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Jun 2021 New: Abacus Classes Videos That Can Be Helpful in 2 Areas of Education

23 Jun,2021

Jun 2021 New: Abacus Classes Videos That Can Be Helpful in 2 Areas of Education

Jun 2021 New: Abacus Classes Videos That Can Be Helpful in 2 Areas of Education
If you have been struggling to take out time for a proper soroban course, abacus classes videos can certainly help you meanwhile.

Note that, the best and the most optimum way of learning is with qualified teachers who are using ISHIDO-SHIKI educational tools and apps to conduct abacus programs.

It eventually boils down to the individual’s perspective to whether they want to opt for paid courses or spend a little time hunting good free courses.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. Abacus Classes and Videos That Are Easy to Understand

Abacus Classes and Videos That Are Easy to Understand
The hype around the abacus has attracted many parents, teachers, and students from around the world.

It goes to show how reliant and successful the abacus has been in the past few years.

New students are excited to get into new abacus schools and online schools because they have a hint of what’s waiting for them.

Be it hardcore math training or just additional tutoring, soroban is the way to go nowadays.

What we will be learning in this article revolves around the best soroban learning opportunities and some interesting facts.

Whether you are a high school student, hard-working parents, or a math teacher, this read will certainly develop your sense of learning with an abacus.

We have paid special attention to the latest advancements that have been made in schools and soroban learning methods in general.

Abacus is not only fun but has shown long-lasting results in students of varying ages.

Young children are the most appropriate crowd for soroban teachers and schools, but older students can just as much benefit from mental math.

To understand this issue better, let’s take a comprehensive approach to discuss some of the most pressing areas of education."


1-1.Abacus Classes With New Videos Technology

Abacus Classes With New Videos Technology
The golden days of learning with blackboards and actual soroban tools are slowly changing and moving towards digital methods.

When we say digital, we refer to every platform that is based on or related to the internet.

It’s been quite interesting to watch the changing landscape of our education system with the help of the internet and digital tools like cell phones, computers, and tablets.

A cell phone in its right boundaries is going to help your child’s education tremendously.

Today, a large number of teachers and schools are posting their learning content on the internet.

Learning within the comfort of your home, without any unnecessary stress can be very empowering.

Students can receive and interpret knowledge effectively, now that they don’t have to deal with overloaded backpacks or social stigmas.

A good number of soroban schools have moved over to online platforms completely.

This has drastically increased their engagement with students and teachers because the internet connects everybody.

Learning with video lessons, virtual practice material, and fun interactive sessions is the best way to spice up boring subjects like math.

Children will no longer stray away from math because it’s hard to understand or too complicated.

Abacus has eased the transition for many students into the world of math with fun and engaging content.


1-2.Using Abacus Classes Videos for Sharp Brains

Using Abacus Classes Videos for Sharp Brains
Students in the competitive scene have always sought after learning methods that are out of the box.

Math olympiads and competition exams need students to show their best performance and showcase of mental abilities.

Abacus has been a boon for such students by helping them improve their mental abilities and skills.

If children start at a young age with tools like an abacus, it solidifies their understanding of math and logic.

One of the major upsides of learning with soroban has been its direct effect on mental math.

Mental math in simple words is the ability of our brain to do math without any external help.

We all do math in our minds on a daily basis, however, we all have our limitations.

At a certain point, we all have to break out our cell phones or calculators to add up or multiple bigger numbers.

If your mental game were strong, the need for external help goes down drastically, because your mind is equipped to handle math tasks.

Our memory, concentration, communication, and cognitive skills are directly affected by the abacus.

Learning with an abacus helps us to practice math problems mentally, which strengthens the neural links in our brain.

In exams and other stressful scenarios, students don’t feel as much pressure if they are using an abacus to perform math problems mentally.

For those who are aiming for the sky and others who simply want to pass their math test, the abacus is the solution.


1-3. Abacus Classes or Free Class Videos?

Abacus Classes or Free Class Videos?
Depending on your personal situation you might not be able to enroll in an abacus school for proper courses, but should that avoid you from learning abacus?

No, it is not necessary to be part of an official soroban school to learn mental and other helpful tricks.

There are plenty of free courses on the internet which can get you started in abacus so you shouldn't feel left out.

Abacus is not very complex for adults to understand, so parents and even older siblings can be the perfect soroban teachers for your young students.

Platforms like Instagram and Youtube are laced with plenty of high-quality content and lessons based on an abacus.

Many teachers upload lessons daily while others take their time to come up with highly curated content.


There is no rule of thumb when it comes to learning soroban and mental math.

Even an hour daily can help you over a period of time to become comfortable and quick with math problems.

The secret lies behind the motivation to learn math in the first place.

Although some students are very keen on learning new things, some students may refrain from tougher subjects like math based on a whim.

Regardless of what your qualification background is, if you have been struggling with math, it is time for your break into the world of the abacus.



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