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October 2020 New: The secret of 5 times more effective Abacus Online how to more active learning for children

21 Oct,2020

October 2020 New: The secret of 5 times more effective Abacus Online how to more active learning for children  

October 2020 New: The secret of 5 times more effective Abacus Online how to more active learning for children

This articl explains that having a strategic abacus online active learning plan allows students to not only have fun but also experience education in a different way.


I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. Abacus Students Using Online Active Learning

Abacus Students Using Online Active Learning

As said by soroban experts, studying is a pattern and scoring is an art.

Whenever you study something, you must have a very precise plan.

Making a plan for yourself is very necessary as it keeps your work very organized and planned.

Your abacus training has to be structured in a certain way wherein you get proper time for other studies as well.

Soroban education has a lot of benefits as it increases confidence in a student and also boosts their memory power.

The calculating device helps in improving your mental calculation and also helps in increasing efficiency and accuracy.

Mastering soroban from childhood is even more beneficial as our brain grasps faster when we are younger.

Learning any skill or instrument right from a young age has proved to be two times more beneficial than learning it at later stages in life.

You must make a fixed plan for your daily routine and practice an abacus on a regular basis so as to successfully understand how to use an Abacus.


1-1.Abacus Online Active Learning Plan for Students Still Studying in School

Abacus Online Active Learning Plan for Students Still Studying in School
In my opinion, the abacus should be taught by remote schools.

Mental maths should be made a mandatory subject in school so that it helps students understand mathematics at an early age and ace in it.

Although if we speak about a schedule for this, we shall make plans for it.

To say, if you have to attend school in the morning, then you can attend flash anzan classes in the evening after you are done with your daily homework and after your evening snack.

This is the right time according to me as in the morning you may or may not get time to practice fast maths with concentration as you will have to hurry in order to complete the practice before school.

In the evening, you can actually sit with peace of mind and with no-stress and you should give your fullest when you attend mental math classes.

You must practice for at least 30-40 minutes regularly to have a firm grip on it. If at all you have your school in the afternoon then this is the best as you can wake up, go for your daily walk, do your exercise or basic yoga to freshen your mind and activate your body and get fresh.

After doing all this your body is now ready to grasp any skill or knowledge.

You can practice mathematics for about 45 minutes in the morning with a coffee by your side.

You can plan your mental mathematics schedule depending on which part of the day you are free.

Once you find that perfect schedule best suited for you, your soroban class will be more enjoyable.

You should stick to it and practice regularly.

If you are looking for a schedule, the teachers in our soroban school recommend practicing thrice a week remotely and the rest of the days by self practicing offline.

You can also ask your teachers at school to help you utilize free lectures by finding out about these tools or to finish previous incomplete work.

Once you have a fixed schedule, learning and practicing would become very simple and flexible.


1-2.Different Avenues for Abacus Online Active Learning

Different Avenues for Abacus Online Active Learning
There are different avenues to learn the soroban regularly.

You can learn it through the internet or through offline means.

You can learn it all by yourself through various platforms available on the internet or you can learn it from a personal teacher.

You can learn an abacus alone at home or you can learn it by organizing a small abacus learning program frequently at your residence and have fun events along with your fellow mates.

You can exchange ideas and tricks. You can also play math games as games actually make you alert and stimulate your brain to think faster.

Through games, you do not even feel saturated.

You feel all the more lively and you have the will to win which makes your brain work faster and accurately so as to avoid losing.

In this way, you along with your friends can put your ideas and opinions forward which brings about social interaction and you grow with each other.

It is very positive to understand something through different means as you will get experience from every corner.


1-3. How to Make Use of Abacus Online Active Learning

How to Make Use of Abacus Online Active Learning
Education is made meaningful when ou children master not only hard skills, but soft skills too.

When students learn how to do soroban, they will also be disciplined.

Discipline is the main foundation for understanding certain consequences.

Discipline also helps in behavioral and it helps in establishing personality traits.

Along with being academically excellent, discipline is very important in the life of a child.

Every parent wants their child to not only develop self-discipline but also being able to build their left and right brain too. This is the end goal of every parent.

Discipline helps the child to control their own behavior, thoughts, and emotions for the betterment of themselves and others as well.

Hence when a child studies through discipline, the child will gain more knowledge and improve their numeracy skills.

The benefits of flash anzan not only gives you proper self-control but it also gives you a very positive outlook because of which one does not have negative vibes but instead takes every situation in a positive way and takes challenges as opportunities instead of avoiding them.


Students should monitor your work and progress every three weeks so that you know how much your progress went high and how much it went low in that period of time.

In this way, you will self-monitor and gain more self-awareness.

Just as how you would make a strategy for your normal studies, making an educational plan for abacus will also work wonders for you and you will never regret it as you will only soar higher!



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