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October October - Giving Your Child a Bright Future Image Ahead- Giving Your Child a Bright Future Image Ahead

13 Oct,2020

October - Giving Your Child a Bright Future Image Ahead

October - Giving Your Child a Bright Future Image Ahead
For our children’s future, we must introduce the right type of educational plans so that they can use the abacus to excel in not just math, but their overall well being and character too.

This will make sure that their bright future will have success and meaning in the projected image.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. A Bright Future Image for You and Your Little Ones

A Bright Future Image for You and Your Little Ones

While every day in a child’s life is a new opportunity and chance to learn and engage with the world, parents, on the other hand, have to make sure these opportunities are safe and appropriate for their children.

Naturally, every parent wants a fruitful and bright future for their children and hope they will carry their legacy, traditions, and stories ahead.

Human societies are in many ways guided by a hive mentality, which means that knowledge and culture are carried from generation to generation.

Until a few decades ago, it was technically possible for a parent to imagine how their child’s future might look like, which allowed them to intervene and train their child more appropriately.

Our ability to foresee in the future has drastically reduced since the 21st century, mainly due to the speedily upgrading fields of science and technology.

Our lives are heavily dependent and run around information and technology, which are majorly responsible for shaping the current human generation.

It is quite difficult to argue about how our society will look like and function thirty years from now because of the rate at which scientific research is progressing.

We currently reside in times where every year mobile phones and computers are upgrading and getting faster.

The image depicting nurturing and supporting our children has become more challenging due to the increasing complexity and demanding nature of academic competition.


1-1.A Bright Future Image With Knowledge to Teach Our Children

A Bright Future Image With Knowledge to Teach Our Children
One can safely put forward an argument, that children often exhibit a very close representation of their parents and teachers.

Early life education in a child’s life is significantly responsible for their character development.

When it comes to training a child, the fact that every child may have different levels of mental and physical potential is quite overlooked.

Majority of the children are expected to learn from a standard curriculum that has been pre-decided.

Although our education system is quite efficient in training students, a significant part of this group struggles to learn and comprehend the standard techniques and images.

It falls upon the teachers and guardians to make sure that our children are exposed to correct information at an appropriate rate with proper testing and practicing.

It is wise to understand and contemplate before engaging with young children’s training.

When we have a clear image of our children’s individual strengths and weaknesses, we can put together a much more thoughtful process for the future of our kids.

This approach makes sure that our kids are learning with ease and able to digest more information while creating a memorable learning experience that is joyful and fun.

Little things like meaningful experiences are contributors to our children’s future.

They grow up learning from the people around them, subconsciously shaping their own goals and image.


1-2.Enriching Our Child's Lives With a Bright Future Image

Enriching Our Child's Lives With a Bright Future Image
One of the things we can keep in mind while educating a young child is that we must not limit ourselves to standard school education.

There are several tools and additional training programs that enhance mental activity and catalyze the overall learning process in children.

One such tool is the famous theory of abacus and mental math.

How well a child is able to comprehend and memorize new lessons, is the main contributor to their academic, social, and physical progress.

Learning how to perform calculations using an abacus can speed up and improve the ability to learn and relate to more complex concepts.

Mental math is known to incite higher mental activity, boost memory and confidence, decrease dependency on traditional calculating tools, and build the necessary base for higher learning.

While one could easily avail amazing abacus training at abacus schools a while ago, these schools have slowly transitioned into a more modern source of information in the shape of online schools.

We have a surfeit of amazing abacus schools and online training centers that provide top-notch training to children belonging to all age categories.

Integrated learning apps, games, videos and animations are the new mediums of imparting knowledge.

Online Sorban is a game-changer in the education field, apart from providing a reliable calculation tool, abacus theory is a scientifically-backed technique that trains our mind to perform mental math.

Your child can grow and learn better with easily attainable goals- after all, small successful steps will build the foundation your children will be using in the near future.

These classes come with bright and engaging themes that encourage your child to see images and videos to learn.


1-3. Bright Future Image With Early Learning

Bright Future Image With Early Learning
We have an overabundance of examples that show how knowledge transfer from parents to children ends up shaping the world, economy, and culture.

Parents and teachers must prioritize their responsibilities towards children, so it helps in making the early life journey for kids a desirable experience.

Good parents know it’s their ethical duty to provide adequate nutrition, healthcare, and quality education to their children.

Children in many ways are mirror images of their parents, in other words, they reflect the teachings and principles of their parents in their own life.

A good upbringing and proper academic training of a child ensures that he/she will form a constructive and positive part of the society in the future.

Thoughtfully planned early education is a good way to ensure that we have a literate and civilized population in the future.

This is vital in the process of improvising the human evolutionary process while safeguarding peace and prosperity.

Make your child’s bright future possible with Online Soroban’s ISHIDO-SHIKI online classes that are designed to help students easily understand math and numbers while having fun at the same time.


As we enclose our argument on the topic, there are a few key points that can be summarised.

Although the nature of early life education for a child is quite sensitive, it is relief to know that we have plenty of help available to support and help us light up the way to a bright future.

While it is important to keep an eye out for updates in the education process, we must cover and employ well-known techniques like the abacus and mental math more widely.

Although a number of schools have already adopted abacus in their own curriculum while others depend on online abacus schools for teaching their children, there is still a lack of awareness amongst a substantial part of the population in remote areas.

Informed teachers and parents must spread awareness about the effectiveness of abacus and how easy it is to get trained in abacus nowadays.

It is a sign of a healthy society to promote and practice the right learning techniques that benefit everyone.



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