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Sep 2020 Update: Why the Use of Abacus Is Important for Us

10 Sep,2020

Sep 2020 Update: Why the Use of Abacus Is Important for Us

Sep 2020 Update: Why the Use of Abacus Is Important for Us
Parents and educational professionals reading this article can understand why the use of abacus is still very singnificant today.
They can learn how to use it in school and at home too.


I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. Let Us Take a Look at Why Many People Still Use Abacus Today

Let Us Take a Look at Why Many People Still Use Abacus Today

Have you ever thought of boosting your brain with some funny and of course worthy tricks?

Does it ever trouble your mind like how to do this without investing much time?

With lessons and fun entertainment created by industry experts for students’ education, Online Soroban has a range of classes that are created for simple understanding and effortless application.

As we are living in an era where compete and strive to excel in addition to fractions, multiplications, and from cube roots to calendar dates, we have to find ways to learn efficiently.

By using the abacus, students are able to make use of hard work and remain engaged to classes at the same time.

With soroban, practicing routinely will be a enjoyable progress instead of a chore.

Gone are the days of gruelling hard work where discipline may not mean results.

If anything, it consumes much time.

So if you're thinking how to deal with these problems, then mental calculation games with the abacus are your answer.

It not only just boosts your speed but also reduces your stress level and makes you feel more active.

It keeps your mind healthy and rejuvenated. Let us take a look at the updated information about abacus on September 2020.


1-1.Why Use Abacus to Teach Educational Abacus Games?

Why Use Abacus to Teach Educational Abacus Games?
Nowadays, abacus online portals like android applications and games have become the center of attraction for everyone from children to adults.

They desire something interesting while educated them too.

Though abacus games sound a little different from other commercial games, the new challenges and new innovation allows students to learn with flexibility.

There are multilevel structures which entertains and enlightens.

But before discussing anything further about abacus games it's better to learn about it briefly.

The abacus is a manual calculating device designed to teach mathematics in an easy way that shows results in the first few lessons.

It consists of a frame with beads sliding on rods and its simplicity allows for efficiency.

The types of equation that can be solved are calculations like addition, substruction, multiplication and division.

The abacus is still in use in many countries, especially in Asia and Africa. 

The theory of abacus games mainly strikes your mind when you decide to teach your toddlers some basic rules of mathematics at a very young age.

With abacus, parents will not have to worry about signing up for classes their little ones may not like.

Parents can always find another alternative with low commitments if they are not interested or get bored of it.

However, with entertaining sound effects and visual presentation, I am sure that your kids will be wanting more! Specific games will definitely be helpful to parents, especially those with interesting features and also cartoon characters to entertain kids.

Adults can also benefited equally with games and classes designed to help educate even more children in the world.


1-2.Why Do Students Use Abacus to Learn Maths?

Why Do Students Use Abacus to Learn Maths?
The abacus can be learnt and used differently from others according to your schedule and choices.

Everyone is made different and no two learning methods can understood the same.

Learning process varies from person to person so having the right their abacus tools matters.

It helps them to understand abacus, get into a local abacus class, or even learn it on YouTube!

There are other forms of online courses available too. For instance, Online Soroban helps with faster and accurate calculations by making mental abacus and useful information easy to understand.

A few of my relatives who tried their trial clases understood simple calculating concepts of math after their trial!

Abacus results in boosting the confidence of the kids in their class. Using mainly the Soroban, this is known as Japanese form of Abacus.

This app will help your children learn about Abacus, Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. Not only that, but it is also flexible too.

Classes can be chosen anytime of the day and we will no longer have to compromise our schedules.

It is one of the well known apps that can be used on both computers and a mobile device.

WIth lots of practice and ample amount of training, students will be able to master anzan and quick maths by the end of the structured program.

Paired with regular practice, this unique online learning portal with its high interactive nature can help children build a very important part of their early education.


1-3. Why Can the Abacus Be Used Together With School’s Education?

Why Can the Abacus Be Used Together With School’s Education?
To any parent out there, school education should be their first priority.

It's really hard to replace a classic method of education with some educational game.

Thus, the abacus was always considered to be an extracurricular activity.

Many schools in Asian countries declared it as their one of the main classes because it's really very effective to children.

I know that they are quite different in nature but with 24 hour online support, learning here is as effective as learning in school.

It is rare that the abacus will be included in schools but there is always an option to start your kids with it at home.

When it comes to abacus games and education students will see themselves improving maths instead of becoming distracted by it.


Online Soroban has educational packages that are affordably priced to allow children from all over the world to learn about abacus.

Get certified by the end of your learning journey and have fun while doing so!



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