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Imaginative Educational Tools for Your Child to Improve Mental Math by 53%: November 2020

21 Nov,2020

Imaginative Educational Tools for Your Child to Improve Mental Math by 53%: November 2020

Imaginative Educational Tools for Your Child to Improve Mental Math by 53%: November 2020
Additional and imaginative learning methods come into play.

It is common for teachers to overlook or miss out on certain areas while teaching in a classroom due to the number of students.

We cannot rely completely on the schools for fair education because realistically they have certain limitations as well.

Make use of free imaginative learning methods you can easily find online.


I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Imaginative Methods of Learning

Imaginative Methods of Learning

Acquiring academic excellence is a fairly challenging process.

Almost all of us aspire to do well in school and college, however, after close observation, it shows that all of us lie in different places on the knowledge spectrum.

This is due to the fact that most of us have different cultural, genetic, educational, and economic backgrounds.

In order to do well academically, we must ensure that all these differences are overcome, which will allow us to rise to the top of the charts.

There are certainly a huge number of techniques which will help us achieve that exactly.

Feedback from teachers is another very important aspect of learning.

It allows us to get a better understanding of our weak spots.

Teachers and trainers are equipped with the knowledge that they use to assess and improve students.

Therefore receiving feedback and acting on it in a positive fashion is very critical from an academic standpoint.

In this article, we studied and discussed exactly those factors that decide our academic progress.


1-1.How Has Imaginative Learning Help Children in Problem Solving & Critical Thinking?

How Has Imaginative Learning Help Children in Problem Solving & Critical Thinking?
It is often common for many parents to ignore a whole side of very necessary learning elements.

We must understand that our brain is composed of two major zones, the right, and the left.

While the left side of the brain is primarily responsible for logical, analytical, and objective goals, the right side of the brain handles creativity, subjectivity, and imaginative aspects.

A perfect balance between the right and left side of the brain is required in the ideal growth of the brain and the body.

Creative learning methods are very effective in creating an educational environment through fun and entertaining means.

For example, activities and games that are designed around mathematical concepts would engage students in a way that they utilize both sides of their brains to solve the problems.

When students solve problems that engage them in multi-tasking, it helps them in improving multiple skills at the same time.

Games often encourage critical thinking in young children because they are using imaginative thinking and logic at the same time to derive conclusions.

This goes to show the important role that imaginative and engaging activities and games play a part in the developmental process of young children.

There are multiple ways of getting in touch with experts and teachers who will help us with this exactly.

Online learning platforms are very dominant right now, especially due to mass internet coverage and low costs.

A simple Google search can yield us many credible options that offer to promise online games, activities, and learning courses for students.


1-2.Different Imaginative Ways to Make Learning Enjoyable

Different Imaginative Ways to Make Learning Enjoyable
As we were discussing the growing popularity of online learning platforms, we inevitably discovered the plethora of benefits it has for students nowadays.

Technology is embedded in our lives and is only going to grow from this point onwards.

A healthy understanding of modern technology ensures we are in parallel to the majority of the world of science.

For young students, technology is not only a source of communicating with others or enjoyment, but it also plays a vital role in their imaginative and learning process.

Especially with the outbreak of Covid-19, we were made aware of our dependency on technology.

Learning and training via digital means can be a positive source of entertainment and useful knowledge.

Games and online social activities are very efficient in teaching us important academic topics while maintaining an enjoyable vibe.

It turns out to be very useful for kids who may find it difficult to focus or learn through traditional methods.

It certainly offers an additional approach to the methods that we use in school, which are usually more formal and under the governance of a teacher.

Learning via imaginative techniques in the comfort of your home leads to other desirable outcomes, which may not be possible to conceive in a typical classroom setting.


1-3. Can the Abacus Be Used as an Imaginative Way to Help Children Excel in School?

Can the Abacus Be Used as an Imaginative Way to Help Children Excel in School?
One of the most efficient imaginative techniques that have proven to help students excel academically is the abacus theory.

Years of research data show exactly how abacus has helped students around the world get over their fear of mathematics.

Abacus uses spatial, analytical, and reasoning techniques to teach children how to perform calculations mentally.

This not only speeds up the mental activity in the brain, but it allows a way to channel that activity to learn new things.

Abacus encourages students to use more imaginative ways to approach their problems, resulting in a diversity of thought and improves the imaginative process too.

Students grow the confidence to perform more tasks mentally with high accuracy.

Abacus seems to equip students with all the necessary tools they need in order to excel in their exams and tests.

Students who have mastered in abacus are not only confident to test new theories and concepts, but they also develop a positive outlook towards education and professional behavior and even see an improvement in their imaginative skills.

Abacus has helped us now for thousands of years; hence there is no doubt that there should be more awareness related to abacus and mental math.


School curriculums are designed to cover a large number of students, therefore they may not dwell deeper into the learning needs of students.

Students nowadays need additional attention, feedback, support, and training due to the increasing complexity of education and the modern world.

Extra-curricular activities and games are not only educating us about important academic concepts and theories but they also induce imaginative thought processes.

This could be a fair argument as to why the popularity of online schools and teachers is soaring right now.



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