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How to Ace Mathematics With Abacus Online Practice?

26 Aug,2020

How to Ace Mathematics With Abacus Online Practice?

How to Ace Mathematics With Abacus Online Practice?
This article talks about the important aspects that parents should know about the calculating tool, about the benefits of the soroban, and different ways to learn it online with practice.
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I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. How Can Abacus Online Practice Enrich Your Life?

How Can Abacus Online Practice Enrich Your Life?

Abacus is one of the best ways to train the human brain.

Also known as the soroban, students from all over the world who use this tool to do math are able to calculate quicker.

With this calculating device, we will also improve and unlock the potential of the brain- which is why scientists and researchers suggest learning abacus at a young age.

The soroban results in a positive impact on the brain but learning how to use it wasn’t that easy in the olden days.

Now, there are only a few people teaching abacus and they are expensive too.

Learning how to use the soroban has always been a luxury to many kids around the world.

However, with the development of technology, the barrier to learn abacus is removed.

Anyone with a mobile device or a computer can have the opportunity to learn abacus online while being in the comfort of your own home.

these opportunities were not just affordable they were also better and innovative.


1-1.What Do Parents Need to Know About Abacus Online Practice?

What Do Parents Need to Know About Abacus Online Practice?
It is important to know what this tool is about before learning about them.

Contrary to popular belief, the abacus is not a calculator. It is an aiding device -which means that it is unable to do calculations on its own.

This tabulating device helps you in visualizing math problems and allows children to do mental math.

It is also known to be the best brain trainer for kids.

Many people know that our brains are like a muscle.

The more you train and use it, the better it becomes.

For instance, when children use a calculator, they are not training their brains but they are just pressing the numbers.

The calculator does the rest automatically.

However, when they use the soroban, they are exercising their brains and this will improve their brain's overall ability to function.

There are also many types of abacus adopted and modified by many countries around the world.

All these different countries have their own versions of this tool such as Roman Abacus (Rome), Suanpan (China), Soroban (Japan ), and Shcoty (Russia).

However, the most commonly used and globally accepted version of the abacus is the soroban that is made by the Japanese.

This is a much simpler and effective version of the calculating device and the most recommended version for beginners and children.

With the soroban, learning how to master maths is made easy.

In the modern world, learning the soroban is not difficult with many ways to learn online and it is possible to learn some for free too!


1-2.How Can I Learn With Abacus Online Practice?

How Can I Learn With Abacus Online Practice?
With technology, it is now possible to learn how to master the soroban in a few ways like using video streaming websites, e-learning websites, learning from blogs (like this one!), ebooks, and even mobile apps.

Video streaming websites like YouTube are not just a site where you can find entertainment and funny videos, but it is also a platform where you can find thousands of educational videos as well as channels that specialize in teaching.

Students are able to learn everything about new tricks and strategies to learn abacus.

Not only that, but these videos are well explained and it is free. To begin with, all you need is a device and an internet connection.

Online Soroban is also a platform where you are able to learn with entertaining visuals and animations.

These are websites on the internet which are specialized in conducting online courses.

They are extremely well explained and properly structured in a way that any student can quickly understand.

The concepts taught here will also provide the students with the required study materials and a certificate after the completion of the course.

Students can find various soroban courses from these websites according to their budget and preferences.


1-3. How Does Abacus Online Practice Help Growing Children?

How Does Abacus Online Practice Help Growing Children?
Even though the abacus is an ancient device used for calculation, it is still used by many individuals around the world and in some countries, they even teach math using an abacus for primary students!

What makes this calculating tool so special is that it is still used even after the introduction of advanced devices such as the calculators.

Unknown to many, when you use the soroban, you are not just doing calculations but you are also exercising your brain.

Using the abacus can improve various abilities of the brain so let us take look at some of the benefits of using a soroban.

Students using the calculating tool is able to concentrate on the beads and its movements, hence increasing the concentration abilities in them.

It also improves memory as it helps children do calculations by using visuals and encourages them to memorize.

Using the abacus requires students to do it in their heads.

Improving visualizing skills is the major aspect of an abacus.

When children solve math problems using an abacus, they are visualizing them in forms of beads and this will improve their visualizing abilities.

Not only that but when doing calculations using the soroban, children have to analyze the position and the formation of the beads to get the answer desired.

This can increase analytical skills in them.

If a beginner takes around 10-20 seconds to analyze the abacus board to get the answer, the expert will not even take a second to analyze and get the answer.

This shows how this calculating device can help children to improve their analyzing skills.


Using the soroban is an important exercising tool for our brains.

When learnt at a young age, children can get many benefits from it.

Learning in our soroban school makes learning fun and informative at the same time.



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