How to inspire creative inspiration?
How to inspire creative inspiration?

How to inspire creative inspiration?
Nowadays, people rely on computer to gather imformation and gain knowledge.Then what about creativity and inspiration, are we able to gather from the computer too? Science has proven that combination of abacus and ISHIDO-SHIKI Education plays a big part for the contribution to stimulate the brain.Be it social media or examination, we can never deny that they are always in demand in knowledge of creativity and knowledge of inspiration.

In future,we have to predicate that the need of creativity and inspiration will be in priority compared to the knowledge gained from the computer.
In recent years of secondary school examinations, we are facing problems that people are unable to excel when knowledge of creativity are being evaluated in this case.

How are we going to inspire creativity and inspiration?
In recent years, studies have shown that abacus is one of the popular training methods.Repeated practice is more important than perception Children who learn abacus will need to practice at home daily. What is inspiration? Is it a gift of talent in every genius? Or is it special power after birth? A good example is the discovery of gravitational law interpreted by Newton. Inspiration does not come from the genius - Newton.He did a lot of research and experiments and finally found a conclusion to summarize his findings.In order words, inspiration is not sudden, Is the countless failures and accumulation of several experiences to make up his findings.Having a good analytic mind and reasonable thinking do not necessary mean that you will have a good creativity.

3 A's to train how to act intuitively
1) Action
2) Awareness
3) Acceptance

We must not stick to the old method. We must be ready to accept new discoveries and new ideas.

Let inspiration begin with abacus
We make full use of our eyes, head and finger movement to learn abacus mental arithmetic.This action is the most effective way to train our right brain.Practicing of abacus helps to send messages to the brain and it helps to build up the basic foundation of inspiration.

In addition, new researchers found that when doing mental arithmetic not only it will stimulate the brain and at the same time it will produce a beta signal to allow the brain to relax.
In fact, this form of relaxation is the bridge between inspiration and creativity.

Records show that abacus learning ties closely between inspiration and creativity Recently, demand in learning abacus has increased. More and more parents are sending their children to learn abacus.

The power of abacus + Ishido-Shiki Education is the sublimation of inspiration and its works effectively.
The first few months of learning of abacus will not gain inspiration immediately.It all depends on repeated practicing over the time to achieve the power of creativity and inspiration.

Therefore, ISHIDO-SHIKI Education is using the examination format and competition to encourage children to establish their own goal.
We belong to the National Abacus Union. This project consists of 4 topics which are abacus, mental arithmetic, reading abacus and reading mental arithmetic for evaluation.We hold examination once every 1 to 2 months and competition is held twice in every year.With constant practice, the cycle of Action, Awareness and Acceptance will repeat itself beneficially.

Scientists conclude that the willinginess to learn and optimistic mentality can lead to better performance in a more creative way.ISHIDO-SHIKI Education inspires children to expand their infinite super learning capacity.

Let's learning ISHIDO-SHIKI
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