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September 2020 Updated - How Do Kids Use Online Abacus Tools

06 Sep,2020

September 2020 Updated - How Do Kids Use Online Abacus Tools

September Updated - How Do Kids Use Online Abacus Tools
This article helps parents who are trying to know more about the online abacus tool.

They will understand how it brings value and beenfits into the lives of their little ones, including their left and right brain.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. The Wonders of Online Abacus Tools and How to Use Them

The Wonders of Online Abacus Tools and How to Use Them

Fast Math or Mental math is a way of solving a math problem quickly and without help from any device such as a calculator or pen.

Being able to do calculations in the brain can help a person to improve various sections of their brains.

Like any other skill, doing mental math also requires continuous training and education.

Not only that but there are also some various tricks and devices that can help us to improve our fast math skills.

Devices such as the abacus are one of the best trainers to improve our fast math skills.

Fast math is all about training and techniques if we want to improve our fast math skills.

In fact, we should train ourselves every day so that we can find the correct technique to solve a math problem.

When we solve an equation, you can see how important it is to know the correct techniques.

In this article, we will be showing some ways you can train your brain and improve your mental math skills every day.


1-1.What Online Abacus Tools Do Students Use to Learn Fast Maths?

What Online Abacus Tools Do Students Use to Learn Fast Maths?
There are many tools on the web that is easily accessible for students from all over the world.

For instance, Online Soroban has designed classes that are inspired by the teachings of ISHIDO-SHIKI.

After trying it out with my children, the classes here are engaging, fun, and is set in a pace that allows newbies to learn.

Just like the ISHIDO-SHIKI, there are also some math tricks invented such as the Vedic Mathematics tricks.

According to some scholars, Vedic mathematics tricks can help a person to solve a mathematical calculation 10-15 times faster than the other tricks these tricks was founded by an Indian mathematician called Jagadguru Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji and he published his finding in a book called Vedic mathematics by Tithaji Maharaj.

Using his tricks solving a calculation is much faster than the normal way. Of course, some may be harder to understand.

This is why the abacus is the most common tool used as it helps students visualize numbers better.

Practicing math in abacus will not only improve mathematical skills but it will also improve various abilities of the brain.

Even though it is a simple device, it can be found in various sizes and in various forms nowadays.

There is even a virtual version of the abacus which can be accessed online and can be even downloaded to mobile devices.

As mentioned, there are websites that allow you to practice math by providing various mathematical challenges these challenges are tailored in a way that practicing math using these challenges can be effective in improving fast math skills.

Our soroban provides a rare and unique learning approach that allows your kids to learn their first few lessons for free.

There are also a variety of things you can do to learn and play at the same time This brings us to the next topic.

Online math games are a fun way of practicing math its suitable for both children and adults.

It's separated into various levels such as easy, medium and hard and the users can select the relevant games according to their preferences.


1-2.The Online Abacus Tools You Need to Learn Mental Calculation

The Online Abacus Tools You Need to Learn Mental Calculation
Learning with technology helps the tech savvy parent.

There are appcations created that are software which simplifies learning of abacus.

Anyone with a mobile device can download these applications as these are fun to use and developed by experts with extensive knowledge of the soroban.

Children can also learn with videos and animation created by our soroban school or can find some on platforms like YouTube.

It is not just a place where you can find entertainment and funny videos, but you can find thousands of educational videos as well as channels which are specialized in teaching new tricks and strategies to master mental maths.

These videos are well explained and it’s free- all you need is a device and an internet connection for maths fluency!


1-3. Using the Online Abacus Tools Daily

Using the Online Abacus Tools Daily
The soroban is Useful for many activities. Let us take a look at some of them.

We all have to come across some activity which requires the use of math at least once in a day.

but calculators and pens won’t be with us every time but our brains will be.

That’s why we should improve our fast math literacy so we don’t have to rely on anyone or anything to do our daily activities and we can save some time as well.

Not only that mental maths can also helps you when you are selling or buying a product.

Math is important in the transaction and you need to find the cost or balance as soon as possible to move on to another customer or to do another task.

If you have a good mental math skill, you can easily do the calculation in your head and save time and energy.

Number sense is an ability that helps a person to understand quantities and other mathematical concepts.

Continuous training of mental calculation can allow people to understand math concepts easily and help them in improving their right and left hemispheres.

Even though this tool is not used in school, it is still useful for our career.

Math is everywhere. It is needed every once in a while and having a fast math understanding will allow you to continue your workflow without being stuck in one place.


Using the abacus helps your little one to undestnad and relate to numbers.

With the confidence and joy found in maths, children can focus and accomplish more within a shorter period of time!

Making use of engaging tools seen on the internet can change how we view education.


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