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Why Are Educational Apps Good for My Kids?: Jan 2021 New

09 Jan,2021

Why Are Educational Apps Good for My Kids?: Jan 2021 New

Why Are Educational Apps Good for My Kids?: Jan 2021 New
This article can help parents understand more about the abacus.

They can also learn more about why are educational apps good for the growth of young kids.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.

Table of contents

1. Why Are Educational Apps Good for Quarantine Learning

Why Are Educational Apps Good for Quarantine Learning

With passing time, the education system has changed a lot.

Starting with books and copies, it has become an online mode.

Here, we will discuss the modern process of reading and learning.

But we should learn first, what is education? Why is it important for everyone?

And how we can learn it. Well, education is a predetermined journey of an individual.

In this journey, people discover the most aspect of life, including success, failures, importance and efforts, struggle, and accomplishments.

It transforms a person both personally and professionally.

It is a method that enables an individual to develop his mental capability and strength, thus improving his personality.

Here we will explain how modern technology shapes our education system.


1-1.Learning About Why Are Educational Apps Good

Learning About Why Are Educational Apps Good
The exponential growth of technology improves the way of life.

Remote learning has become the most important part of it.

The requirement for online education is very high.

We are living in an era where everybody is rushing towards their goals.

There is no time to lessen their focus.

These issues sound like a huge factor to you if you're a parent of a kid.

With a modified learning process, instead of memorizing the same lesson over and over again, you want them to discover something new daily.

But with our reiterated education system, it is hard to find out some institutions that innovatively educate children.

This is when parents genuinely think about alternatives.

And, with the help of learning platforms, it has become much easier to achieve your goal.

But before looking deep into it, it would be great if you learn, what is the learning app?

Educational platforms are something that helps your children to learn their exercises online.

You do not have to go outside to attend your regular classes.

Here are some platforms that will be very helpful; Google Classroom, edX, Duolingo, Photomath, Quizlet, Brainscape, TED, etc. Each of them is a classic one.
Google Classroom: if you are looking for educational platforms, then Google Classroom is your ultimate solution.

This app does not glitch. But, it is still not a full classroom replacement.

TED: It provides convenient, easily searchable access to every TED talk; accessible in many languages.

But on the other hand, unclear icons make some functions obscure.

Overall it is good.

Online Soroban' is one of my favorites.

This educational platform allows students to customize their learning to suit their needs, with thousands of mental maths topics to choose from.

There is a reason that it is known as the leading education app.


1-2.3 Types of Educational Apps and Why Are Educational Apps Good

3 Types of Educational Apps and Why Are Educational Apps Good

Continuous changes in the education system push students to adapt to a new interpretation of learning.

It provides you an opportunity to learn with other students throughout the world.

And it benefits students in so many ways by enhancing knowledge penetration speed, enhancing engagement rate, easy collaborative potential, unlimited resources, time-saving, productivity tracking, etc.

It is reported that 70% of students in various higher education institutions will take an online course the previous year.

Educational apps are mainly divided by a few principal tuition purposes.

They include different features and can be upgraded with multiple learning modules.

Here, they are Abacus Learning Apps, Remote Math Tuition Platforms, Mobile Apps for Kids, Learning Apps for Disabled People, Learning Apps For Adults, Math Prep Apps.

Language Learning platforms: language is the key to interact with people.

A new language means a new world, a discovery.

Even in the same country, people use different languages.

It is hard to count how many languages are there worldwide?

Therefore people want to expand their area and learn something different.

But it is tough to learn without practicing.

In this case, Duolingo plays a special role. It has over 100 million active users worldwide.

You can also search for Rosetta, Stone, Lingvist, Memrise, Babbel, Hello-Hello.

Mobile APPS FOR KIDS: all kids are obsessed with playing indoor and outdoor games.

Their obsession affects their learning most of the time.

Parents are always looking for a way out of it.

They want their kids to learn. Well, what if you combine their obsession with something good?

Educational platforms are mainly developed to simplify learning for your kids.

This app may include different niches like rhymes, colors, puzzles, and different math games.

Kids between the ages of 0 to 12 years are perfect for using these apps.

Learning Apps for Disabled People: disabled people are often left behind.

They do not get the proper teaching they need to understand things.

They feel shy about their disability and feel inferior.

Because of their surroundings, they do not express their feelings either.

There are different educational apps to cheer them up.

Picture-based communication apps help children to overcome communication disorders.

Choice boards allow people to express their wants


1-3. Learning Abacus to Understand Why Are Educational Apps Good

Learning Abacus to Understand Why Are Educational Apps Good
Abacus is a learning tool that people use to master mathematical calculations and counting.

The oldest Abacus found is as old as belonging to 300 BC and was still in use in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, Greek, Rome.

It is also in use in many countries, especially in Asia and Africa.

If you are looking for abacus apps to promote your education, then there are apps you should try.

Online Soroban covers ISHIDO-SHIKI learning which will improve student’s ability to do mental maths in just a few seconds!

These apps will help your children learn abacus, numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a KitKat environment.


Learning away from the classroom makes a child creative.

They learn to use modern technology.

They become fast learners.

They spend most of their time at home.

Therefore, parent-kid bonds get more powerful.

Your children learn in a safe and playful atmosphere.

In conclusion, we can say that mobile applications are the future of the education sector, leading to its development.



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