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Mid September Special: Abacus Learning Advantages

25 Sep,2020

Mid September Special: Abacus Learning Advantages

Mid September Special: Abacus Learning Advantages
The abacus learning advantages are endless. From flexible schedules to lower course fees,
students are able to learn from qualified soroban experts without leaving their house or taking a plane.


I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Before You Start Learning Soroban: Abacus Learning Advantages

Before You Start Learning Soroban: Abacus Learning Advantages

Abacus has proved its ability to train our minds and improve a list of fundamental skills that help us in everyday life.

Mental math allows our brain to conduct complex calculations without relying on the use of tools such as calculators and computers more frequently.

The use of flash anzan wires our brain and improves our spatial reasoning which allows us to accomplish complex thought analysis.

Using the soroban has the efficacy to help improve mental ability across all age groups.

Apart from being a mathematical aid to many around the world, it also serves as a very helpful tool for blind people in performing calculations.

To many educators around, this powerful tool is renowned for its ability to improve brain function and even helps users to calculate as quickly as the calculator itself!

Even students with difficulties with their sense of sight can also learn mathematics with the soroban too.


1-1.What Are a Few Abacus Learning Advantages for Beginners?

What Are a Few Abacus Learning Advantages for Beginners?
This mathematical tool is used to perform basic arithmetic operations to add, subtract, divide, and multiply numbers. In some cases, it can even solve popular complex calculations like square and cube root.

Just like its concept of the invention, classes are made to be taught in the simplest form where students are able to receive training easily while having fun.

What is amusing about the soroban is that it is constructed by laying beads or similar objects on a flat surface and arranged in rows and columns- but it is one of the only tools in the world that can help you calculate as fast as the calculator.

To give a little more information about how it works: the beads would represent different digits.

Mathematical operations would be carried out by moving the beads in a certain fashion.

In more sophisticated forms, the soroban would be constructed within wooden frames, which had rows and columns with beads that could move up and down.

Nowadays, they are often built with bamboo frames with beads sliding on wires.

Before the introduction of the positional annotation, abacuses were prominently used for performing calculations.


1-2.Does Abacus Learning Advantages Include the Ability to Learn How to Do Mental Calculation Online?

Does Abacus Learning Advantages Include the Ability to Learn How to Do Mental Calculation Online?
As compared to what it is used for today, this tabulating board was a crucial tool used by traders and businessmen as a mathematical tool to perform daily calculations.

In today’s society, the use of the abacus changed drastically and is now mainly used as an educational tool to teach arithmetic skills to preschool children and to practice mental calculations.

Nowadays, the soroban is effectively used as a tool to teach pre-school children the fundamentals of cognitive functioning.

While learning how to perform calculations mentally, young children develop confidence, memory and spatial reasoning.

Although there are many variations developed in different parts of the world, encompassing their own unique design and set of rules to carry out mathematical operations, it is still highly desired by many parents and teachers.

For instance, some older models had an extra row with four beads for quarter-kopeks.

The wires holding the beads were thick in the middle to hold the beads on either of the two sides.

The 5th and the 6th bead would be painted different in order to differentiate the rows.

This is one of the simplest forms of the calculating tool, which was deployed in shops, schools and markets throughout the former Soviet Union era.

With technology, educators from all over the world have made it possible for you to learn without leaving your houses!

Prices are made to be economical and wallet-friendly for parents and educator who wants to explore and learn about the soroban.


1-3. What Are the Abacus Learning Advantages for Young and Older Students?

What Are the Abacus Learning Advantages for Young and Older Students?
For years now, strong scientific evidence suggests that using the soroban is not only a handy tool for performing quick mathematical operations on the go, but it can actually help in improving one’s cognitive skills, spatial reasoning, both long and short term memory, and confidence to perform operations with high accuracy.

Learning fast maths helps the ability to perform calculations mentally and strengthens our ability in doing so without error and in less time.

One can find plenty of options on the internet nowadays which have courses designed to cater to students of all ages and backgrounds.

Experts and teachers around the world have designed online abacus teaching methods which have been derived from various ancient designs.

For example, the Japanese Soroban, claims to simultaneously develop both hemispheres of our brain.

Interactive and well-designed digital courses to improve our mental math performance have made it very fun to engage in learning these skills online.

Games and interactive sessions that use mental math to teach children have been proven very effective and reliant.

The digital revolution brought us closer to tools that we often rely on and become dependent on.

Science has shown that this reduces the ability of the mind to perform complex operations on its own.

Our brain is made up of two primary areas, the left, and right hemisphere.

The right hemisphere is associated with mental reasoning, calculation, and actions.

Abacus calculation methods focus on the right hemisphere primarily, strengthening the reflexes and nerve coordination resulting in smarter and confident operation.

Building up strength in the right hemisphere as early as childhood has shown long-lasting advantages in adults due to enhanced thinking capabilities.

With online digital courses and mobile apps for leaning abacus available to us, we have abundant options to improve our mental strength via simple but promising methods.


What many students like about the abacus classes online include infinite flexibility and convenience to learn whenever they want.

Overcome your fear of maths by learning it at a pace that you are comfortable in with Online Soroban.



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