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November 2020: Building Child's Confidence in School by 29%!

25 Nov,2020

November 2020: Building Child's Confidence in School by 29%!

November 2020: Building Child's Confidence in School by 29%!
Playing is very important for the child as it is one of the first ways the child begins to learn.

By finding different ways building your child's confidence in school, they will be able to learn how to handle difficult situations and even difficult questions they are in an exam.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Building Child's Confidence in School With Additional Activities at Home

Building Child's Confidence in School With Additional Activities at Home

Confidence is something every child needs to develop in the growing years.

Confidence does not come naturally, you need to work on it and so does your child or student.

When a child is not confident, they can not be showing their skills or talents off in school or at home; they are always lagging due to lack of confidence or in some cases lack of self-esteem.

If you want to make your child or your student confident in life, you need to follow certain things.

One of those things is- to appreciate their efforts no matter what the result is.

Appreciation is something that keeps a child going forward.

The child feels appreciated and hence wants to explore that particular thing even more which eventually makes the child ace that field of knowledge, art, etc.

Learning not to take short cuts is also one of the ways your child understands the entire process of a certain thing.

Make sure you encourage your child to take up challenges as this can make your child stronger mentally.

There are two enemies of confidence: discouragement and fear.

As parents or teachers, it is your duty to encourage as well as give such activities to the child which will nullify their fear.


1-1.Importance of Educational Toys and Building Child's Confidence in School

Importance of Educational Toys and Building Child's Confidence in School
Children love playing and having fun all the time so what is better than actually having educational toys for your kids which will in turn make your child sit and learn with you even more than before.

Educational toys are very important for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers as it gives a direct experience with the world.

The function of the toy is to help your child gain knowledge in a jolly way which will not result in boredom and will only result in making your child curious and eager to learn more each day as every child loves to have fun.

The child is having fun and they also develop fundamental abilities.

Fundamental abilities include cognitive thinking and problem-solving.

Children do not need many toys at once because they concentrate on mostly one thing at a time or in some cases two.

Although, open-ended toys are something that every child should play with, for example; balls and blocks.

It is also important to see what age group the child belongs to so that you select the appropriate educational toys for them.

This is done to ensure the safety of your kid.

If you want to make your child physically active, handing them some blocks and puzzles can work wonders.

If you want to make your child remember and concentrate more, handing them some watercolors and a book or some crayons and a coloring book and also giving them some craft work to do can enhance their skills and make them learn more each day.

Children are indeed one of the best learners as they actually remember and apply it everywhere thereby retaining whatever they have learned.


1-2.Building Child's Confidence in School With the Abacus

Building Child's Confidence in School With the Abacus
Now, we will be talking about a very famous tool: abacus.

I am sure you have heard this word somewhere.

Well, the abacus is a tool more like a toy for toddlers.

Abacus is the best device if a child wants to learn mathematics.

Mathematics is one of the subjects which students dislike and hence avoid learning it or even understanding it for that matter.

A child can spend 45mins regularly with the abacus and can make so many key areas stronger.

Abacus learning can make your child good with mental mathematics or in other words mental calculations.

Mental calculation is what makes your math even stronger.

Globally, the abacus is known as a famous mathematical and logical building aid used by students.

When we speak about abacus, we are in short talking about calculations, speed, logic, accuracy.

When a child learns an abacus, they are fascinated with the colorful beads and hence they develop an interest in learning it.

Abacus can eventually interest the child in learning math daily.

Educational abacus applications help the child to overcome their fears of studying.

This is not just bound to rote learning but a child can easily go and apply this practically in life.

If you are curious about where to get started, Online Soroban has a series of class plans exclusively created for your children's future.

Learning how to master the abacus is a good way to build a foundation in terms of confidence and skills.

When they are learning and passing the little tests, they will be able to succeed and feel more courageous to take on new challenges and new obstacles.


1-3. Understanding Maths and How It Helps Building Child's Confidence in School

Understanding Maths and How It Helps Building Child's Confidence in School
Mathematics once learned can never be forgotten hence you should learn from proper sources.

You can sit at home at your own pace and learn mathematics by online method.

Learning at home can prove to be very beneficial as the child is free to put up their answers without having a competition and is free to learn at their comfort without having to worry about other things. We are surrounded by math.

Math revolves around us so much we do not even realize how important it is.

When a child learns math, they develop skills and hence makes them think logically.


What we conclude through this article is that education and knowledge are important but learning in a fun way is what a child likes so make sure you structure their learning plan in such a way that the child gets more interested day by day in studying.

Building self-confidence with fun educational tools is something every parent and teacher must understand if they want their child or student to learn and grasp knowledge faster and with more interest.

Studying at home with comfort is what every child craves so online learning through apps as YouTube will also work wonders.

To build mathematical skills, abacus training should be practiced in schools.

If a child is confident and has high self-esteem, the child is good to go as they are almost halfway to success.



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