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Tips to Find Abacus Online Exercise for Better Math

24 Sep,2020

Tips to Find Abacus Online Exercise for Better Math

Tips to Find Abacus Online Exercise for Better Math
Students can learn about the different ways to exercise their brains and also to build their mathematical calcualtion skills.

Besides from their mental capacity growing, they can also build and improve their academic understanding and learning.
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I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. How to Be an Expert in Abacus Online Exercise

How to Be an Expert in Abacus Online Exercise

Everybody wants an attractive appearance.

Everybody wants to be physically fit.

Hence, they follow endless workouts and crazy diets. Just like our body, our brain requires exercise too!

With the never-ending rat race, we do not realize how our brain requires rest and exercise.

It may seem impossible to exercise your brains. After all, how can you train something you cannot even touch?

The answer is pretty simple, it is- games.

No matter what your age is, you can always exercise your brain in order to keep your brain healthy.

Brain workouts can increase your level of concentration and can boost your memory incredibly.

Your daily task may get easier to do and much quicker than usual.

There are certain games that work in a specific way.

You sure do have fun but you do not realize that you are also providing an amazing exercise to your brain.


1-1.The Importance of Abacus Online Exercise

The Importance of Abacus Online Exercise
The basic but the most important part of brain training is that it stimulates your brain to think faster and also improves your concentration as well as give a boost to your memory.

Some of the brain classes are as follows:

A) Dancing - Surprised?

Yes, you sure are! When you learn a new dance, your brain processes quickly and your memory is all the more sharpened.

You can try learning salsa or contemporary dance.

B) Solve a jigsaw puzzle - It does not matter if you are putting a 1000- piece puzzle together or a 100.

When you solve a jigsaw puzzle, your brain needs to think and process a lot so that you can figure out where the tiny pieces fit in so as to form a larger picture.

This in turn strengthens your brain and increases concentration levels as you have to focus a lot.

C) Play cards with fellow mates - Research shows that when one takes a quick card game, their thinking power is boosted.

D) Learn a new language - It's proven that being fluent in more than one language could be very beneficial for your brain.

Your mental health is improved when you try to learn a new language.

Learning a new language could be great for your brain as well as would help you in your practical life.

E) Learn a new skill - learning a new skill is not only fun but it also improves your memory and helps in sharpening it as learning something new requires concentration as well as interest.

F) Teach a new skill to your friend - Teaching a particular skill or a particular thing to someone is proven to be one of the best brain exercises as it involves remembering and reproducing.

This basically means to remember the skill yourself and then reproduce it to your friend. In this way, you also remembered what you know and you also explained another person.

This helps in memorizing and memory boosting.

G) Meditate - When you hear the word 'meditate' your brain is already happy!

It is because meditation gives you two benefits; one being 'exercise' and the second, is 'rest'.

Along with exercising, your brain requires a proper amount of rest too.

This can be achieved by regularly meditating for 15-20 minutes in a silent place with soothing slow music and chirping of the birds.

Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety to a great extent and also calm your body down.

When your headspace is calm, your thinking ability increases.

Hence, meditation has proven to be an excellent exercise for the brain.


1-2.How to Maintain Brain Health With the Abacus Online Exercise

How to Maintain Brain Health With the Abacus Online Exercise
Speaking about brain health, using the soroban could also work wonders.

Regular usage this tool for about 30 - 45 minutes daily is more than enough.

While you are learning the tabulating device, you will get fascinated about how it works, what are the after-benefits, and of course about how beautiful it is, etc because of the colorful beads.

After you excel at using the rectangle device, your mental mathematics is strong and you also develop strong logical reasoning.

You can now solve complex problems without hesitation.

From experience, these tools can not only be used for educational purposes but also for brain health due to its benefits.

Using such a small and mighty tool can keep your brain active for longer durations which in turn increases concentration and memory as well.

There are also soroban related exams such as an examination called kyu which the Japanese use to test students’ mental calcualtion ability.

Students can also learn about these exams with Online Soroban, where they are able to take them on the internet without having to travel to Japan to experience it.


1-3. Things You May Not Know About the Abacus Online Exercise

Things You May Not Know About the Abacus Online Exercise
Apart from the benefits of the abacus, there are certain facts soroban students should know.

Some of them are as follows - A) Bamboo frames are used in the abacus along with the wires and beads.

B) A person who uses a soroban is called an abacist.

C) Russians used the calculating device the most.

D) Earlier, nobody was aware of calculations with a device.

But after a certain period of time people found mathematics tough and could not actually cope up with it hence they started to use this tool for their calculations.

E) 'Japanese Soroban' means 'Abacus' (in the Japanese version).

F) Most of the schools in Japan make the use of abacus for teaching calculations.

G) China started using the abacus from the year 1400 CE.

H) This tool was also known as Jusan, Japan, and Supan.

I) Cranmer abacus was incorporated by Time Crammer which was designed for blind people to make calculations easily and accurately.


From all the information we understand that along with other parts of our body, our brain also requires care and exercise.

We also understand that games may help to keep our brain healthy.

The soroban is an amazing tool that can also add up in the list of your brain game exercises.

In short, our brain requires exercise which only we can provide by taking our time from our busy schedules.



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