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Educational Program For Children’s Growth And Development

03 Jan,2020

Educational Program For Children’s Growth And Development

Educational Program For Children’s Growth And Development
Online Soroban has created a comprehensive education program for children.

Grow their little brains today!

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Possibilities and benefits to cutting edge educational program for children.

The importance of education for children is not to be underestimated. By continuously learning as young children, they will be able to learn and accept new things as they grow up.

Being exposed to positive learning in a good environment will build good behaviour and foundation.

Below are the possibilities and benefits to cutting edge educational program for children.

3 Things Parents Must Know When It Comes To Educational Programs For Children
No1. 3 Things Parents Must Know When It Comes To Educational Programs For Children

Educational programs are lesson and/or teaching plans that are created by licensed professionals to help children progress in their learning.

Learning happens in stages and occurs consecutively.

The academic career of our children is a long one. Imagine it as drawing on a blank piece of paper.

If there is a mistake, it is hard to erase and will most likely leave a mark.


This is why it is important for qualified educators to plan ahead and plan in depth to prevent any unforeseen consequences.

When it comes to providing education for kids, the teachers in Online Soroban have prepared a comprehensive education outline of programs for your children.

This way, children will be able to enjoy what they learn and enjoy learning.

Before you know it, they will master maths and abacus in no time.

Educational Programs For Children In Singapore
No2. Educational Programs For Children In Singapore

It is not a secret that Singapore takes education very seriously, even institutions have education plans for children who are in the gifted program.

These gifted programs varies for children who are more academically inclined and children who may need extra assistance when it comes to learning.

For children in the gifted programs, institutions will help students who are intellectually gifted to reach their fullest potential so that they can learn as much as they can in their time learning.

Schools and Teachers are also trained to assist young children who require special assistance when it comes to learning.

Optional Educational Programs For Children’s Learning
No3. Optional Educational Programs For Children’s Learning

Other than the existing educational programs set up by institutions and the government, there are also other programs that are made to add value or introduce learning with different methods.

Other notable types of programs such as technical classes are also classes that trains your children’s hand eye coordination.

Singapore Kid’s Yoga, created by OhmSantih, is a creative initiative meant to exercise the body while building soft skills in a casual setting.

Benefits Of Educational Programs For Children
No4. Benefits Of Educational Programs For Children

‘My child is already going to school, he has all the education he needs!’

If that is the case, why is there still a rising demand for enrichment classes or after-school tuition?

Education programs are not only made for the 4 basic subjects (English, Mathematics, Second Language, and Science), they are also made to build lifelong relationships and intangible skills.

For instance, being able to train both your right and left brain is one of the main reasons why abacus is still in demand in Japan.

By being able to use our brains well, our children can grow up to be responsible, sensible, and creative adults.

Furthermore, online educational programs can be easily understood by children of different ages.

Unlike schools and institutions, you can start Online Soroban’s educational programs once your child is able to understand numbers from one to ten.

The teachers teaching Online Soroban recommends starting anytime from the moment your child understands numbers.

This way, they can learn easily and have a better understanding of maths.
Take advantage of quarantine and the circuit breaker and start your child on online abacus classes instantly and watch them become mental calculation masters in no time.

Not only will they learn how to quickly calculate math equations, they can also indulge in the free online games created by our own Teachers!

Abacus is a wonderful life skill to have.

Just like a video that went viral, your child can also solve maths with just a few movement of their fingers.

Online Soroban has an educational program that is made just for children of any age to learn anytime they want.

You do not need to follow a set schedule on time and can learn abacus according to your own terms.

Your child can make use of this educational maths program to learn not only maths, but also other skills that is found in other educational classes too.

For instance, they can use mental maths to solve problem sums in schools. Furthermore, they can maximise their potential with not only Online Soroban, children should also attend classes that teaches play therapy to build social skills too.

When our children learns in a positive environment, it helps them to set a good learning foundation.

Paired with positive learning experience, they will surely learn well with Online Soroban.
With the help of our government, our children can benefit from the various educational programs that will definitely build and enable them to reach to greater heights.

From the LEAP educational program, our children will be able to learn some basics of the four subjects taught in Singapore’s primary and secondary education.

Not only that, the gifted programs created by the Ministry of Education will also allow more intelligent children to learn at a pace that a suited for them.

Not forgetting our counterparts, children with special needs will be catered to, be it in a typical school or a special needs school.

Parents can be rest assured that their children will be receiving the best education.

After knowing more about the types of educational programs available for your child, we hope that you have understood the significance of these classes and educational programs.



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