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January 2020 Update: Everyday Math Activities for Schooling Students

12 Jan,2021

January 2020 Update: Everyday Math Activities for Schooling Students

January 2020 Update: Everyday Math Activities for Schooling Students
This article shines a light on the importance of early life education. We have gathered information, tips, and tricks that young parents and students can use to incorporate everyday math activities in today’s world. We also covered the importance of techniques like the abacus and how they work.


I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Everyday Math Activities for Students of All Ages

Everyday Math Activities for Students of All Ages

Life is a complicated journey and we learn from it every day.

A day in our lives has the potential to teach us something new, provided we are open to learning.

Similarly for young children and students, lessons come in every shape and form.

It is the teachers and parents who will be the decision-makers in the beginning, taking important steps and measures for their students.

The common misconception amongst parents is that school can take care of all the needs of their young ones.

This could lead to truly disastrous situations in a child’s future.

School certainly has important roles to play, however, they do not cover all the learning and educational needs of a child.

Learning from everyday common activities is a big part of children’s life.

Playing with friends, spending time with other members of the family and other social interactions are equally important from a learning perspective for your child.

Real situations and examples of other people are feasible ways of helping your child understand the idiosyncrasies of our culture and tradition.

As you move further into this article, you will discover the importance of everyday activities and lessons for our children’s growth.

We have given special attention to activities related to mathematics and its applications.


1-1.Everyday Math Activities Parents Can Do for Their Primary School Kids

Everyday Math Activities Parents Can Do for Their Primary School Kids
Primary education is concerned with the first few years of education which are not only mandatory but highly influential.

This period usually refers to the schooling of a child up to grade six.

Primary education establishes the foundation for higher or secondary education.

Teachers and parents are focused on polishing basic skills like language and mathematics for their kids during this time.

It is important to note that everyone learns in a step by step manner in our current system.

This helps children get familiar with the skills and knowledge required for higher learning.

Daily activities like playtime, gaming, studying, and chores are the best channels to communicate with your children and teach them basic important lessons.

Learning through everyday activities can reduce the stress that may come from formal education or schooling.

This period signifies a time of fast growth in a child’s life.

Thus parents must not miss too many chances of teaching their children.

Math is a subject that is learned by practice and applying your knowledge in real situations, therefore tools like the abacus can be a great set of training wheels for your young ones.

Creative activities or games crafted around mathematics are a great way to engage your young ones in topics or lessons that your children are finding difficult at school.

Online Soroban uses state of the art animation and effective lesson plans to help your child understand the foundation of mathematics easily.


1-2.Everyday Math Activities for Toddlers to Play

Everyday Math Activities for Toddlers to Play
Most of us must be aware of the fact that most children can start learning at nine months or soon after.

The above statement holds a lot of importance from a teacher’s and a parent’s perspective. In other words, parents have to start planning and making arrangements for the learning and development of their kids much in advance before school starts.

Toddlers are like a blank canvas, which is why they are attracted to every shiny, interesting, or worth noticing object in their surroundings.

Parents have to take advantage of this quality and channel their energy towards profitable sources of learning.

Simple activities like counting objects, sorting things on a table, naming birds in the park, observing geometric patterns together with your baby can help them pick up hints on how things actually work.

Note that every activity done with a smile will be a positive learning experience for your child.

Other sources like educational tablets and abacus must be a part of the child’s learning experience.

Toys and learning tools such as an abacus are built with comprehensive goals to train children in math.

Online Soroban also has classes catered to students of a younger age group to encourage your little ones to love learning as soon as possible.

Mathematics is a skill, and thus parents who utilize everyday activities to engage their kids with math are doing the right thing.


1-3. How Can an Everyday Math Activities Schedule Be Helpful for Your Kids?

How Can an Everyday Math Activities Schedule Be Helpful for Your Kids?
Time is an invaluable asset to everyone.

Why is time management and planning important to us?

The simple answer to that question is, effective time management can increase the output and performance of our children by a large margin.

Our young ones have to be taught from the get-go about the importance and value of time.

Start with making simple timetables for your kids to follow during the day.

You can include their daily activities, school time, playtime, lunch/dinner time in the time table and ask them to follow it regularly.

It will be a miracle if your child loves to follow schedules.

In other situations, parents may have to work a bit hard or innovatively to get their children on the line.

Time table can be a great way to set up a rhythm for your day.

It is always easier to follow instructions and capture your goal when you have planned everything in advance.

By following simple timetables at home, it will be easier for children to get accustomed to school and other places of formal education.


Math activities and lessons do not have to be very thoughtful or expensive for young children.

There are tons of great ideas for parents and teachers on the internet that can help them devise awesome math activities for home and school.

With Online Soroban, parents can reduce their workload and encourage their little ones to have fun while learning with the abacus.

Teaching your kids at an early age about competitive games like Sudoku, chess, and Tetris, will come in handy for parents.

These games are designed to instigate high mental activity and thought process in players. These types of games are also easy to learn and master.

Modern parents and guardians have less time to think and act as the world progresses at godspeed.



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