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October Week 4: Abacus Online Exam System for Kids

20 Oct,2020

October Week 4: Abacus Online Exam System for Kids

October Week 4: Abacus Online Exam System for Kids
The increasing number of online schools that provide abacus education is a glimpse of hope that more people are slowly getting exposed to the brilliant yet ancient concept of abacus even an online exam system.

There is no denying that the abacus has come a long way and it is here to stay, to help us understand math better.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. The Abacus and It's Existing Online Exam System

The Abacus and Its Existing Online Exam System

Many of us must be wondering why more and more schools are including abacus and mental in their regular study modules?

Well, the answer to that question lies behind the extensive studies and experimentation conducted by scientists and researchers around the world to understand how mental math affects our thinking process and capabilities.

Abacus is not a new method or theory that schools have recently discovered.

Abacus has been implemented in schools since ancient times to teach children about counting.

The easy to build and modify tool is very efficient in helping young students understand how numbers and arithmetic work.

Even today in remote parts of Asia, many people still use an abacus to tally bills during trading, keep records of inventory, and other daily life calculations.

The most extensive usage among young children using abaci can be found in Japan, where even today competitions are held based on your speed and accuracy to perform calculations using an abacus.

Locally known as Soroban in Japan, learning and teaching abacus theory picked up massive popularity after 2010 as more studies were backing the unique capability of the abacus to improve your calculation abilities and memorization.


1-1. How Can Abacus Online Exam System Can Help Young Students

How Can Abacus Online Exam System Can Help Young Students
Traditional methods of teaching mathematics to students are equally important however they do merely act as tools when you need them, these methods usually don’t improve our independent skill to perform calculations.

While it might be alright to use tools in the later stage of life when we are performing more complex and lengthy calculations, it is utmost pivotal that during the early education one must be taught the fundamentals of manipulating numbers.

Learning mental math expands the creative and computational reaches of our mind, thus reducing our dependency on traditional methods and tools.

There is no fixed or advised age to start learning abacus, which is good news for anyone who wants to start learning.

You can choose to train in the abacus theory at any point in your life, regardless of qualifications.

Learning how to calculate with an abacus helps us in understanding the underlying logic behind basic mathematical calculations.

This allows us to start doing those calculations in our minds without depending on a calculating device.

As we practice more and allow our mind to get used to mental calculations, it, in turn, boosts our confidence, memory, and our overall mental potential.

Students who might have passed a certain age after nursery can also hugely benefit from learning abacus, as they are still in their prime years of cultivating mental habits.


1-2.How the Abacus Online Exam System Can Help Mental Calculation

How Abacus Online Exam System Can Help Mental Calculation
Pre-schools and nurseries start with elementary teaching methods of abacus that include basically identifying objects in the surroundings and assigning them to the movable beads.

Then beads are moved in a certain fashion to teach them about adding and subtracting quantities.

This helps our mind in the understanding characterization of objects based on their different properties and how to associate them with numbers. This activity boosts the growth of several regions in our brain that are associated with cognitive functioning.

Among other important aspects of learning mental math, visualization, and recreation of numbers in your mind to manipulate them drastically increases our calculation speed and reduces error.

After practicing for a while and getting accustomed to abacus theory it influences all their mental calculations to post that point.

Students inculcate the ability to start doing those calculations without using a physical abacus tool since their minds have now generated an ability to carry out those operations within it.

Depending on how fast a student learns, it will decide how long they will take to train their mind in the abacus theory.

While there is no fixed extent to which an abacus can help an individual, it depends on how efficiently we deploy the tool and exercise it.


1-3. Learning How to Excel in School With Abacus Online Exam System

Learning How to Excel in School With Abacus Online Exam System
When the need for more mental activity arises during higher learning, one can easily perform many calculations mentally without relying on a calculator.

Being able to carry out the majority of calculations mentally, it eases the pressure while learning difficult concepts, which eventually increases our interest and confidence towards higher learning.

At an early age, the level of comprehension and vocabulary varies from student to student, thus one method may not work for every student.

The abacus on the other side is designed in a way that can be taught to virtually any individual, and it helps them the same way.

It is focussed on helping you play around with numbers in multiple fashions; therefore regardless of their academic background, it will benefit everyone in improving their calculation speed.

Learning and applying mental math in everyday life ensures the overall growth of our mind thus facilitating us with confidence backed by strong memory and mental resources that aid students to excel in exams and well other co-curricular fields.

Higher mental calculation ability ensures students have a strong edge in any field they wish to pursue, however especially helpful in the field of mathematics, science, and business.


Growing awareness about mental math is reassuring that our future generation will be well equipped with the mental resources required for the sustainable growth of our society.

We are gradually coming to an agreement with the fact that students who are not trained in abacus may not develop or may lack the foundation required for higher learning and mental mathematics.

This hampers their chances of performing to the best of their mental abilities and may even induce undesirable results due to their inability to perform well in school.



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