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October News 2020 : The Abacus Online Portal From Japan

22 Oct,2020

October News 2020 : The Abacus Online Portal From Japan

October News 2020 : The Abacus Online Portal From Japan
Due to the global pandemic, we are all connected through an abacus online portal which has helped us come closer to technology, maths, and the internet.


I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Bringing Education Closer to You With Abacus Online Portal

Bringing Education Closer to You With Abacus Online Portal

Now as we all know online and offline modes of learning are two distinctly different concepts.

In the same way, there are online and offline modes of learning an abacus.

There's a huge difference between them.

You can choose whatever you are comfortable in.

However, when you are first learning something you must know that offline mode is more preferred over online mode as offline mode allows you to experience the sense of touch which in turn increases your visualization power and stays in your memory for long.

Once you have understood how to use a soroban physically then it will not be a harm to start with online learning.

Students can use both online and offline methods to learn about math as both of them have advantages.

They can also learn both of the methods simultaneously so that they can receive benefits from both the ways.


1-1.How Can Students Learn Instantly With Abacus Online Portal?

How Can Students Learn Instantly With Abacus Online Portal?
So let us look at this matter objectively.

When we say that a student resides far away from the learning institute/college or coaching classes because of which the student can not travel on a regular basis, we will definitely think of an alternative with which the student can study and receive the same kind of education others receive.

So when we think of an alternative something called 'online learning' pops up in our mind.

Online learning can actually allow a student to learn something even though they can not physically make it to their educational institute.


1-2.Bringing Education Closer With Abacus Online Portal During Social Distancing

Bringing Education Closer With Abacus Online Portal During Social Distancing
In this entire global pandemic that we are going through right now, there have been a lot of problems everybody has to face.

Students, in general, had to face major problems as schools and colleges were shut down.

Students were not permitted to go to their institutes to learn because of which education was on hold.

Nevertheless, the digital world was a ray of hope for many.

Earlier, in India, there was not much support for online or digital learning as the maximum parental population opted for offline learning but in this global pandemic, everybody had to agree to online learning.

To everybody's surprise, online learning proved to be much easier and flexible for students as well as parents.

Sure, it was difficult to adjust at first but eventually after getting a hang of it, it was very easy to use and understand.

According to WHO (in COVID-19 situation), there has to be a minimum distance of 5-6ft from every person, and to maintain such social distancing in schools and colleges would be very difficult and all the more practically impossible because of obvious reasons.

Hence, education had to be switched to digital learning.

Education came closer during social distancing as students were learning from home with the help of smartphones/laptops etc.

Students started liking how teachers explained concepts through colorful slides and diagrams.

It was easier for students to store notes in their hard drive and refer to the notes anytime they wanted to.

They do not have to worry about hundreds of books and notes like before.

Through learning with Online Soroban, students do not have to travel to Japan to learn all about the soroban.

Time saved traveling reduces time and spent! Children will not be drained out by the end of the day.

Through online learning, parents also get an opportunity to be around their children to check up on their work and monitor them as parental monitoring is mandatory which was not really possible through offline learning.

Online learning definitely brought education closer and also along with education students became very familiar with technology and they started understanding the use and benefits of technology which they previously were not aware of.


1-3. Benefits of Learning With Abacus Online Portal

Benefits of Learning With Abacus Online Portal
Abacus itself has many benefits. Online or offline learning both have equal benefits.

Although if we speak about online learning alone then we shall speak about how amazing it is to learn about the soroban through online means.

This is because, through online learning, students can stay at home in their own comfort and learn at their own pace and time.

There is no competition.

There is nobody to judge them because of which they are not insecure anymore.

Usually, in a class full of students there is a lot of insecurity existing in every student as each one of them thinks that they are not good enough for anything and some other student can be better than them due to which their confidence level drops down and their doubts remain unsolved.

When it comes to online learning, students are much free and they do not have insecurity as they will just challenge themselves and not others.

Mental calculation learning through online means gets students closer to technology and also stimulates their brain as online learning has many advantages such as random quizzes, puzzles, questions which are designed in a very attractive way.

A student gets more interested in learning something when they find it attractive enough.

Flash anzan can actually help a student in solving mental calculations very quickly and easily.

Mental math helps increase the concentration of a child and boosts their memory power.

By understanding quick maths, one can easily get good at the subject of mathematics over time if practiced on a regular basis.


What we conclude here is that there are differences in online and offline anzan learning for students, a student can choose whatever they are comfortable in learning.

There is no right or wrong. The answer varies from person to person.

Last but not the least, ISHIDO-SHIKI so beneficial that after learning it, you might actually start loving the subject of mathematics, and your insecurity with the subject of mathematics might just vanish away!


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