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Fast Math, The Best Mental Calculation Skill

04 Jan,2020

Fast Math, The Best Mental Calculation Skill

Fast Math, The Best Mental Calculation Skill
Math is a topic that will be used on a day to day basis. Get your child to learn and master maths in the most efficient way possible.


I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

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1. Fast math benefit and learning process


1. Fast math benefit and learning process

Fast math benefit and learning process

We use math daily. When we wake up, we will check the time and make a quick calculation to see if we are late for school.

When we get food during lunch break, we count the amount of money we have to stretch our dollars and make the best out of every single cent.

The importance of being able to count quickly is especially important when we are in queue to pay for our groceries.

We will not end up with a shortage of funds and we will not end up delaying others.

Even during trying times like the Covid 19 pandemic, having fast math skills is extremely useful when we are trying to spend as little money as possible.

Fast math is not only beneficial to adults, they are also useful for the learning of our children.

By being able to calculate things quickly, they are more likely to feel encouraged, have better mental health, and ease their day to day activities.

Today, the Teachers of Online Soroban will share about the tips parents need to know to have your child be masters of fast maths. Read on to begin your journey today.


1-1.Fast Math Detailed Information For Parents

Fast Math Detailed Information For Parents
"The definition of fast math includes being able to solve and find answers to math problems quickly.

The proper use of mental calculation will help students to be able to find answers to the math problems given.

Fast math is used by different people throughout their lives.

Toddlers learn the basics of maths like numbers, singulars, plurals, and remembering small numbers like one to ten.

Preschoolers and young children learn more about numbers when they are playing and interacting with others.

Numbers taught in preschools include singing rhymes in nursery schools play education.

As our children grow up, they will gradually start using math to count time, their purchases in the canteen, and even days to holidays.

Parents will start teaching their children about memorizing their parents’ mobile numbers.

Eventually as children progress to college and universities, they will have to master complex calculations in a wide range of subjects like engineering, chemistry, architecture, and even business.

Maths is a universal language used by many people that speaks a different language and dialect.

As adults, we use math for a number of things including calculating expenses, saving money, investment, planning ahead, and even when we do business.

We would not see the importance of quick mental calculation if we did not list out how frequently Maths is being used.

When our children are masters of fast maths, it brings them great convenience and a sense of accomplishment.

To begin on the journey of fast maths and abacus, we will be sharing more about learning Online Soroban in detail below.

Please read on to understand how will children learn fast maths."


1-2.Fast Math Learning Course And Benefits

Fast Math Learning Course And Benefits
"With Online Soroban, the Teachers will be using the traditional ISHIDO-SHIKI to teach your child the fundamentals of fast maths.

Your child will be able to learn how maths works and the arithmetic functions behind addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

abacus company

Paired with cute and entertaining animation suitable for children of all ages, your child will not only enjoy themselves watching the online class, but they will also be able to learn how to do fast maths quickly.

For parents worrying about not spending time with their children, they can sit in and learn these abacus classes with them.

This way, your child can spend quality time together learning mental calculations that will make him stand out among his peers.

Children will be tested on their fast math ability with flash anzan, which is a game where students find the sum of the values shown on the screen.

The screen will flash different numbers and will flash them faster as the difficulty increases.

Fast math, paired with abacus maths, will develop the right and the left brain of a growing child. While the left brain controls numbers and languages, the right brain controls emotions and feelings more.


Fast math improves both sides of the brain as it not only improves your child’s command of mathematics, it also gives them a boost in confidence and happiness when they accomplish things."


1-3. Appropriate Fast Math Learning Age

Appropriate Fast Math Learning Age
 "When it comes to quick mental calculation, there is actually no set age to begin.

Just like how some children take three years to begin speaking or one year or more to start walking, every child is made differently.

As much as we would like our children to be prodigies and geniuses, we can only encourage and not enforce them.

By putting our children’s happiness and well being as the top priority, we will be able to help them learn maths the moment they are ready to.

By doing so, we can start by helping them learn the basics of maths such as counting.

We can use nursery rhymes and singing to help them learn numbers from one to ten.

early child can learn abacus at home

Once our children learn numbers from one to ten, regardless of age, they will be able to start their journey on fast math and learn abacus."


1-4.Overall Fast Math Summary For Parents

Overall Fast Math Summary For Parents
"In a nutshell, fast maths can be taught with abacus the moment your child understands numbers and math.

Do not worry about the pace your child has because the abacus Teachers on Online Soroban have experience teaching young children fast maths.

The classes taught to help improve your children’s mental calculation speed are created for easy understanding.

To date, the abacus taught by the Teachers from Online Soroban has produced students becoming world champions for abacus.

Many students from around the world are beginning to pick up mental calculation skills especially during the Covid 19 virus pandemic."



"Do not miss this opportunity to try out a few of our informational classes for free.

We have free fast mental calculation math games that you can play with your children and teach at the same time.

Not only that, but our knowledgeable teachers are also available for twenty-four hours,

seven days a week to answer any burning questions you may have. If you need any more information or have any enquiries, please contact us on our website to begin learning today."


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