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Free Online Abacus Test for Students to Try at Home

02 Jan,2020

Free Online Abacus Test for Students to Try at Home

Free Online Abacus Test for Students to Try at Home
The use of free online abacus test can help your child to build relevant skills like probem solving, fast maths, and even cultivate their love for maths without going to school!

With Online Soroban's learning portal, your little ones can experience a complete japanese flash anzan course while staying safe at home.

You can also learn about how the abacus can supplement your child's lessons in school.


I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Free Online Abacus Test to Ace Your Math


Free Online Abacus Test to Ace Your Math

The basic concept of mental calculation ability is being able to give an answer to a maths question after thinking about it, rather than making notes on paper or using the calculator.

Though It sounds very easy, it still does not work like that.

To make your brain your master, you must sharpen your skills first.

You have to be very focused on what you're doing.

But sometimes it feels truly hard to focus on yourself and eventually you lose your track.

All these happenings trouble your mind making it feel uneasy.

So are you worried about it?

Are you looking for an answer and a long term solution?.

As it boosts your brain, makes them exercise on a regular basis, the mental calculation is one of the best stable solutions for all your worries.

This article covers the ways soroban tests actually work with the human mind.


1-1.What Is Free Online Abacus Test For?

What Is Free Online Abacus Test For?
Mental calculation is a collection of mathematical tricks that include a collection of techniques.

It's based on both manipulation and visualization.

When you are looking for a shortcut, the first thing that hits your mind is the term 'tricks'.

Somehow you know that only tricks can save you precious time, so you always try to seek some quick options that can help you through this.

And this capability of quick thinking also comes from the 'mental calculation' procedure.

It increases the depth of knowledge and brings the best out of you.

It improves computational fluency by developing efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility.

So basically a combination of cognitive strategies that comprise arithmetical calculation using only the human brain without getting any help from devices such as a calculator, the most dominant tool of mathematics.

It helps people to calculate mentally without the use of external memory aids.

In short, you can say mental calculation, with the soroban, is the exercise of brains that helps to develop the adaptability of the human mind.


1-2.Can You Teach With Free Online Abacus Test?

Can You Teach With Free Online Abacus Test?
In case of children, it provides your child the freedom of finding things out, the mental freedom of calculating without any aides.

Here, teenagers are the ones with more benefits.

Every single teenager tries to find out the easiest way to get their score as soon as possible and that's the thing which motivates them towards their goal.

It also makes your learning procedure easy cause now you're in a position where you know how to execute your plan.

It not only just increases math skills, it also develops your memorizing power which helps you to become a bright student as well as a person.

Mental calculation or first math can be learned through a lot of processes.

The use of abacus is definitely one of them. It has been in use since ancient times.

Early people used some form of soroban to count and do arithmetic long before they invented numbers.

Mostly, they calculated problems by moving stones or beans around in grooves or on tablets.

Abacus is still in use in many countries, especially in Asia and Africa.

The soroban was first known to be a calculating device that is constructed with beads sliding on rods.

It is used to perform simple calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It is used to teach school children about place values in the numbering system, and for teaching arithmetic operations.

Learning calculation using the abacus is believed to improve concentration and memorization skills.

And the best part is that you don't have to go anywhere to experience it.

For practice, you can look at the unique online learning portal such as Online Soroabn which uses animation and Japanese ISHIDO-SHIKI to teach mental anzan.

So yes, you can learn mental calculation with the help of the soroban especially when it increases extraordinary calculation skills in students making them faster and better with their numbers.


1-3. How Can Students Use Free Online Abacus Test in School?

How Can Students Use Free Online Abacus Test in School?
Kindergarten schools in Asian countries always take care of this particular issue.

Though they don't organize any classes like mental calculation, they arrange for abacus classes which is also a very important factor for children.

But all this equation only works then when a child really achieves this level based on their practices.

A study has shown that it can boost your brain by up to 80%.

When a child practices mental calculation or plays mental calculation games on a regular basis, it makes them faster than the last days.

They become more fluent in it. They solve from small to large calculations in just a fraction of second.

Those children who practice mental calculation always stay miles ahead to the comparison of their classmates.

And obviously it helps them to top their math class with their own special skills.

But to achieve this skill you have to search a lot.

Though a few schools arrange for abacus, it is still not enough for your kids. With ISHIDO-SHIKI, your child can also build on their discipline by learning with us every day.


A man with a calculative mind is always praised by others.

It's something that you don't need to memorize.

It helps you to become conscious and smarter.

Mental calculation enriches your mind.

All you need to do is just polished it with appropriate elements.

So let your children learn in a playful way and help them to achieve their goals.



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