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September 2020 Teacher's Edition: Abacus Online Work

22 Sep,2020

September 2020 Teacher's Edition: Abacus Online Work

September 2020 Teacher's Edition: Abacus Online Work
Becoming a teacher nowadays holds a pivotal role in the process of the evolution of humanity.

Due to the availability of a number of credible options to become a certified teacher as compared to the past, we are seeing a huge increase in the number of abacus online work available on the web.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. Teaching With Abacus Online Work Remotely

Teaching With Abacus Online Work Remotely

With the recent technological feats, distance or remote learning has become a viable source of accreditation and income for thousands around the planet.

Distance learning, which was majorly considered as a secondary or backup option, became a more practical solution for learning as well as teaching, post the COVID pandemic in early 2020.

With increasing number of institutions and teachers switching to online learning programs, the industry now has massive demand and potential. Reputed institutions and universities are now offering a majority of their certified courses online.

In order to facilitate teachers and students, registration and application procedures have been made very user friendly to access.

Online learning has become more popular to a number of advantages it has, but primarily because of the ability to connect teachers and students across the globe.

Long-distance and financial constraints were a hassle in the path of distance education, which has been overcome due to the advancements in communication technology.

Remote learning has come up as an essential medium for quality education online for people around the world, and most importantly in areas of the world that are less developed.


1-1.Can You Do Abacus Online Work at Home?

Can You Do Abacus Online Work at Home?
An abacus is a mathematical tool that was invented thousands of years ago to aid humanity in mathematical calculations.

Since then the soroban has emerged as an extraordinary practice whose reach was far beyond what was anticipated in the beginning.

Over thousands of years of studies and research about how the abacus helps us in training our minds has shown us that it is much beyond a calculating tool. The ability of the soroban to educate and train human minds is no longer a myth.

Long studies have shown remarkable improvements and developments in the way people conduct themselves in real life, by those who were trained to do mental math at an early age.

Students who were trained in mental calculation showed more confidence, critical thinking, problem-solving, and comprehension skills than those who were not trained in soroban at all.

Although it might seem very significant in the beginning, the calculating tool lays down the foundation for advanced learning and implementation.

The tabulating device helps young students to visualize their problems in a different manner and thus allowing them to access more mental tools to guide them.

Growth of the left hemisphere of the brain at an early stage of life helps in the further development of the brain in a very systematic manner, which comes handy for people throughout their lives.

A healthy life comes from healthy decision making and problem-solving skills, which is an underlying area of abacus that gets strong.


1-2.Can You Get Certified and Become a Teacher With Abacus Online Work?

Can You Get Certified and Become a Teacher With Abacus Online Work?
Recent flux of demands for teachers in the remote learning sector has provided many with an option to have a career in the industry.

When it comes to teaching mathematics online, this advantage stretches to house wives, retired people and part-time or fulltime business seekers.

Globalisation of important sectors has enabled to have a career in remote learning.

The soroban is a great subject for anyone looking to become a teacher or even for a teacher to add to their list of subjects.

The increasing popularity of the success of the soroban training has allowed more educational institutions to add mental maths to their list of programs.

As compared to other subjects, the abacus is relatively easier to understand and teach.

It is good to know that while new methods are being invented in the education sector to improve the quality of education, the soroban has survived as one of the oldest and most effective methods of teaching mental calculations.


1-3. How to Begin Your Abacus Online Work and Make It a Career?

How to Begin Your Abacus Online Work and Make It a Career?
Many reputed education institutions provide online flash anzan training courses for teachers.

Depending upon the type or approach of the method, courses have been designed to fit the needs of as many as possible.

Online math training is a much more viable option than traditional learning for people who already have jobs or busy schedules.

Traditionally speaking, soroban training courses are six months to twelve months long and may require graduation in some other field as a requirement.

Courses are usually flexible and the student may customize their programs as per need and schedule. Upon successfully completing the program a certificate is issued to the student, which enables them to apply for jobs as a mental math teacher and trainer.

Digital training courses have been instinctually designed to train students who may be teachers, housewives, retired personnel, or simply anyone who likes to learn about the soroban.

Many accredited institutions for training in abacus have existed for a long time gaining credibility and thus coming to the fore front of the market.

With the option of becoming a demanding mental math trainer within weeks, it is imperative for teachers and students alike to think about getting trained in this field.

Becoming a teacher of mental math not only allows a person to embody all the qualities themselves and but then impart it to others who seek the knowledge.


Teaching as a skill has come a long way since the ancient times, since when it was done on stone walls with painting to the time when people are walking around with huge libraries of data in their hands; it is evident that teaching practices will be viable as long as education is.

One cannot deny the fact that as the world of technology goes forward, old practices and methods are taken over by new ones. Traditional methods of teaching are being transitioned into digital methods.

With overwhelming change happening around us, we find ourselves at the intersection between analog-digital worlds.



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