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Oct 2020 new: Abacus Early Learning Centre for Your Little Ones

06 Oct,2020

Oct 2020 new: Abacus Early Learning Centre for Your Little Ones


Oct 2020 new: Abacus Early Learning Centre for Your Little Ones
We are already experiencing one of the biggest alterations in human history, as we are moving towards online learning and education.

With abacus early learning centres available online now, learning has never been made easier!

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Abacus Early Learning Centre and Its Advantages

Abacus Early Learning Centre and Its Advantages

Childhood is a very impressionable point of time in anyone’s life, which makes it a very crucial subject and field to focus on.

Children often develop their characteristic strength and weaknesses during their younger days which lead educators and researchers to take advanced and careful steps in the childhood learning process.

Fundamental principles required for higher and complex functioning should be taught to children as soon as possible.

Thus many programmes and schools take initiatives to aid young children at the pre-school level so they are ready to face the next challenge in life.

Tools and methods that build up young children’s confidence, creativity, mental power and physical strength are primary focus areas for schools and teachers.

The use of soroban and theory of mental math is out of the few very successful tools that have been employed to train the minds of young children for years now.

Learning mental math leads to exponential and systematic mental growth throughout life. Studies conducted over a period of thousands of years have backed soroban and mental math, showing it’s favourability in developing human minds.

Therefore it is crucial for any young student who wants to train their minds and expand their mental boundaries, to engage in mental math and learn its methodologies.


1-1.The Use of Abacus Early Learning Centre for Kids

The Use of Abacus Early Learning Centre for Kids
Education for young children often begins at pre-school where they are taught with shapes and physical objects more than letters and numbers.

This aids children in developing spatial reasoning and analysis skills which they use to study their surroundings.

The brain at a younger age is very receptive and curious about learning new things and ideas.

It easier to get children’s attention with colourful objects, interactive games and audio-visual lessons, which make up for most of the teaching practises used by pre-school teachers.

Study material and teaching practises are focused on engaging students in activities that boost co-operation, rational and logical thinking, reasoning, creativity and confidence.

Educational practises are designed and revised regularly to ease the transition for young children into adulthood.

The intricacy of study material is designed in a way so that students will perceive and understand the knowledge efficiently.

Major focus areas while teaching young children are language and mathematics, which are the building blocks for further education.

It is important to help kids induce the skills to communicate and reason effectively as quickly as possible.

This not helps young kids find basic education but also drives them in the direction of their interests and passion, giving them a better picture of their strengths and weaknesses.

The role of education is to establish the foundation and principles kids need to progress further in life.


1-2.Incorporating Abacus in Early Learning Centres

Incorporating Abacus in Early Learning Centres
As concluded earlier, due to the sensitive nature of young minds learning process, it is imperative that correct tools are used to educate and train.

Abacus which was invented as a calculating too, soon found its place in our daily lives once we realised the benefits of using a soroban and mental math.

Engaging abacus as part of young children’s study curriculum has shown tremendous progress and developments in the way children approach their problems.

Mental math gives us the ability to quantitatively as well as spatially understand the nature of problems.

This tabulating device helps in developing the ability to perceive and tackle problems in multiple ways.

The ability to visualize a problem and ability to analyse helps develop parts of the brain that assist in more complex operations.

Mental math also helps students in understanding terms or methods that are abstract to them.

As children get older, the ability to visualize and manipulate numbers comes in very handy in multiple situations.

We perform basic arithmetic operations all the time in our brain, and if we deployed a tool like a soroban to assist our brain, we essentially increase our speed and accuracy in performing these actions.

Thus many schools have found it profoundly useful when they organized their curriculum and included fast math training.

Minds of young children seem to grasp the aspect of mental calculation very easily due to its simple nature.


1-3. Reasons How Abacus Early Learning Centre Is Helpful for Brain Development

Reasons How Abacus Early Learning Centre Is Helpful for Brain Development
Children often follow in the footsteps of their parents or teachers, which goes to prove that education given at a young age stays with the child for a long period of time.

What a child learns sooner, it helps in laying down the ground floor for what’s to be built upon in coming years.

Mental training of the brain basically starts once kids start talking and asking questions to their parents.

Science says that neurological connections formed in the brain earlier are profoundly responsible for the future development of that brain.

Thus it becomes a mandate for parents and teachers to make sure the necessary resources are available for the children to learn and educate because they are eventually the future of this planet.

As a result of this, a huge amount of capital and physical attention is given to young children in order to aid them in developing desirable qualities.

Due to the sensitivity of young age groups, learning programmes are designed accordingly to cater to their needs at every stage of learning.

This is vital in order to help cultivate the strength in young population, both mentally and physically.

A young generation often very closely reflect the future generation, so it is very crucial to study and understand their needs and reciprocate accordingly.


It is hard to deny the digitisation of the world in the coming years, so it makes perfect sense to incorporate our young generation in online learning as soon as possible.

Getting our kids accustomed to digital platforms and apps will prove very beneficial as they get up to speed with the frantically changing world.

Taking those key steps during young children’s developmental years will aid them for life and promise a better future.


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