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October 2020 new Abacus : Learning Abacus and Its Benefits

04 Oct,2020

October 2020 new Abacus: Learning Abacus and Its Benefits

September Abacus: Learning Abacus and Its Benefits
The process of human evolution has benefited from our ability to decipher the world around us and create inventions that aid the human society.

The potential of the human brain to perform mental calculations is the focal point of its throughput and behavior.

The extensive use of abacus and mental math learning through a series of abacus classes will help students to grow and develop quickly.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. The Use of Abacus and How Learning Abacus Helps You Excel in School

The Use of Abacus and How Learning Abacus Helps You Excel in School

Human civilization has come a long way since the invention of numbers to the day when we have multiple digital devices per person actively assisting us in our daily lives.

Modern scientific theories and methods are based on ancient studies of arithmetic and logical operations.

A soroban is one such tool which was invented during ancient times, whose accurate origin is still unclear to this date.

This tabulating device was originally invented to assist people in understanding basic mathematical calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

In some advanced variants of the soroban, we can derive square and cube roots as well.

The basic idea behind this small device was to visualize the arithmetic problem and analyze the solution based on visual variables.

The anomaly of the mental calculation theory was very effective in developing human brains.

It helped ancient mathematicians and physicists understand the numerical system better, which led to more discoveries and inventions down the line.

Since the 19th century, many intensive scientific studies and research point out the critical fields in which the abacus helps improve our memory, cognitive behavior, and spatial reasoning.

After successful studies proving how helpful the soroban could be used as a tool, many deviated towards fast calculation and mental math theory.

Mental calculation is the ability of one’s mind to perform fundamental arithmetic operations, which is usually used to solve a more complex problem.

Mental math is able to train both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously.


1-1.Using Abacus Technology for Learning: Abacus

Using Abacus Technology for Learning: Abacus
Traditionally the soroban would be taught using an actual device, but in the digital world, that area has been moved to the internet, in the form of online tutoring, websites, and apps.

The soroban and mental math theory take advantage of present-day technology to provide a very innate experience which forms a crucial part of education for young children.

Digital platforms that are teaching mental math are rich with intuitive methods of teaching with the help of video lessons, apps, and games that are coherent with present-day methods.

The instinctual nature of mental math theory can be easily represented with online lessons and tutoring.

This reform from traditional teaching methods to digital platforms was created to make the fast math learning experience easily available and accessible.

A plethora of great abacus and mental math classes could be found online which educational programs suitable for everyone’s needs.

Besides free online lessons, there are tons of professional options that often provide certification as well upon completion of the program.

The majority of the courses are three to four weeks long, however, they can further be customized as per need.

To incorporate more teachers into mental calculation programs, many trainer and educator courses are also available which focus on educating teachers and other professionals on fast calculation methods.

The elementary nature of mental calculation learning fits perfectly into online lessons and even apps for mobile phones that accurately represent a complete experience.


1-2.The Importance and Benefits of Abacus Students Learning Abacus

The Importance and Benefits of Abacus Students Learning Abacus
Through years of studies and research, it is evident that mental math has the capability to induce confidence, stimulates brainpower, and helps in understanding as well as analyzing things of a more complex nature.

Studies have shown that people, who were introduced to mental math at an early age, developed a sharp understanding of numbers, concepts, relationships between quantities and helps drastically in reducing errors.

Children who learn abacus at the elementary stage develop strong spatial reasoning, imagination, quantitative analysis, and arithmetic knowledge.

Fast tabulation not only replaces itself as a tool but it becomes a part of the brain in a way that trains the brain to function in a certain manner.

In a world with ever-increasing competition, it becomes imperative to train in mental math and soroban.

Although the number of physical schools teaching soroban has significantly dropped over the years, digital platforms have stood up to take advantage of the chance.

Abacus training is slowly growing its spread in elementary schools.

While some schools consider it a mandatory part of the curriculum, others have it optional or as an additional subject.

It is quite evident that independent of schools, the soroban is fairly growing its popularity among people who now believe that mental math is part of fundamental education.


1-3. Abacus Report: Increase in Learning Demand Among Abacus Students

Abacus Report: Increase in Learning Demand Among Abacus Students
Awareness in regards to mental math in the 21st century is on an exponentially growing curve. With advancing science, technology, and education measures, the need for quality workers and professionals is on the rise.

While we fairly understand how well the common digital tools aid us in everyday life, however our dependency on these tools is another topic for concern.

An increasing reason for awareness and concern among parents is how much their kids are dependent on digital tools nowadays.

This reduces the bare minimum amount of mental activity and operation required for sustainable mental growth.

Soroban has revealed itself as a magical tool in the digital era, where it helps you to exercise your brain muscles and maintain healthy brain function.

Mental math trains the muscles of our brain in both hemispheres which results in synchronized growth and development of the brain.

Mental math lays down the arithmetic foundation in the brain which is essential for understanding complex mathematical and logical concepts.

To curb the demanding needs of parents and students, many mental math experts and teachers have risen to the occasion to educate more people about this revolutionary tool.

Child development and education are one of the most pivotal areas of our society and in order to aid our young population in their growth, tools such as abacus should be promoted more.


Our understanding of the world around us and how we can use these resources to benefit the current generation depends on how well we study and analyze.

Mental math tools were invented in order to help and provide a platform for us to learn and develop skills that expand our mental capabilities and strength.

Take advantage of these online classes to develop your brain.


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