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Oct 2020 New Abacus Early Learning Guide for Nursery School

08 Oct,2020

Oct 2020 New Abacus Early Learning Guide for Nursery School

Oct 2020 New Abacus Early Learning Guide for Nursery School
There are many unique ways to use the abacus for early learning classes in nursery schools.

Teachers reading this article will be able to discover how it is beneficial for children and their brain development.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. Abacus Early Learning Nursery School for little young minds

Abacus Early Learning Nursery School for little young minds

Childhood is a special time period for everyone without exception.

You are going through the fastest developmental state of your life as a child.

Those golden years are mostly spent trying to comprehend and decode the world around us.

The mind of a child is in a very receptive state because they are constantly questioning the things around them and trying to make sense of it.

Often habits and nuances picked up during childhood, will accompany a person for life, in one way or the other defining them as a human being.

Many factors demand intensive care and efforts while raising a child with digital and many online learning platforms.

We have to make sure that our children receive the necessary education and care in order to face the ever-changing and advancing world.

Therefore pre-schools and nurseries have carefully crafted education materials that starts the fundamental mathematical development process of the child.

The first impression is quite important; especially when it comes to small children therefore it is imperative that primary education is given to every child.

Techniques like mental math which are focussed on improving the brain's calculating speed have shown wonderful signs of improvement in children who were exposed to it at an early stage.

Children who used mental math from a young age develop a serious affinity for mathematics and a higher form of education which eventually benefits the child in long term.

Inducing good habits as a child can go a long way to help them in the future and expand their capabilities.


1-1.Abacus Educational Methods for Early Learning Nursery Schools

Abacus Educational Methods for Early Learning Nursery Schools
Education for young children often begins as soon as they are able to comprehend language and start building their own words and sentences.

Due to the susceptive nature of young minds, it is very important that children understand and respond accordingly to their teachers and parents.

Introduction to numbers and mathematics is done gradually, starting with counting shapes and real-life objects which helps students associate objects with written numbers.

Activities and games are designed to encourage creativity, critical thinking, decision making, and manipulation of quantities in children.

Assembling objects together and taking them apart helps young children learn about addition and subtraction.

Many sophisticated methods exist which instruct you how to teach young children, especially those in pre-school and nursery.

To name a few well-known methods that are currently adopted by institutions and teachers over the world are Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia method.

These methods instruct teachers to craft unique enrichment activities and lessons for their student’s based areas of improvement and subjects.

It is hard to pinpoint the right method to train young children because there isn’t one.

All children may have a large common ground when it comes to fundamental education but they are still unique in their own ways and have certain strengths and weaknesses that need proper acknowledgment.

The study curriculum must suffice the needs of all young students regardless of their characteristics, thus teachers and parents have to take outstanding care during children’s’ childhoods.


1-2.Teaching Mental Math and What You Can Learn With Abacus Early Learning Nursery School

Teaching Mental Math and What You Can Learn With Abacus Early Learning Nursery School
While it is necessary to provide quality education to your children, the challenging competition in the world of academics and science always demands more from students.

People excelling in their fields often have to go beyond traditional teaching methods and techniques, especially in the breakthrough field of research and invention.

Scientists and researchers need to constantly expand their knowledge and stay sharp, and this is achieved by utilizing all available resources at hand.

One cannot simply depend on computers and other digital devices to do all the work for them, our power to create and develop something comes from our mind itself.

Mental math techniques have been known to give an extra edge and assistance to students in their studies and other daily life activities.

Techniques like the mental calculation have scientifically proven data backing their efficacy in helping students cope with their weaknesses and building their mental power.

The use of flash anzan tools helps young students in establishing a connection between numbers and real-life variables.

This further develops the neural structure of the brain and increases their mental activity by boosting confidence and memory.

When children are able to understand better, they eventually respond well and this behavior forms the foundation for their higher education.

Balanced mental growth is very important for young children as those qualities induced during childhood go a long way with them, pretty much defining their curve in life.


1-3. Abacus Early Learning Nursery School Examples

Abacus Early Learning Nursery School Examples
Mental math is the ability of a mind to gather and process information. It often defines how intelligent a person is in terms of IQ.

It is a quality that varies from person to person, depending upon how well someone has worked on it.

Mental math is introduced to young children in the form of soroban and similar activities that encourage children to associate numbers and real-life objects.

From making basic daily life decisions to more complex decisions requiring critical thinking, mental activity decides how well someone is performing these actions.

Implementing mental math ensures we are highly decisive about our actions while taking less time and being more accurate.

Therefore it is pivotal to start mental exercises as soon as possible in life and improve our mental condition and capability.

If introduced at a young stage and applied efficiently, mental math assists and aids us through life.


Abacus has transformed our learning techniques when it comes to mathematics and quantitative analysis.

While many institutions teach with tabulating tools as part of their regular syllabus, other places are catching up quickly too.

Growing awareness among teachers and parents about moving math beads and mental math have created a huge online presence of great online classes.

Implementation of the soroban is gaining traction due to the science behind it and the success rate of the method.

Real-life examples of mathematical geniuses often rely on mental calculations which go to show how far the horizon for learning is when we deploy such helpful methods to aid our journey.

Soroban is a tool that has made it across thousands of years since it was invented, still helping humanity reach its full potential.



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