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October Edition: Abacus Math Competition for Students

14 Oct,2020

October Edition: Abacus Math Competition for Students

October Edition: Abacus Math Competition for Students
One's preparation for abacus math competition can be boosted by taking abacus classes way prior to the examination and getting a hang of it so that mental calculation would get easier and much more flexible. Learn about other winning tips here.


I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Improving Your Number Skills With Abacus Math Competitions

Improving Your Number Skills With Abacus Math Competitions

While there are many students who dislike the subject of mathematics, there are also many students who love the subject!

Now what is the reason behind someone not liking the subject?

The basic answer is because they do not score good enough in math.

The reason behind them not scoring well is because their base is not strong.

Base plays a strong role here.

Once the base is strong, nothing is difficult.

Now, remember, your base will be strong if and only if you are very consistent with your practice in math and if you have an interest in the subject.

In order to win a maths championship, you need to have a strong command over your calculations and you need to know how to apply mathematical log


1-1.Learning the Secret to Become Abacus Math Competition

Learning the Secret to Become Abacus Math Competition
Mental calculation plays a crucial role in building a strong base for mathematics because once you start understanding what exactly is mental calculation, you are almost there!

You know you will be able to ace in mathematics once you know how to mentally calculate numbers be it addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

Mental calculation is done using only the human brain.

There is no involvement of paper/pen/pencil or any device such as the calculator.

People use mental calculation when there is absolutely no device or means available.

People who have unusually high ability to perform mental calculation are called 'mental calculators'.

To make it sound fancy, some people also call them 'lightning calculators'.

There are also championships held for mental calculation called 'Mental Calculation World Cup'.

It was first held in the year 2004.

Mental calculation got famous years ago and now it is reaching levels one can not imagine.

Mental calculation can actually act as an exercise to one's brain as it involves a lot of thinking and visualizing.

To win a maths championship, one must plan a strategy and a full fledged plan.

To win something, strategy is very important. Strategy as to how many days will you complete your studying process and how many days will you practically do it is important. It is also important to maintain targets and to make check lists in order to ace something.

Studying is a pattern.

You must know what kind of pattern you want to follow.

You must divide your time appropriately and you must give a proper amount of time regularly to practice.

In this way, you will be consistent with your work.

Along with learning and studying, regular revisions are also very important.

However, students tend to not revise due to which they may get blank during the examination.

So completion of portions should be done beforehand so that there is ample amount of time for rapid revisions and excess practice.

Smart work combined with hard work could be the perfect combination to succeed in something.


1-2.Using Abacus Math Competition to Learn Mental Calculation

Using Abacus Math Competition to Learn Mental Calculation
Abacus can also be used to learn mental calculation.

The catch here is that people who use abacus to learn mental calculation do not really have an abacus with them but they mentally visualise an abacus and carry out arithmetical calculations.

No physical abacus is used.

The answers are written down on a paper.

Mental calculation has proven to be very beneficial to people all around the world as it stimulates the brain, increases thinking power, improves mental capability, increases speed, increases accuracy.

It also enhances memory power and concentration power.

Famous abacists do not really use a physical abacus to perform calculations.

They tend to avoid physical abacus and rather just visualize an abacus and carry out their calculations.

Research proves that the right brain of the visualizers show heightened EEG activity while calculating compared to the ones who use a physical abacus.

This is possible only because of consistency and regular practice.


1-3. Learning Abacus Math Competition With Online Schools

Learning Abacus Math Competition With Online Schools
Introducing the subject of abacus to students right from pre-school would be beneficial for every student to ace in the subject of mathematics and also enhance their logical thinking.

Along with it, their mental calculation also increases with time.

Speed and accuracy is also enhanced with regular practice.

Many students participate in maths championships.

In order to participate in such championships, one must have leadership qualities and a sense of determination in them.

To win a championship, you must have the will to win it.

Once you have the will, you can do anything.

Waking up early in the morning, taking online abacus classes, and practicing regularly could work wonders for you to sharpen your skills in mathematics especially mental calculation.

With Online Soroban, one can actually sit at home and learn at your own pace and time.

It might be difficult to find a physical abacus class but it is easy to find them online.

There are paid as well as free applications on google Playstore through which one can learn abacus in order to sharpen their mental calculation.

Regular practice for 30 minutes daily can work amazingly for someone who needs to increase their concentration power along with memory power.

Abacus training for the purpose of sharpening mental calculation can be fun as well as exciting as the colorful beads may fascinate new users and may develop a kind of interest in it.


Winning a championship is a matter of pride.

Hence, one has to put in a lot of efforts.

Smart work and hard work has to be done in order to gain something.

To ace such championships, one needs to be consistent with their preparation.

In my opinion, Abacus classes in schools should be made mandatory as many students would want to put their talent forward in the subject of mathematics.

As it is said, studying is a pattern and scoring is an art.



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