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November 2020 Latest: How Can Abacus Activities Be Used to Boost Child Confidence by 48%?

13 Nov,2020

November 2020 Latest: How Can Abacus Activities Be Used to Boost Child Confidence by 48%?

November 2020 Latest: How Can Abacus Activities Be Used to Boost Child Confidence by 48%?
Teachers always need to be on the hunt for the most effective teaching method, in this ever advancing and growing world.

With the countless activities to boost child confidence, your little ones will definitely be on the right path to success.


I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Activities at Home to Boost Child Confidence

Activities at Home to Boost Child Confidence

In today’s world we have a huge diversity of options for learning and educating yourself in any category.

Depending on variables like the type of course, cost, location and reputation of the institution we decide what programme or tool suits us better.

Thousands of students in various fields go online every day to find answers or lessons for their educational needs, which makes internet one of the biggest mediums of education right now.

You will find tons of options online catering to most of our learning needs.

Apart from that, physical schools and learning centres are still a huge part of our learning culture.

Until recently when we were forced to stay inside our homes due to covid, learning in classrooms is still one of the most preferred methods of education.

As technology and modern science advances, we will have more advanced and effective teaching techniques coming in.

Although it may be good on one hand to have a plethora of options, however choosing the right one is equally important.

In this article we found out about the most popular learning methods and how they compare against each other.


1-1.Online and Offline Activities to Boost Child Confidence

Online and Offline Activities to Boost Child Confidence
When talking about online learning and schools, we have to discuss about one of the most prominent methods available online, which is the abacus method.

Most of us are aware of the fact that abacus is one the most ancient techniques of teaching mathematics available.

We must now understand how abacus became one of the most popular learning courses online.

The simple steps of abacus theory can be easily converted into animations in the form of videos and games.

This gives abacus lessons a fun appearance on the outside and makes them very intuitive and interactive for students.

The approach for learning mathematics used in abacus theory is very effectively represented through digital mediums.

This does not affect the other side of learning abacus that is through traditional means.

Learning abacus on the actual tool is still preferred due to its easy availability.

Learning abacus either via traditional methods or digitally should ideally give the same result as long as the main technique is covered properly by the teacher.

The flexibility of this amazing tool is quite remarkable.

The first recorded use of abacus method is shown to have been done using a flat surface with rows and columns drawn in chalk, and placing movable objects on the surface to calculate numbers.

This goes to show how easy and reliable abacus method is in terms of teaching and understanding.


1-2.Hands on Activities to Boost Child Confidence

Hands on Activities to Boost Child Confidence
In the discussion about child education, hands on learning techniques have gained huge reputation in the teaching community due to their effectiveness and range.

Experts believed that it would be more practical to let students learn by doing things themselves rather than simply listening to the instructions by a teacher.

This method allows students to participate in the lesson directly and experience the concept that is being taught in a realistic fashion.

When students engage with problems in a realistic setting, they develop their individual strength, retention, focus and thinking capacity.

It is easier to keep a check on the progress for a teacher since you can right away tell if the student has understood the lesson or not if they are unable to perform the activities.

It creates a more transparent connection between the teacher, student and parents.

Doing things by your own hands, invokes creativity and confidence in students. Parents can even start teaching their kids at home before they are of school age.

This would prepare them for the challenges ahead of them and give them a lead.

It becomes even more apparent and applicable in times of the pandemic, when most of us are staying home.

Hands on learning methods can be a good way to kill some time and learning new things at the same time.


1-3. Building Activities to Boost Child Confidence

Building Activities to Boost Child Confidence
When experts and teacher are designing courses and learning programmes, they have to keep a lot of factors in mind.

They have to constantly innovate and create new methods that will suit the needs of the students.

After some speculation and studies, experts did find reasons to believe that constructive and hands on learning methods are indeed very helpful.

These include activities, games or lessons that are designed to get the students to create and engage directly.

They can be designed in the form of indoor / outdoor activities, crafting activities, games and social interactions.

When students get a first-hand experience of dealing with their problems, they develop better judgement and decision making abilities.

Hands on learning should be an integral part of common learning techniques in schools as well as colleges, as it helps in giving additional support to the students academically.


Schools and teachers have to use the most updated methods and technology to create a learning environment that suits a broad range of students.

The fact that people are not alike for most of the part and everyone has unique qualities, adds complexity to the job of the teachers.

While we invent newer ideas of improving the learning experience for student, meanwhile we must reap the benefits of both digital as well as traditional teaching practises.

In our march towards a better future, it is important to remember our roots and where we came from.

The better we understand our older teaching techniques, better are the chances of us to creating something even more helpful and qualified.

These innovative tools of learning have been created for our benefit; hence we must at least do our part in spreading awareness about them.



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