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Jan 2021 New: Early Childhood Curriculum for a New Year

05 Jan,2021

Jan 2021 New: Early Childhood Curriculum for a New Year

Jan 2021 New: Early Childhood Curriculum for a New Year
Early childhood curriculum is a good foundation for you to get your child get used to learning at an early age.

Learn more about how early intervention can help you child grow into capable individuals.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. The Best Early Childhood Curriculum for Your Child

The Best Early Childhood Curriculum for Your Child

Using the same teaching methods and activities can quickly become boring for young children.

Children learn very quickly, which means they will soon outgrow their teaching techniques just like clothes or a pair of shoes.

Parents and teachers need to constantly keep young students under the veil of learning and development.

Taking care and providing for your kids can feel exceptionally challenging for new parents, which is a fairly common concern.

Young parents need to keep updated with the latest details in the field of child care.

Besides that, parents should also consult school teachers, other experienced parents, and information on the internet to keep their knowledge up to the mark.

Children learn at a different pace at different stages in their lives.

Depending on their age, health (mental and physical), and performance in studies, parents need to customize their approach every time.

This is essential to discover and foster the needs of our children properly.

With the help of our expert team of researchers, we were able to gather some highly relevant information about early child care and development.

We will also discuss the upsides of training your children with techniques like the abacus and mental math.


1-1.Implementing an Early Childhood Curriculum for Your Child

Implementing an Early Childhood Curriculum for Your Child
As per the latest research and observations by experts, children can start learning as soon as four months after they are born.

Between the periods of four to six months, they will start replicating the sounds of simple words like, ‘mama’, ‘papa’, or ‘baba’.

Although they don’t understand the meanings of those words yet, they slowly start picking on the rhythm of the language spoken by their parents.

At the age of nine months, parents can begin taking small leaps by teaching basic words, numbers, and shapes.

Between the ages of twelve to twenty-four months, children will grow significantly faster.

Once they are able to move around, crawl, touch things, and observe, they will start developing very quickly.

have to get a handle on the situation as soon as they start noticing a growth in their kids.

Start by making a time table for your kids.

Plan their activities in advance and teach them the importance of adhering to schedules day by day.

There are certain skills and abilities which children need to develop before they join a nursery or kindergarten.

This will help them transition into their school life easier and also help them manage things better at school.

Besides basic math and language training, kids also need social behavioral training.

By allowing your children to socialize with other people and kids, you are allowing them to grow common sensibilities.


1-2.Getting Your Early Childhood Curriculum License Online

Getting Your Early Childhood Curriculum License Online
ELO or Educator license online is a great service for people to easily acquire their teaching licenses online with only a few steps.

Getting your educator’s license has never been easier.

With most of the accreditation institutes taking their business online, it has become very easy for parents and teachers to get their teaching licenses now.

People looking to create a business out of their child care experience and knowledge must take a look into this.

Also, teachers who want to get back into the business or parents looking to train their kids better at home can certainly benefit from these licenses.

ELO lookup tool is a great initiative that will help you locate a local body where you can apply.

Every standard institute has certain requirements that people need to meet before they get their hands on a teaching license.

These conditions would be detailed on their website among other relevant information.

There is no doubt, people can earn a reasonable living by teaching or substituting.

This is also a great opportunity for parents to self-educate for the benefit of their kids and family.


1-3. Incorporating Abacus Into Your Early Childhood Curriculum

Incorporating Abacus Into Your Early Childhood Curriculum
Parents who are in the midst of childcare turmoil have now started turning to the abacus.

The new wave of technology and social platforms have spread the word about the abacus incredibly fast.

Abacus has ruled the world of early education and training for children over the years, but now it is seemingly taking over the online market industry as well.

The teaching techniques based on abacus are highly rewarding and successful in their attempt.

Teachers and parents around the world have shared their experiences and moments of success with an abacus.

All the positive support from the community has made abacus one of the most influential educational tools.

The fact that parents can introduce abacus in their kid’s life at any point is amazing.

Students with different academic and social backgrounds have picked up the abacus tool and experienced the utter magic it has to offer.

By naturally training the mind to perform mental math, the abacus can propel your child’s growth in the desirable direction.

Now with the onset of online abacus schools, parents and kids can relish the benefits of the abacus in even more ways.

It is advised to start training your children on an abacus as soon as possible, although parents who have missed out on this opportunity need not worry.

The essence of the abacus is true regardless of a student’s age.


Early childhood planning and decisions have a huge impact on the upbringing of your child.

Every decision and experience has something to offer to our kids.

Gauging your kid’s progress and behavior in a timely manner will allow parents to make amendments as needed.

Small or big challenges are meant to come up in a young child’s life, however, with an experienced and knowledgeable parent by your side, the process becomes easier and less stressful.

Helpful information, learning tips, and tricks are floating around in our space freely, thanks to the internet and media but it is a matter of conscious effort that will allow people to find this knowledge.



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