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October 2020 NEW: Building Confidence With Mental Calculation

01 Oct,2020

October: Building Confidence With Mental Calculation

September: Building Confidence With Mental Calculation
Giving our kids tools to building their confidence is critical in shaping the young generation and securing our future.

This article covers important aspects of education that children should be equipped with.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. How Can Parents Build Confidence for Their Little Ones

How Can Parents Build Confidence for Their Little Ones

The year-round struggle for parents and guardians to make sure their children are getting quality education keeps getting harder every year.

In order to keep up with the ever-changing world, special attention and care need to be taken while training young minds.

While the majority of guardians are totally dependent on private tuitions and school to cover their child’s education, many parents are there who self-educate themselves so they could personally care for their young ones.

Digitisation of teaching techniques has helped service and address a lot of these needs which is a boon for parents.

Parents trying to teach math to their young children can easily get trained in teaching programmes like an abacus.

With the assistance of numerous digital platforms and even some physical schools, parents can get certified as abacus teachers.

Once certified, they can properly train their kids while even generating an income on the side in case they wanted to.

Parents looking for easier methods of learning about abacus can access the many free lessons available online.

It is important to make a note that while many schools try their best to provide the best training they can to their students, they often lack in doing so.

Making sure our children receive proper and systematic education has become a critical responsibility during the rising competition.

Having the right school and classes can help build confidence for your child and give them a meaningful experience learning the abacus.


1-1.Build Confidence for Math With Abacus

Build Confidence for Math With Abacus
Abacus has been one of the most successful methods in teaching kids about the mathematics of for thousands of years now.

Many parents are still unaware of the fact that they can teach abacus to their children themselves.

Compelling amount of evidence and studies can be found online proving the efficacy of abacus if parents decided to research about the best techniques of teaching young kids.

Parents who are willing to get trained on abacus will find for themselves how exactly abacus benefits in the mental growth of their child.

Certified courses offer an even deeper insight on how exactly abacus works and trains our mind to perform mental math.

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms where parents can find a number of beneficial lessons to get started with.

These free lessons are a great idea to get the basics of abacus training and how it works.

Parents and guardians looking to make a career in teaching can even become certified abacus teachers with the help of accredited schools, either online or at a physical school if there is one in the locality.


1-2.Build Confidence for Children's Growth

Build Confidence for Children's Growth
Studies and findings over the years have acknowledged the fact that abacus is highly beneficial in creating a strong foundation for complex cognitive functioning.

Children at a young age find it difficult to learn about numbers on paper.

They may be trying very hard and failing to figure out things traditionally, which may generate disinterest towards math or other subjects.

However, every child finds it very fun to learn with practical toys and colourful moving objects.

Children find it easier to associate numbers with physical objects and colours.

This increases their learning speed while making sure they develop the necessary logic and concept behind those lessons.

Some might say that one has to try it before believing it, which may be the truth in the case of abacus theory.

Teaching multiplication division, subtraction and addition couldn’t be easier with the help of beads.

You can easily associate the relation between the changing quantities with the help of an abacus.

This technique trains our mind to mentally start calculating those numbers.

Mental math is not a one-time lesson, it is known to be awarded in the long run especially for students who seek careers in academic fields.


1-3. Build Confidence for Development With Abacus Schools

Build Confidence for Development With Abacus Schools
At an elementary level abacus is used to pair the colourful beads with the objects specified, either in the room or on a table.

This teaches students about relations between numbers and quantities.

Further lessons will include how to add those numbers or maybe subtract them from each other.

For example, in order to perform a simple addition between two numbers, let’s say two and four.

A teacher would ask the student to separate four beads in row 1, then separate two beads in row 2.

While looking at the number of beads separated from the other bunch, they can easily make out that adding two and four give our six.

Similarly fashioned lessons are taught in the form of intuitive activities and games.

This helps students begin from the base of understanding number logic and how to manipulate then mentally.

As students practise utilising mental math more in daily activities and calculations it gets enhanced over longer periods of time.

Thus giving students the ability to carry out complex and sometimes even multiple calculations in their head.

Reduced dependency on other tools to calculate small numbers in return increases the speed and confidence of students.


One must not totally rely on private and paid options when it comes to educating our children.

It is pivotal to understand the needs and requirements of young children and respond in a responsible manner.

Parents and guardians are often the first sources of education, so it must be ensured that they are equipped with the best tools.

Parents teaching abacus to their kids have an opportunity to learn with them at the same time.

It allows you to communicate with your child better when you are working on common goals and activities together.

A healthy relationship between parents and children is based and created upon how well they share good and prosperous knowledge among themselves.

Tremendous research and awareness are required to educate young children nowadays.

We must use the right schools and classes so that we can give our children the best time learning.



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