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Apr 2021 New: Math Learning With 3 Best Brain Games Online

09 Apr,2021

Apr 2021 New: Math Learning With 3 Best Brain Games Online

Apr 2021 New: Math Learning With 3 Best Brain Games Online
Abacus is the perfect practice tool for such kids.

The soroban allows children to expand their abacus knowledge.

Time management is much easier if your children are strong in mental math.

Good time management skills assist your kids in exams, competitions, math Olympiads, and similar scenarios.

Abacus, along with changing the flow of learning for you will also strengthen many of your brain skills along the way.

Combining the best brain games with education may be the best thing you do for your child.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. Best Brain Games and How It Works

Best Brain Games and How It Works

Do schools really cover everything a child needs”?

This is a fairly common question on the minds of millions of parents.

Although school curriculums and study material are focused on the right objectives, your child still could be facing many hurdles along the way.

It is practically impossible for teachers to equally divide their attention amongst all the students.

This leads to a rise in problems that could vary from serious to more acute.

Parents must always be on the lookout for signs of suppression, lack of energy, or motivation.

Communicating timely with your children will help parents stay on top of urgent issues.

Learning and growing at the same time is a tedious task.

Children have immense pressure on them nowadays.

The burden of schoolwork combined with extra-curricular activities can overpower young children.

It is essential to introduce a source of release or relaxation to bring down the stress levels.

Learning with entertaining methods like brain games, movies, and animated videos is fairly new to students.

With the time we’ve had to examine online learning and its benefits, there were some amazing conclusions drawn.

Digital learning content has shown students a new and interesting outlook on learning challenging subjects.

Let’s understand the process of learning and teaching math through some simple discussions.


1-1.Why Best Brain Games Are Becoming More Important Nowadays?

Why Best Brain Games Are Becoming More Important Nowadays?
Technology has offered us some lucrative benefits over the years.

Education is constantly evolving with the help of technology and digital tools.

The digital alternative to traditional education is online learning.

Learning remotely via the internet has its pros and cons.

Although many people can afford online learning, there still are many places without access to the internet or cell phones.

For students who are interested in learning via virtual classrooms and digital media, the market is huge and rapidly growing.

Games, video lessons, and learning apps have entered the domain and revealed new possibilities.

Games have emerged as the new cutting edge technique of learning new things.

Learning math has been transformed completely with the help of online abacus schools and math brain games online.

Games are very helpful in creating a perspective.

They help keep the student’s spirits high with reward systems and other cool things.

Every game has a creative element that allows players to experiment with their imagination and mental skills.

Games are also very social activities which certainly suit the growth of young children.

Repetitive tasks or lessons become less tedious with brain games.

Math needs a lot of practice and concentration.

Games are a great way to accomplish repetitive tasks.


1-2.Strengthening Mental Math With Best Brain Games

Strengthening Mental Math With Best Brain Games
Although it is fine to play brain games from time to time for fun, now there is a way to learn math at the same time.

It is essential for young children to strengthen their mental skills at a young age.

Mental math is like having a mental calculator. It will help them prepare and get shape in time for harder challenges in the future.

Practise and regular hard work is the only way to develop abilities like attention span, analytical thinking, and quick decision making.

Since brain games put a player’s memory, concentration, visual coordination, and imagination to test, they are the perfect medium for training school subjects.

Although some kids enjoy traditional means of practicing math problems, there are many children that get easily bored with them.

Keeping things fresh for a child also holds their attention for a longer time.

Abacus teachers nowadays are experimenting with new ideas and technologies to innovate the way children learn.

Abacus is tremendously flexible which allows it to be incorporated with brain games easily.

Math games become more interactive when you have an abacus handy.

Children have a massive space to play with their imagination when brain games and abacus are combined.

Online abacus schools are very keen on using math puzzles, questionnaires, animated quizzes, and videos to keep things interesting.


1-3. Best Brain Games That Teaches Abacus

Best Brain Games That Teaches Abacus
Finding an appropriate abacus school for your child is a subjective task.

We have online as well as traditional physical abacus schools nowadays.

Some schools adopt a conventional approach of abacus training while others are experimenting with modern techniques.

Apps, virtual classrooms, and remote learning are becoming the new norm because of online abacus schools.

Although today we can get a virtual abacus for free, training with an actual abacus is still more preferable.

Hands-on experience with an abacus can speed up the learning process too.

The mental transformation of students starts from day one of abacus training.

Personally, children tend to realize the benefits of the abacus later on.

A teacher or parent is able to observe the subtle changes that come in children.

Make sure your kids spend at least two to three hours a day with an abacus.

This time can be divided between school and abacus classes.

Parents can combine online training with hands-on training for a more balanced teaching approach.

Online abacus learning material can be an amalgamation of video lessons, virtual classroom discussions, games, online quizzes, and questionnaires.


Overachieving students and top scorers have a very strong mental brain game.

Mental math is a vital skill that drives other important areas such as decision making, logical reasoning, and general cognition.

Children who grow up with an abacus tend to have a very strong grip over mental math.

This assists them in decision-making, mental management, and similar demanding situations.

Children who perform well in school are self-motivated and high-spirited.

They are liked by their peers, friends, family, and everyone around them.

Children who are competitive in nature need innovative tools for training and development.



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