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1 Abacus Learning Applications With Free Download

15 Sep,2020

1 Abacus Learning Applications With Free Download


1 Abacus Learning Applications With Free Download
The journey of abacus learning with applications that has free download have allowed us to learn on the web.

WIth many mental calculation exercises, all of which has proved to be very helpful in improving mental strength.

Due to its reliability and efficiency, this ancient method of performing mathematical calculations has made its way from thousands of years ago to digital platforms for learning in today’s world.

Reading this 3 minute article will help you understand more about soroban in detail.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. What Do You Know About Abacus Learning Applications That Has Free Download?

What Do You Know About Abacus Learning Applications That Has Free Download?

Abacus is a calculating tool, also called a counting frame, which was used in the ancient times to perform the four basic mathematical operations, and also square and cube roots in some cases.

The exact origin of this tool is still unknown.

This little tool is usually built inside a frame with a number of rows that have beads or similar objects that can be moved.

In the earliest examples of soroban use, the beads or objects could be moved on a flat surface.

The beads represent digits, which are manipulated in order to perform mathematical operations.

In today’s modern world, although calculators and computers have taken over an array of mathematical operations, the soroban still remains in use by many traders and merchants in many parts of the world.

Many countries still find the use of this tool viable to teach arithmetic to young children.

An adapted form of the soroban is very commonly used by the visually impaired who cannot use a calculator or computer.

This manual tool has proficiently proved itself as an efficient tool for mathematical operations for centuries now.

Modern implementations of the calculation device were able to further customize their use for different operations.

For example, the Soroban is an abacus developed in Japan, which was derived from its earlier Chinese counterpart, the ancient Suanpan.

The soroban is essentially built with an odd number of rows, where each row represents a digit.

More number of rows can be added for thus allowing for calculations of more digits.


1-1.Ways to Learning Abacus Traditionally

Ways to Learning Abacus Traditionally
In the modern world, making use of sorobans has been effectively used as a tool to train students in elementary and pre-schools.

Mastering this tool is a systematic learning process, which involves movements of beads based on decision making and visualization.

Fundamental mathematical operations can be represented using a simple tool with two rows, each row having 10 beads.

Beads can also be painted in a certain fashion to establish certain rules or methods which allow for more calculations.

Teaching soroban traditionally has been proven very effective in young children in helping to develop their cognitive skills.

This simple math tool can be constructed at home by laying beads or similar objects on a flat surface.

Each bead representing digits or a set of numbers, which can be used to perform simple mathematical operations.

There have been several methods developed, which are governed by a set of rules, that help you design math tools based on the complexity of calculations required.

Even in the modern world of digital tools, the tabulating device has been proved as a crucial option in teaching and reducing mathematical phobia in young students.

The most pivotal use of abacus in the modern world has been done to help people who are visually impaired or living in remote parts, far away from civilization where traditional and ancient methods are still employed.


1-2.How to Find Abacus Learning Applications With Free Download

How to Find Abacus Learning Applications With Free Download
Several digital educational platforms are certified to offer mental calculation exercises.

These are designed to stimulate and strengthen an individual’s mental capacity to perform arithmetic operations.

Research by eminent physicians from over the world have found that the left hemisphere of the Brain, facilitates analytical information and controls reading, writing, calculation, logical thinking, etc.

and can upskill the right hemisphere, handles three-dimensional sense, creativity, and artistic senses.

Science has proved that continuous use of the soroban can develop the unused right-side of the brain which contributes to the whole brain development of individuals.

Solving mental exercises enables our spatial ability which is used for complex decision making.

For today’s students, it is an added bonus that many websites and digital learning platforms offer free mental calculation courses.

On the press of a mouse click, I can browse a number of tests and exercises designed to train and teach mental calculations for individuals of all age categories.

Such exercises are not beneficial only for young students, but they apply to people from every background.

Courses have been designed specifically to train specific cognitive functions of the brain, which aid us academically as well as in daily life.


1-3. Benefits of Finding Free Mental Calculation Class Online

Benefits of Finding Free Mental Calculation Class Online
The efficacy to improve and develop visualization skills, memory, learning skills, concentration, accuracy, speed and proficiency is commendable, and has been backed by science.

The mental calculation helps in building a foundation for higher learning capability at a young age.

Learning how to use fast maths traditionally consists of a few levels, usually up to 10.

Higher levels offer more challenging mathematical operational skills.

Commonly a young child could take up to 2 years to master their flash anzan course.

With the increase in the use of modern technologies in education and learning, several digital platforms have started offering online courses for soroban.

Learning quick mathematics digitally has been shown to provide a similar learning experience for young students when compared to traditional methods.

In fact, learning soroban on digital platforms has become more popular in modern times.

The wide availability of unique user interfaces, visual cues and themes interest young children more than traditional made lessons.

Numerous options can be found on the internet nowadays, which offer customizable courses for learning soroban.


The simple yet fundamental nature of soroban nurtures the building blocks of our brain thereby directly influencing our perception, intelligence, and awareness.

Soroban is not only one of the most important inventions of mankind but it was a stepping stone for generations.



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