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October 2020 New: Abacus for Math Learning

07 Oct,2020

October 2020 New: Abacus for Math Learning

October 2020 New: Abacus for Math Learning
Abacus is a revolutionary mathematical tool that has made its way thousands of years in the future due to its promising yet simple and fundamental nature of teaching.

The capacity to perform mental calculations for children not only helps in learning but also helps them make decisions confidently, develop discipline, and understand their own strengths and weaknesses.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Abacus for Your Child's Learning and Growth

Abacus for Your Child's Learning and Growth

Our constantly advancing world is with rich in opportunities and ideas to learn and expand the horizon of knowledge to uncover new discoveries and inventions.

Scientists and researchers are always trying to push the bar in order to understand and improve our world.

The ever-growing plateau of knowledge is part of our history and will define the future for coming generations.

Therefore the need for quality education and care is simultaneously going up.

Schools and colleges push every year to improve their standard of education thus helping in creating the much needed qualified professionals that will bear the weight of taking our understanding further.

The need for efficient and successful educational programmes is higher than ever now. Additionally, other methods and techniques that benefit students in their studies and curriculum are also equally important.

Methods like mental math and abacus that helps students get another perspective on mathematical logic have been increasing in popularity for quite some time now.

Mental math has proven itself highly beneficial and worth implementing especially in scenarios with students struggling to understand or visualize mathematical logic.

In addition to the regular syllabus that students have, it has become vital to equip our young generation with additional tools to help them learn and understand better and faster.

Advancing science and business fields are generating requirements for candidates with a unique edge and approach, which begs us to provide the best resources for young students.


1-1.Having Fun in Maths Class With Abacus for Learning

Having Fun in Maths Class With Abacus for Learning
The fundamental and simplistic nature of abacus introduces real-life variables in mathematics, which students use to visualize and recreate the problems in their minds before attempting to resolve them.

Mathematical operations using the theory of abacus are performed by manipulating beads on a wooden frame; this helps our mind to realistically view the logic behind the operation.

This approach basically aids both the hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, the left and the right.

We understand that the right side of our brain takes the duty of creativity and artistic nature, while the left side of the brain which controls the right side, is responsible for logic and calculations.

It is highly crucial that we exercise and improvise on both sides of our brain, which the abacus and mental math quite successfully achieve.

The element of visualizing before calculating the quantities employs both hemispheres of the brain, which is more ideal than focussing on only one side.

This approach of teaching ensures that students are developing a fundamental understanding of logic while being fun and more realistic.

Schools and teachers incorporate colourful animation and fun visuals while teaching mental math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), which coherently appeals to young students more than traditional methods.


1-2.Types of Online Abacus for Learning Classes

Types of Online Abacus for Learning Classes
The influx of educational classes online has been on the rise since the digital revolution.

You can search through a plethora of options for education programmes online for your kids which vary depending on their content, duration and quality.

Teaching professionals and institutions have taken extra efforts to design classes which cater to the needs of children from pre-school till high school.

Incorporating digital tools like videos, games and apps have been revolutionary in the field of education.

Even complex subjects like algebra, calculus and geometry are methodically covered in well-organized teaching styles that are easy to understand by students of the particular age group.

Evaluation and assessments are also covered with Online Soroban which offer more features like tracking the child’s progress, analysing weak and strong points and providing additional help if required.

Online Soroban also provides specialised programmes like mental math techniques that have been created by qualified flash anzan champions.

Digital modes of teaching are more intuitive, creative, engaging and rewarding in comparison to traditional styles of teaching, which justifies the transition a lot of schools and colleges are undergoing currently to improve their quality of education.


1-3. Benefits of Understanding Abacus for Learning Mastering Maths

Benefits of Understanding Abacus for Learning Mastering Maths
Mathematics is the foundation of fields like business, advanced physics, chemistry and number of other subjects which currently support modern society.

It is safe to say that, one needs to have average skills in mathematics in order to pursue any modern-day career, while extraordinary skills are required if one wants to pursue higher education in science and technology.

Mental math tools like abacus often uses unique teaching methods with regards to pre-school education to teach kids about basic mathematical operations.

Abacus helps kids in understanding the rudimentary actions used in mathematics with a three-dimensional perspective.

This helps the child visualize the problem before manipulating, which exercises their short as well as long term memory and uses both sides of the brain.

Abacus and mental math make it fun to understand the underlying logic in mathematics, which generates interest, confidence and will power to excel in the subject.

Abacus trains the mind to perform calculations mentally while making as less error as possible.

This ability to conduct mental calculations expands our capability to understand more complex operations.

Strong roots in mathematics determine how successfully one can pursue their career and master their fields.


Performance of a child at school comes down to how confident, creative and prepared the child is.

Abacus ensures that your child is learning well that is being taught while developing the confidence and affinity to do better and grow.

Abacus induces sharper mental activity which determines how active and receptive the child is during classes, and how they respond.

Implementing abacus at an early age is one of the steps to ensure a healthy upbringing and education of a child.



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