17 Sep,2020

September 2020: Free Abacus Training Online Here

Make use of the free abacus training online with Online Soroban. Find out how ISHIDO-SHIKI can help you with maths today.
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16 Sep,2020

Sep 2020 - Knowing Requirements of Online Abacus Tests

Learning online abacus is now made complete with tests readily available for students to improve. Learn more about soroban tests here.
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15 Sep,2020

1 Abacus Learning Applications With Free Download

Get ahead of the academic race with abacus learning applications that comes with free download. Take the leap of faith to master maths.
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13 Sep,2020

September 2020: Why the Abacus Invention Changed the World

This article talks about why the abacus is still in demand by parents and teachers even though it was invented a long time ago?
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12 Sep,2020

Sept , 2020. Educational Abacus for Kindergarten & Learning Centre

This article covers everything about abacus kindergarten & learning centre and how parents can benefit from remote educational platforms online.
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10 Sep,2020

Sep 2020 Update: Why the Use of Abacus Is Important for Us

Learn more about why parents use the abacus to teach maths today.
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07 Sep,2020

Tools for Abacus Online Classes and Where to Buy Them

What will students experience when they learn abacus online? Buy an abacus to learn with fun entertainment online.
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06 Sep,2020

September 2020 Updated - How Do Kids Use Online Abacus Tools

This article talks about fast math and how it can be used in our daily lives. We can also improve our fast math with fun and games on Online Soroban.
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04 Sep,2020

Sep 2020 - How Do I Find Free Childrens Games Online?

Finding free childrens games that is educational is getting easier and easier. Here is how to find educaiton-specific ones for maths.
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03 Sep,2020

(Sep 2020) How Can I Learn From Abacus Online Tutors?

If you are having difficulty finding an abacus teacher near you, online tutors are available and you can begin classes immediately.
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