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Sep 2020 New: Free Online Abacus for Students

27 Sep,2020

Sep 2020 New: Free Online Abacus for Students

Sep 2020: Free Online Abacus for Students
Free online abacus helps a child to concentrate. It can also help the child to deal with specific situations correctly be it at home or at school.

It also expands thinking boundaries and makes students think out of the box. Learn how the soroban help to build a positive attitude toward maths.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. Growing up With Free Online Abacus

Growing up With Free Online Abacus

An abacus is a well-known tool used by students, especially beginners to excel in the subject called mathematics.

Apart from alphabets, numbers also play a crucial role in our lives.

Hence, learning about numbers from childhood not only sharpens one's mind but also increases accuracy and brain growth in terms of calculations.

Through the soroban, one can learn calculations easily and in entertaining ways.

It engages our brain receptors to function in a logical manner.

As we all know, learning through imaginative methods has proved to be much more beneficial than traditional learning and the use of math training fulfils this as well.

Using the soroban to hone mental calculation skills offers an imaginative visual experience.

As a result, students are interested in mathematics and grasp knowledge at a faster rate than usual.

When we hear the word 'Mathematics', some of us may frown while some of us may get all the jitters.

Well, I come under the category of being happy and jolly.

Let us get into the depth and understand how the soroban has made a difference in my life by building a strong interest in the subject mathematics which once upon a time I used to avoid.


1-1.Can You Use Free Online Abacus to Improve?

Can You Use Free Online Abacus to Improve?
In my younger days, I was not good at math and I did not enjoy learning how to solve numbers.

I could not understand the basic calculation.

Many of my peers were always so excited about math classes but I could not understand the depth of the question.

What was the secret to math excellence?

I could not understand the joy my friends has in solving tough equations.

My lack of interest in the subject pulled my grades really low.

My parents and teachers were slowly getting disheartened.

Eventually, they came to the conclusion that my base was not strong and proper abacus training was needed.

Lagging behind in class slowly became a thing of a past when one of my teachers approached me and understood my problem.

She showed me what an abacus is and how helped other students too.

She told me that "regular practice with proper practice videos would work wonders for you".

Ever since that day, my teacher made me wait after school for about 30 minutes and taught me how to use the soroban to solve complex problems.

Eventually, I learned how to use this tiny tool.

Who knew that this little tool could bring so much meaning and knowledge into my life?

After I learnt it all, Mathematics was my favourite subject! I was stunned to know how easy Mathematics is after the use of an Abacus.

It helped me improve my logical thinking.

It also built my base in Mathematics and helped me build a closer to maths and my teachers.

Counting became easier, solving problems was no longer torture but fun!


1-2.Finding Free Online Abacus on the Web

Finding Free Online Abacus on the Web
As I started loving the calculating board, I wanted to incorporate it into my daily routine.

It ignited a passion to learn and I wanted to discover the possibilities of mental calculation.

Hence, I started searching for online mental math classes.

I found so many platforms where they give Abacus training for free.

Some of them provide free classes.

For instance, Online Soroban provides a comprehensive and structured learning plan where learning is made fun and meaningful.

Their learning platform also has interactive soroban games where it is designed to be made interesting and you will get engaged with maths within a shorter time.

They follow a well-designed syllabus and also provides amazing learning architecture.

With their ISHIDO-SHIKI educational framework, students are able to understand math and mental calculation in just a few lessons.

There are brain teasers, brain games, and even Quizzes for students to test their skills on!

All of this will work and enhances your training and understanding of maths and flash anzan.


1-3. How Can You Use Free Online Abacus to Improve Mental Calculation?

How Can You Use Free Online Abacus to Improve Mental Calculation?
After my teacher suggested trying Online Soroban, I have experienced a huge change in my life because of the soroban.

It not only improved my speed and accuracy in Mathematics but also helped me think logically too!

I was able to solve complex arithmetical problems and even help my classmates with their maths difficulties too.

Now, everything seemed much easier and fun to solve than before.

Mental calculations became easier to practice and increased my brain’s cognitive functions and flexibility too.

I excelled in Mathematics and the grades in my report card kept going higher.

Learning how to master fast maths with the soroban increased my efficiency and accuracy leading to faster calculations.

Now, I can use mental mathematics to solve single-digit math problems, double-digit numbers, and numbers up to billions too.

My brain health also improved and my level of concentration increased.

Speaking of which, using my brains more often about sure builds the ability to think too.

It was recently revealed that the increased use of the brain also helps makes it stronger- like any muscle in our bodies.

For a child or a student, the tabulating tool may seem like a normal game or a toy but it is actually much more than what it seems like, the use of proper abacus training is the correct and most accurate way to build the foundation of a child.


The soroban is an amazing life skill that everyone should have.

There is no age limit as to when one can learn how to use the tool. It is limitless with wallet-friendly prices.

It gives us a positive outlook and an opportunity to understand maths in a new way.

This was my journey about how learning the soroban made a huge difference in my life and created a great impact on my learning ability and skills.

I am grateful to have come across this tool.

It helped me gain confidence, improve mathematics and logic, and also made me a different person altogether.



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