for "Home Abacus Mum"Encouragement and see through their development journey.You may be able to discover your child's virtue and talent.A child needs you  when they are developing into adulthood.You are also their biggest supporter.

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