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Finding Educational Games for Children in Year 9

11 Oct,2020

Finding Educational Games for Children in Year 9

Finding Educational Games for Children in Year 9
When our children are in their younger years, it is important to equip them with the best knowledge and certification.

Educational games created for year 9 students allow them to have fun while upgrading themselves at the same time.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. How to Use Educational Games to Teach Year 9 Students

How to Use Educational Games to Teach Year 9 Students

A child growing into a man is considered to be the inevitable rule of the universe.

Therefore as a parent, it's your duty to lead your child to the right direction.

When options are limited you choose it very easily but when you're in a place full of modern technology and innumerable learning processes most of the time it becomes hard to choose one.

From ancient times we are bound with traditional ways of school learning.

Even in the twenty-first century it's still in use, but this time with a lot of variations.

Now you just don't have to rely on reiterating school learning.

Now parents are allowed to mix things up making it more innovative.

Though it varies person to person it still carries huge importance.

Some choose online learning, others choose remote learning.

Though they are very similar in nature but if you look closely you'll definitely find some differences that make sense.

And of course when we're mentioning the term 'online' it becomes obvious to let people know that playing brain games, solving puzzles, watching educational tv shows are also part of innovative methods of learning.


1-1.Learning Methods Like Educational Games for Year 9 Students

Learning Methods Like Educational Games for Year 9 Students
Pressurized by workloads, it has become more complicated for parents to find time for their children.

Even after trying so hard they aren't able to give their valuable times to their kids.

Therefore they always try to do their best no matter if it's an online or offline process.

We all know school is the basic root of our offline study. We all start from here.

But at a growing time you just can't rely on it.

The competition is getting harder day by day.

So the children's need to be prepared properly.

Therefore even after school times they need a secure place where they can express themselves, utilise themselves.

And offline platforms are just perfect for it.

Apart from schools, private Institutions like coaching centers are also a part of offline study.

But most professionals don't like this idea.

They thought it would distract children from concentrating.

Rather they prefer online portals like educational videos, brain games, audio books etc.

Parents are also happy with that idea.

So they don't have to carry children accordingly.

Children will Learn their lessons at home sitting on their soft bed or cozy sofa.

Eventually they also can join their children and help them to learn it easily in their leisure time.

It will also make their bond even stronger.

So it's pretty obvious that interactive learning is far more better than sitting in classes.


1-2.Educational Fun With Educational Games for Year 9 Students

Educational Fun With Educational Games for Year 9 Students
There are two ways you can accomplish your study.

You can learn through direct communication which is a part of physical Learning.

Here you have to manage some basic rules such as you'll be bound by time, you have to go to a fixed place interacting with few constant people.

Sometimes it also costs a lot of money.

On the other hand, learning at your own pace gives you a chance to understand your lesson fully.

It doesn't demand your fixed timing.

Here you'll be able to choose your course and Learn it comfortably.

You can do it from your sweet home and interact with a lot of people. It also cost less money.

Sometimes no charges at all.

So you can say both are different in nature, both carry their own values.

And definitely you can go with any of that whatever you prefer.

But still if you want something extra in your life then work on yourself, go with innovative styles.

Online learning not only provides you with their best facilities but also sets the stage for your future goals.


1-3. Using Educational Games to Teach Year 9 Students

Using Educational Games to Teach Year 9 Students
Creative outlets like painting, playing an instrument, or learning a language give your brain a healthy workout.

Games are most worthy among them.

Games that are intellectually challenging give your brain a workout.

Like all muscles in the human body, the brain benefits from nutrition and exercise.

Playing brain games really improves your brain efficiency faster than you ever thought of.

In short brain games are a board range of tests and exercises aimed at stimulating your cognitive function.

Brain games are a great way to help kids in their development.

Thinking, strategizing and remembering information are just a few things that you will do in games to build your mind and it's actually very effective.

Brain Games always promote you with their vast area of benefits.

Online Soroban has created a brain game on Google Playstore that will challenge your working memory and improve your mental fitness.

Also known as one of the world's most popular brain training apps, parents are able to make use of fun and attractive classes to play while teaching your kids about maths.

There are 2 main areas here- one being classes that are animated and allow your child to watch videos whilst learning, and another one is a series of games where they can play online.

One plus point is that it doesn't charge even a single cent for trial classes.

It surely helps to enhance your ability to communicate with others, your familiarity with numbers, and even your confidence in dealing with numbers.

There are score points on the design front, with nicely laid out results.

It is one of the highly-rated brain games apps.

It also has a stats page that shows your mental math learning and it's progress.

Great for your 9 years old kids, Online Soroban has made learning easy in class and during playtime too- where your child can easily understand without getting frustrated due to confusion.

All classes and educational materials are created, planned, and designed to allow your child to have a seamless experience when learning all about maths with the abacus.


Traditional ways of learning always bound your children to a certain extent.

It never helps them become the best version of themselves when they are confined to a small classroom.

Help your kids reach their fullest potential by introducing innovative learning.

Knowledge is power, and parents should take advantage of their kids’ younger years before they grow up and leave their nest.



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