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October 2020 New Issue: Learn With Abacus Online Maths Games

21 Oct,2020

October 2020 New Issue: Learn With Abacus Online Maths Games

October 2020 New Issue: Learn With Abacus Online Maths Games
Math is indeed an important subject as it is not only within your books but also around which our life revolves.

We come across math in everyday life.

We can not avoid math as math is one of those subjects which has to be used in practical life.

By using abacus online maths games, we are able to help our little ones gain knowledge without going through boring classes. This article teaches you about the impacts of mathematics and mental calculation.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Understanding the Different Ways You Can Learn Abacus With Online Maths Games


Understanding the Different Ways You Can Learn Abacus With Online Maths Games

Playing math games has proven to make the class engaging and reinforces lesson content and skills within the child.

Along with remote classes and math learning applications, there are also math games available on the internet which are a must to download if at all your child wants to learn calculation from scratch.


1-1.Learning With Fun Abacus Online Maths Games

Learning With Fun Abacus Online Maths Games
Learning is interesting if and only if there are fun and humor.

When we speak about math, all we think about is numbers, calculations, logic and hence the idea of learning math gets buried because it sounds super boring.

Now, what if I say, let us go in the playground, arrange some numbers written colorfully on blocks and keep them on the ground and then play with it (in an educational but fun way) that makes it sound fun, doesn't it?

You automatically get interested in coming forward and playing the game if you know there are going to be games and fun.

The human brain likes creativity and stays more active when there is fun around and games are the best way to bring in some fun.

There are internet based as well as offline games available for this purpose.

Let us dive deeper and understand a few of the games.

Some are free and engages students to learn more and more be it at home or at school.

Some elements of these apps are borrowed from role-playing games.

To win, the student needs to answer a set of questions.

As a mentor or teacher, you can customize these questions according to you. The game also addresses the issues of one student at a time if at all anybody is having a problem.

There are also offline games that designed very well. Some games include using just a ball to ace any math skill. It is pretty simple. The head needs to make a set of questions related to the skill.

Now, the students have to stand in a circle.

The head will read one question related to the skill and have one student answer it.

The student who answers it passes the ball to the next in a clockwise direction.

In this way, the skill is practiced without having to write with a pen on a book or without having to open 10 different books for one particular skill.

For 3rd to 6th graders, they can play bingo inspired soroban games.

Start off by making bingo cards that are answers to different multiplication tables.

Once you are done making the cards, distribute it to your students.

Blow a whistle and keep a stopwatch.

Start the game by calling out numbers.

The catch here is that you should not call out the number but the equation for eg: 3×4 instead of the product, which is 12. The students will then search for number 12 on their cards.

You can also hand over rough sheets to them if they want to calculate. Blow the whistle again within 20 seconds and the time is up.

Keep decreasing the time of blowing the second whistle so as to note down the speed of every child in every round.

In this way, the child is learning mathematics in a fun way along with bingo cards, whistles, and the stopwatch.

Make sure you prepare the bingo cards very attractive so as to get the attention of the child.

With this game, the child can excel in multiplication between two numbers and can also increase their speed if played consistently.


1-2.How to Have Fun With Abacus Online Maths Games

How to Have Fun With Abacus Online Maths Games
Learning abacus the fun way includes learning the abacus with the help of games.

There are many applications available on Google Playstore.

These apps are designed in a very specific and fun way.

You will experience fun and you will also learn so much without realizing it.

The fun part camouflages the learning part hence you do not feel much pressure, you just feel you are playing.

You can also play abacus remotely with friends or fellow classmates.

All of you can sit in a circle and create a customized game according to the number of people available.

You could simply sit in a circle or stand in a straight line play the games available on Online Soroban.

In this way, you will also have fun but at the same time, you will also get a revision of how to use the calculating tool and how to use it for calculation purposes.


1-3. Benefits of Abacus Online Maths Games

Benefits of Abacus Online Maths Games
We do not realize how traditional learning has become the primary way students learn anything until we see them not using their knowledge in practical life because they do not understand what they actually study.

It is understandable as learning nowadays only means high grades and high scores which is completely wrong.

Learning means gaining knowledge and applying it practically in life.

With the on-going rat race, nobody wants to truly understand what they are studying. In such a scenario, games play a crucial role.

When you learn something with the help of games, it enhances your learning twice more.

Learning using technology has helped students all over the world have access to world class education.

Not only will it improve and develop both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, it also helps shape your child into a sharper one.


In conclusion, what we understand is Introducing math learning games to students will always be beneficial as it definitely interests the child into learning and engages them more into studying.



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