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Sep: Abacus Mathematics Learning Methods for Students

29 Sep,2020

Sep: Abacus Mathematics Learning Methods for Students

Sep: Abacus Mathematics Learning Methods for Students
There are many abacus mathematics learning methods that kids, teenagers as well as adults can learn about flash anzan.

Find out how it can increase your level of concentration.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. What Abacus Mathematics Learning Method to Use?

What Abacus Mathematics Learning Method to Use?

Abacus is like any calculating tabulating device for a child to develop an interest in the subject of arithmetic with a lot more fun than traditional classroom learning.

There is no age limit as to when one can learn how to use this calculating tool. You can learn abacus when you're a toddler or even when you're an adult.

However, learning soroban since early childhood would be preferred as a strong foundation will be laid.

The use of this tool can actually improve the way you study especially when it comes to mathematics.

As proven by many educational professionals and past students, this tool could make a huge difference as counting and solving complex arithmetical problems would be much easier with effective theory and technique education.


1-1.Teaching Abacus Mathematics With Different Learning Methods

Teaching Abacus Mathematics With Different Learning Methods
Many students prefer studying from home. This is because they like to study in their own comfort zone and at their own pace.

Studying online could prove very beneficial as there is no fear of being judged by a class full of students.

The fear of being judged is one of the reasons why students fail to come forward in a classroom full of students.

Hence, whilst studying at home through online methodology, students feel much more comfortable and lively.

The benefits of online classes are when students can watch recorded videos time and again in order to understand a concept which you didn't understand without the fear of being a burden on a teacher.

Also, they receive a proper imaginative visual experience.

When attending classes online, your imagination and visualisation skills has to be strong since it is very catchy and creative.

Not only that, but many international students can also learn at their own pace, be it fast or slow.

You do not have to be worried about how much time you are taking to learn a specific concept.

All that you need to do is, learn slowly until you finally grasp the concept.

Powerpoint presentations and documents can be stored safely without you having to worry about losing it.

Furthermore, many online schools can save your time as well as your energy.

You do not have to physically travel regularly and get all drained out.

You can stay at home and study according to your convenience.

Hence, online classes is preferred by almost everybody now due to its never-ending benefits.

Some even provide trial classes and provides optimal brain growth and development.


1-2.How Can Parents Help to Teach Abacus Mathematics With Learning Methods to Toddlers Under 5

How Can Parents Help to Teach Abacus Mathematics With Learning Methods to Toddlers Under 5
Parents play a crucial role in building an early stage brain development for their children.

Every parent wants their child to excel in academics and in life.

As such, the use of proper developmental neurobiology theory and technique is important to excel in mental calcualtion.

To overcome this issue, parents can introduce a well-known tool also known as the soroban to their child since they are toddlers.

The brain of a child works faster than an adult so the best way to make your child learn something is when your child is young.

Understanding the soroban involves concentration and it is quite fun to use if interested.

A child will be fascinated with the colorful beads and might develop an interest in understanding the tool.

The best way for a parent to teach a child something is through games.

Games could prove to be beneficial as a child loves to play games.

Parents can self-design games for their child ( If they can not understand how then they can refer to various platforms available on the internet especially the free application-youtube).

They can make their child learn about mental maths through offline channels as well as online ones.


Both are good in their own way. However, for toddlers, offline mode is more suitable as the physical presence of a teacher or guide is necessary.

It will be completely new to the child and they need proper guidance and monitoring.

Once the toddler figures out what the tool is, they will automatically want to explore more and more as the interesting math toy is so interesting with all the colorful beads.

Your toddler will now be able to count easily with no stress.

This will benefit your toddler to ace in the subject of mathematics in the near future.


1-3. A Few Abacus Mathematics Learning Method for Older Students

A Few Abacus Mathematics Learning Method for Older Students
Students should not avoid picking up something new due to their age.

In fact, they should be more willing to learn than others!

Many times during high school, a child can not cope up with math as they do not have a strong base, and hence jumping into complex problems make their grades fall down.

When teenagers faces this issue, they can introduce themselves to the wonders of soroban.

Regular practice with the calculating tool wholeheartedly will definitely prove to be beneficial to them.

They can also take online as well as offline classes to learn about the soroban.

However, online classes are much preferred because teenagers want to learn at their own pace and time without the fear of lagging behind.

Another reason why online methodology is preferred is that teens and adults have a hectic schedule due to their school, work, etc.

Online platforms such as YouTube are very good as it is free of cost and endless videos are uploaded there and you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Apart from YouTube, there are many applications available on PlayStore such as Online Soroban, where students will be able to learn with the ISHIDO-SHIKI unique educational classes, designed to bring out the best in students with clear and engaging classes.

Overcome your fear of maths with games and animations.

Students will no longer need to sit through long and boring classes with our specially designed classes made for success.


The use of the soroban will improve your skills in mathematics, especially mental math, and logical reasoning.

It should be made a compulsory subject in pre-school so that every student comes across it and builds a strong foundation in their long journey of education.



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