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Autumn 2020: Abacus Schools to Register Online

21 Sep,2020

Autumn 2020: Abacus Schools to Register Online

Autumn 2020: Abacus Schools to Register Online
It becomes more than a necessity at this stage to learn and train with the abacus that have been significantly helping others over the years.

It is becoming strongly evident that in order to have an edge over the competition we must have strong mental processing abilities amongst good physical health.

Today, technology allows us to even register for classes online.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. How Can I Learn Abacus and How to Register Online?


How Can I Learn Abacus and How to Register Online?

Recent global financial depression due to the COVID pandemic affected major sectors in business, health care, manufacturing, but most importantly the education of the sector.

Due to nearly every school and college shutting down to keep the people safe, the move not only hampered students but teachers as well.

In light of recent events, the majority of schools and colleges have taken up remote learning as a necessary tool to keep the academic cycle going.

Platforms like Zoom and Discord, which are applications to help connect users over the internet via voice or video call, were widely used everywhere due to the strange condition of the pandemic.

During the recent transition, remote learning schools have become more prominent and valuable in their field now.

With schools offering the majority of educational courses and degrees online, they may not be overlooked in the future as much as they were in the past due to the credibility of online education.

Recent developments in the education sector have improved the standard and credibility of online teaching and conducting exams.

It is fair to say that remote learning options can be safely considered over other options post the technological advancements we’ve had in the telecommunication industry.


1-1.learning mental calculation with abacus to register online

learning mental calculation with abacus to register online
Our mind’s ability to counteract stress and tension depends on our capacity to process the information rationally and logically.

Years of research and studies show that ability of a brain to perform mental calculations is directly related to their ability of decision making and cognitive functioning.

Abacus studies have concluded that people who practice and implement abacus in their daily life have higher and better skills for solving problems and making critical decisions.

Learning how to perform arithmetic calculations on an abacus enables the brain to develop certain areas that are responsible for decision making, problem-solving, and analysis.

Learning abacus enables a person to visualize the variables of a problem and thus resulting in chances of making fewer errors or mistakes.

Learning abacus helps in developing the left hemisphere of our brain which takes logical processing, mathematic functioning, sequencing, and linear processing duties.

A balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain guarantees good cognitive behavior of the human mind and body.

There is plenty of evidence suggesting that adults who were taught abacus as young children showed they had better skills in reasoning, calculating, and decision making.


1-2.3. Abacus students: how to register for a class online

3. Abacus students: how to register for a class online
With well credited and reputed education institutions taking their learning programs online, there has been a surge of online education platforms and learning programs in recent years.

Learning abacus in 2020 is not only easier and more intuitive, but it has become an underlying need amongst the young crowd.

Recognized institutions have made their abacus learning programs available online, and many even have their own apps that provide a more customized experience.

Reputed courses also provide a certificate after completing their program.

To register for an online class is very easy, as most platforms have been intuitively designed for friendly user experience.

Courses are available for people of all age categories, and specified courses are available online for young children and adults.

The majority of the abacus learning programs available online require only your email and name to register for the course.

However depending upon whether it is a certified course or not, you may be asked to provide more information like proof of identity and educational qualifications.

Abacus courses often require the students to get their own practice kit which may include an abacus and instructional manuals.


1-3. 4. benefits of learning abacus and registering online

4. benefits of learning abacus and registering online
Years of studies and research from scientists around the world have concluded that people who use mental math have shown remarkable progress in their fields.

To break it down its biological terms, the left side of the brain shows tremendous improvements over significant others who do not use mental math daily.

In an ever-progressing world, it is imperative to have mental math skills.

Most of the decision making in adult life is oriented towards the left brain’s ability to perform.

The soroban helps people visualize their problems, which is the primary skill required for learning geometry, calculus, and higher-level mathematics.

Getting trained in soroban at an early age lays down the foundation for more complex stages of development.

Beyond mathematics, the flash anzan has proven to improve memory (both short and long term), spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and confidence. Arithmetic is the base of math and science.

It needs decisive training and real-life practice, and the ISHIDO-SHIKI inspired teachings has been implemented both as a tool and a method since ancient times to aid us in teaching arithmetic operations.

Due to its popularity amongst intellectuals, scientists, and teachers, the soroban acts as an added compliment on one’s cover letter and is considered a reputed qualification to have.

Many multi-national companies and educational institutions value the credibility of mathematical certification.

There is no argument against the fact that the soroban is a pivotal learning tool that is only going to get more popular with time, independent of the fact that it was one of the first mathematical tools ever created.


There is no denying in 2020, that the world is going through one of the harshest and most difficult transitions of its history.

We are coming to a collective belief that online education and distance learning are becoming more credible and important.

Due to the advancements in reliability and security of online data, more and more critical operations are being moved into the digital plane for the same reason, and that is portability.

As it becomes easier, cheaper, and safer to communicate over long distances, we will see online learning platforms grow and emulate classroom teaching.


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