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October 2020 new: Educational Games Made for Year 1

02 Oct,2020

October Series: Educational Games Made for Year 1

October Series: Educational Games Made for Year 1

Every parent wishes the best future for their child; however, they have limited time to act on it.

Children show high dependency in the first few years; therefore parents must ensure that stage is handled with the best care and attention.

With educational games created for year 1 students, they will have an easy time adapting to their first year of school when they have games that can be easily learned from.

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1. About Educational Games Created for Year 1 Students

About Educational Games Created for Year 1 Students

When we consider all the things we need to manage in order to raise our children, education and health care top the list.

There is no denying that unless we cover the essentials like nutrition, basic education and health care, our children may face difficulties in growing up.

WHO and the UN are the biggest advocates of basic healthcare and education rights for children over the world.

While tremendous efforts are made every year to educate young kids around the world, there is a large chunk of underprivileged children that are left out, which is a worrying reason for concern.

Early years of a child are the building blocks for their future.

When we think of a great structure or monument, we always focus on the foundation first.

Stronger the base is, bigger is the potential for constructing huge and complex structures over it.

Similar theory can be applied to humans; the early formative years must be governed by discipline and good principles, which increase the chances of an informed and literate generation.

It is primarily the responsibility of the parents/guardians, teachers and schools until the child is of legal age to provide the best resources for children.

With classes made simple to understand and pass, your little ones will enjoy their classes and build on their mental math skills too.


1-1.Why Are Educational Games Important for Year 1 Kids?

Why Are Educational Games Important for Year 1 Kids?
It’s never too soon to start teaching your child about words, alphabets and numbers.

Their associative and cognitive skills start developing at the age of three months.

This is usually the time it takes for babies to develop fully function visual tracking.

The learning stage begins as soon as your child is able to visually differentiate objects and colours.

Children have this uncanny ability to absorb information effortlessly before the age of five; therefore it is often advised to educate the child as much as possible before the age of five.

During this stage of a child’s life, their mind has a heightened potential to pick up information and store it.

Children often develop life-lasting behavioural characteristics during this period of their life.

This not only makes the early years of a child’s life ultimately pivotal, but it puts a certain amount of pressure on the parents who are trying to make sure they are providing the best care.

In terms of brain development, the ability to comprehend and manipulate numbers, words and logic depend on how we are taught and the techniques used by our teachers.

If children are given the right set of directions and information, then we can depend on them to make responsible and productive decisions in the future.


1-2.Educational Games for Year 1 Children in Kindergarten

Educational Games for Year 1 Children in Kindergarten
Kindergarten is the first time a child is introduced to formal education and etiquettes.

Some children take it very easily while some may struggle to transition from their home environment to a stranger setting.

Teachers have to make sure they are adopting teaching models that generate motivation, curiosity and passion in the right direction.

Teaching models have to make sure that they are covering a large demographic, catering to the needs of all children.

It is essential in the first year of kindergarten, that children are developing confidence and interest in education.

This can be achieved by involving colourful shapes and objects in their learning activities.

It is vital to make sure that children are familiar with indoor as well as outdoor settings for learning.

Well planned and interesting teaching styles induce favourable behaviour in children, in turn making it easier for the teacher to teach.

Teachers must be sensitive to children’s need and demands.

Inexperienced our young teachers who are not familiar with the challenges may constitute children’s unwillingness to participate in activities as bad behaviour.

Young kids coming from different backgrounds may show a vast array of behavioural characteristics, properly trained teachers make sure they are addressing and catering to the needs of everyone.


1-3. Using Educational Games to Teach Year 1 Mental Calculation

Using Educational Games to Teach Year 1 Mental Calculation
Mathematics is crucial and one of the most interesting subjects to teach young kids.

While we are aware that mathematics is the bedrock of our society, it vital to make sure our young children perceive the same way or maybe in an even better way.

Certain techniques or methods of teaching show more promising results as compared to others, when it comes to educating young children.

While traditional methods of teaching using a paper and a pen are equally viable options, kids show an increased desire to learn with games and interactive activities.

This has something to do with the fact that games are fun, and they are the best means to generate group etiquettes which boosts confidence, motivation, memory, and both physical and mental capabilities.

Online Soroban has combined education and games to make it engaging for little kids to learn.

Your little ones are able to learn with videos clearly explained.

The small segments have made it simple to understand, thus acting as a tool to increase your child’s confidence in math and flash anzan.

Not only that, but these entertaining classes are created from the teachings of ISHIDO-SHIKI, with Online Soroban making it a hybrid of education and traditional teachings.

Video games especially have this unique ability to help you creatively generate an unreal world and learn from it. It boosts and improves regions of the brain which are responsible for spatial, cognitive and logical functioning.

While it is very important to understand that children need all-round care and nurturing, we must be aware of all the options that are at our disposal in today’s digital world.

Educational platforms online have upped their game in recent years and are showing promising results in their field.


Children usually start thinking independently after the age of five and many even earlier than that.

It is very vital to develop a strong moral and ethical behaviour before children start acting more independently.

How a child is treated and taught in their early years could make or break their character.

Parents and teachers must undertake and deploy the best strategies to educate our present generation of young children.

With an extensive and broad range of options available for teaching and training programmes, your child will have the best time learning in our soroban school.



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