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Best Educational Apps for Your 4 Year Olds at Home: Jan 2021 New

28 Jan,2021

Best Educational Apps for Your 4 Year Olds at Home: Jan 2021 New

Best Educational Apps for Your 4 Year Olds at Home: Jan 2021 New
Mental calculation is necessary for day-to-day life as we are surrounded by mathematics in every way.

Mental calculation helps us deal with complex arithmetical problems faster than usual which is good for us in practical life as well as academic life.

As a parent, all that you want is your child to be good in academics and you would want your child to score high grades.

At times your child will love theory and all other subjects except for that one common enemy - mathematics.

Mathematics is one such subject that is disliked by many.

By using a few best educational apps found online, we can also help 4 year olds to like the subject of maths.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. Best Educational Apps 4 Year Olds for Maximum Entertainment

Best Educational Apps 4 Year Olds for Maximum Entertainment

Learning can help a child in so many ways.

Learning and discipline walk hand-in-hand.

Learning helps a child in many ways.

It helps to build confidence and also helps them deal with insecurities.

Learning helps a child to build a strong foundation in their learning world and keeps them sane enough.

As much as we do not realize, a 4-year-old requires constant attention and care.

More than notebooks, a 4-year-old will crave movies and videos to learn more.

When the child learns a concept, they are eager and curious to know what happens next. some may prefer it pictorially.

Hence, online learning has reached a new level of hype which you will be understanding further in the article.


1-1.Understanding the Best Educational Apps for 4 Year Olds

Understanding the Best Educational Apps for 4 Year Olds
In this generation of internet and technology, we have seen the world grow so much closer to each other.

No matter where the person resides, you can connect with the person through video calls or voice calls. In the same way, many apps are designed for learning purposes.

These apps are used by children of any age to enhance their concepts.

Children are much more interested in learning through smartphones or laptops or through colorful videos.

There are many apps children can learn the abacus from- some of them such as Online Soroban teach through a series of entertaining and educational games and engaging videos.


1-2.Doing the Abacus With Best Educational Apps for 4 Year Olds

Doing the Abacus With Best Educational Apps for 4 Year Olds
Learning abacus has proved to be very helpful and beneficial.

Abacus helps students to make complex mathematics or arithmetical calculations very quickly without the use of a calculator.

When a child learns abacus during the formative years, they will be able to develop extraordinary skills in logic and understanding.

Their level of concentration and rate of accuracy also increases overtime.

Mathematics itself is an exercise of the brain.

The calculating skills and speed of the child will amaze you.

Even if a child just practices for 30 minutes regularly, he will be able to perform complex calculations within no time.

It opens the mind and expands the brain's capacity.

Abacus training includes the coordination of the hand and eye which in turn stimulates the right side of the brain.

After every problem a child solves, they will be more focused and sharp.

Abacus has endless benefits that we might not even know.

Mathematics builds the ability of thinking.

It doesn't only help us with counting but also helps us to enhance the way we think.

Abacus training builds a positive attitude towards math which in turn is very good.

The photographic memory and auditory skills of the child are automatically sharpened.

Each time a child solves a problem mentally, he/she is in deep concentration and gets the desired result which is possible through abacus training.

Abacus helps a child to concentrate which in turn also helps him/her to focus on specific problems, be it at home or school.

Unlike rote learning Abacus training makes learning fun and easier due to which a child gets interested in learning.

For a child, the abacus may seem like a game or a toy.

But much more than what it seems like, Abacus is the right way to build the foundation of a child.

As children spend way too much time on their laptops and mobiles, parents can guide them into downloading certain games that help the child with mental mathematics.

Just like educational apps, educational videos are helpful too.

For instance, YouTube is beneficial for those who can not afford tuition fees.

It is completely free and people from all over come forward and put their talents over this platform after which many of the students are benefited.

Through YouTube, you can learn anything anywhere without a single penny.

Online Soroban also has trial classes for eager students to dabble in.

They are made following the legendary ISHIDO-SHIKI curriculum.

Your child will be in an environment where they will be able to understand even the most complex things thoroughly.

With the help of these games, a child can learn abacus and hence increase their ability of mental mathematics learning.


1-3. Benefits of Math and the Best Educational Apps for 4 Year Olds

Benefits of Math and the Best Educational Apps for 4 Year Olds
The benefits of mental math known to us till now were amazing.

Talking about the main benefit that we get from knowing mental math is that it improves a child's memory.

Memory is nothing but the ability to retain information in the brain.

It is possible to store large information in the brain if one can perform mathematical calculations mentally.

Mental calculation is something that develops eventually but it sure does develop along with the regular practice of math.

Abacus, a well-known tool that is being used by people all around the globe is very famous and has proven to be very helpful for children who want to understand mathematics and the logic behind every problem.

The abacus truly helps in developing and improving concentration and visual memory.

It also boosts our memory in general.

Abacus learning could improve our mental mathematics which in turn helps in solving problems and eventually leads to scoring higher grades.

Mental calculation just does not develop suddenly.

It is a gradual process.

This can be done by using a hands-on approach.

When a child uses their hands to calculate, they keep getting better at it and eventually they don't find the need to do it with the help of their hands, their brain is more than enough.

Abacus apps will help a child deal with the fear of mathematics as it is a tool known for easy counting and eventually it will make you sharper and smarter in mathematics.

At first, you may not feel like you know much but with the use of educational apps, you learn and you enhance your skills.

In this way, all the major problems you face while studying are solved and you are good to go further and ace it.


What we conclude through this article is that, no matter what the age is, online learning apps has become a necessity now due to their never-ending benefits.

Be it a 4-year-old or 14-year-old, online apps are far better than physical schools as every child gets their space and time thereby making themselves self-independent and self-reliant.



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