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Building Children's Confidence in Maths by 2 Grades: November 2020 New Series

23 Nov,2020

Building Children's Confidence in Maths by 2 Grades: November 2020 New Series

Building Children's Confidence in Maths by 2 Grades: November 2020 New Series
When teachers can find creatvie ways building children's confidence in maths, they realise how easy it has become for them to ace in their maths exam and perform better in areas where they were lacking before, it generates confidence and passion inside them.


I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Building Children's Confidence in Maths With the Abacus

Building Children's Confidence in Maths With the Abacus

Since its invention, we have observed abacus quickly find its place in schools and markets.

There are still markets in remote areas of Africa and South-East Asia, where abacus is the primary tool used by merchants and traders for maths calculations and record keeping.

On the other hand, it is a revolutionary technique used in schools to introduce maths to young students.

Although the origin of abacus is still unknown, it’s still relevant to us in many ways.

Some even claim to have received meditative benefits from using abacus daily in their lives.

The eccentric approach of abacus theory is well known for its success in students of all ages.

The visually challenged community has taken enormous benefits from abacus as well.

The tool used visually challenged folks has movable beads with varying textures in it which allows them to identify the numbers.

In this article, we will go through some of the modern applications of the abacus as a mental calculation tool and discuss how it benefits us.


1-1.Building Children's Foundation and Confidence in Maths

Building Children's Foundation and Confidence in Maths
An abacus is a very simple tool to build a well as teach. A wooden frame will have a certain number of rows and columns in it.

These rows and columns will have mainly 0-5 or 0-10 beads depending upon the type of abacus it is.

All the beads are given a special colour to signify their numerical value.

A certain set of rules will guide the movement of beads on the frame, which will lead us to appropriate mathematical results.

The thing to notice here is that this approach requires the student to carry out calculations in their head while manipulating the beads.

In the most basic form, a teacher will ask students to designate the colourful beads to objects in the classroom.

Now in order to carry out arithmetic operations on those numbers, beads will be either moved up or down depending on the instructions.

We are basically drawing a mental picture of the calculations, which seems to get our brain used to such reflexes.

As students practise more, it sharpens their mathematical skills while also improving their creativity, memory and self-esteem.

There is a huge possibility that abacus theory might stick with us for a long time due to its multi-layered advantages.


1-2.Building Children's Confidence in Maths Without Using the Calculator

Building Children's Confidence in Maths Without Using the Calculator
Abacus was developed with the idea that it would help people with simple mathematical calculations and also keep track of things.

What was not known in the beginning was that abacus actually helps people significantly boost their spatial analysis, memory, reasoning, creativity and cognition.

As years went by, researchers were able to study how exactly mental math and abacus wires the brain to do advanced calculations.

Students don’t feel stressed by their homework or other school-related activities because now they have the best assistant tool with them that is mental math.

It is very important to maintain a healthy environment around our young ones.

As stress builds up due to social tension, homework, exams and such events, it negatively hampers the student’s ability to learn and make decisions.

A stress-free learning environment promotes peace, love, tranquillity and concentration.

When students are able to think and direct themselves independently it revamps their personality and lifestyle.

We must work towards promoting the right information in the hopes of making a brighter and well informed future planet.


1-3. Building Children's Confidence in Maths Online

Building Children's Confidence in Maths Online
Students who master the theory of abacus are able to lay down a perfect foundation for higher studies and goals in life.

There is a common misconception amongst the community that some kids are smarter than others.

Reality is that everyone has different brain chemistry, which is the primary reason that many students find it difficult to relate to traditional teaching methods.

Creative lessons like abacus are specially designed to fit everybody’s needs.

While using an abacus to calculate numbers, students use their creativity to draw a mental picture of the numbers while calculating them using the left side of the brain.

This technique enhances the relationship between the different areas of the brain and in turn, improves our abilities which are needed for sustainable growth in life.

Students who wish to reach pioneer levels of education and research must start with the fundamental steps.

Master or doctorate levels of education require extremely capable students are prepared to face the toughest academic challenges.

Studies have shown over time that with the help of abacus students can develop the necessary skills required for such academic accomplishments.

Real-life testimonials of scientists and researchers are a simple internet search away, which document their personal experiences with an abacus.

It was clearly not known in the former days that they had struck gold when they invented this tool.


Abacus as a calculation tool has come a long way since it was invented and has only grown deeper into our culture.

Students have encountered massive benefits from learning mental maths. On the other hand, where formal education is scarce, the abacus is still seen as the primary tool for handling numbers.

This remarkable theory has accounted for a number of achievements in human history.

There is much hope for mental maths and abacus theory as we watch it grow over the digital domain now.

Getting access to abacus knowledge was never easier.

With a number of online schools and apps developed specifically focussing on an abacus, it is one of the most budget learning tools on the market.

Spreading awareness and letting people experience for themselves how abacus transforms their life is the best opinion in experts’ advice.



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