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How to develop children's numeracy skills by 61%:November 2020 Series

24 Nov,2020

How to develop children's numeracy skills by 61%:November 2020 Series

How to develop children's numeracy skills by 61%:November 2020 Series

The fundamentals of education is extremely important for our children's growth.

The wrong course of action may cause your child to fall behind his school. How can parents to develop children's numeracy skills with just this article? Read on to find out.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. How to Develop Children's Numeracy Skills and What You Know About It

How to Develop Children's Numeracy Skills and What You Know About It

Our memory forms a vital part of the brain. In other words, memory is responsible for holding all the information associated with our life. Small kids begin the process of registering new things as soon as they become of learning age, that is somewhere between 9 to 12 months of age. Some of us might even remember a few things from the age of 3; this is mainly due to the fact that the person may have a strong memory. Many would argue that memory skills are genetic, however, it has been proven by science that human memory can be trained and improved by several techniques. Having a strong memory offers tremendous benefits to any individual. Mainly they would have most of the information on their fingertips, which results in higher mental calculations and productivity. A strong memory is also a sign of high intelligence. Intelligent people have a very strong memory on average, mainly due to the fact they have trained themselves to store information effectively. Although we live in a world filled with hard disks and storage devices, it is crucial to understand why we need to upgrade our biological memory. In this article, we found out the role memory plays in our day to day life and how we can improve it.


1-1.How to Develop Children's Numeracy Skills and the Meaning Behind It

How to Develop Children's Numeracy Skills and the Meaning Behind It
There is a saying that goes, “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.” Our mental and physical abilities are tied to each other in crude ways. Once we begin to realise the importance of the relationship between the mind and body, we can begin to work towards enhancing that bond for greater results. A healthy body will allow you to focus on improving your mental skills. Young students are in a fast-growing phase, which requires a lot of mental power and physical efforts. Since the brain in a high activity state, constantly updating the mind with helpful techniques and methods will speed up the learning process and also reduce stress. When students are equipped with better mental tools and tricks, their capacity to solve problems and assess scenarios increases substantially. Young students, who regularly practise mental games and activities, show high mental activity, responsiveness and better results. Enhanced mental capacity, memory, reasoning and analytical skills allow students to easily adapt to new logics and theories while pertaining most of the information they have learnt in the past. Our mind is the control centre of our body, thus we must treat it with persistent care.


1-2.How to Develop Children's Numeracy Skills With Different Platforms

How to Develop Children's Numeracy Skills With Different Platforms
With the dawning of the digital era, several passionate teachers took their skills to the internet to help out students in creative ways. Soon they found the golden cache of brilliant online abacus games and activities that was a game-changer. Online abacus games that are oriented towards teaching were picking up traction due to their positive outcome. Students who had trouble understanding or relating to subjects in the classroom could have a second chance now thanks to these beautiful games. These soroban games are designed to challenge your ability to learn using very entertaining and intuitive methods. Children who may have issues concentrating in class have a way easier time with games and online activities. The use of animations, music and catchy dialogues in these games helps students understand complex logics with ease and also sparks the interest to learn more. Online abacus games are able to offer an alternative perspective on a lot of subjects which helps students immensely. If children are able to overcome a series of small successful tasks over and over again, they are more likely to have a positive outlook towards learning. This gives your little ones the confidence they may not be able to find elsewhere. With Online Soroban’s intuitive teaching style and fool-proof teaching plan developed from the traditional ISHIDO-SHIKI, students will be on the correct path to success.


1-3. How to Develop Children's Numeracy Skills With the Abacus

How to Develop Children's Numeracy Skills With the Abacus
Students who aspire to go for higher studies in their fields require a huge amount of mental and physical resources to capture their goals. Students are expected to be in the best condition mentally when it comes to learning and testing. As we move up the ladder in life, we are required to hold more information in our memory and make decisions based on it. More information a person has on their fingertips, easier it is for them to analyse and make decisions. Brain games are not only expanding the capacity of our memory but they also train us in decision making under stressful situations. As students spend more time practising these mental techniques their abilities keep expanding to do more complex calculations and reasoning. These games also encourage students to be more independent in terms of their thought process and approach. Many of us who will become scientists, astronomers, doctors, artists or engineers in the future are getting trained on additional techniques and skills. As long as we have the passion to learn, we will always find a way to the solution.



In the current state of the world, it is hard to stay focussed and positive, especially for children. Some of us may have been affected more than others during this pandemic, but we must unite to fight it back if we want a chance to win. While education and schools have been disrupted over the world, parents and guardians have a duty to keep their young ones safe and sound. This off time can be utilised positively by taking our focus off the pandemic and putting it into learning something new that will help us in the future. Children now have quite a lot of extra time during the day which they can put into learning useful tools like the abacus and mental math. There are quite a lot of group activities that allow multiple people to participate and enjoy a learning experience together. Social games and activities are especially fun during these times as everyone in the house can engage with each other and make the best of their day by having a quality family time and learn new things.



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