Abacus learning
Abacus learning

Abacus learning
Abacus education improves the various abilities of children. Scientific analysis is said to have a tremendous effect on the next six skills enhancements.

The power to observe carefully

Repeated training that does not allow mistakes increases your ability to read numbers carefully as well as focus.

An adult person sometimes encounters the sight of "I don't like big digits ...",

but there is no such person among those who have studied abacus.

It is a success if training to look at numbers carefully leads to the behavior of observing numbers and discovers the number mechanism one after another.

Such habits give birth to the power of various analyses using numbers.  

A careful reading of numbers is the starting point of insight.

“Company analysis” in general society begins with “reading with numbers”.


The power of images and flounder

It is known that Dandan's Azan is using the right brain.

It is said that quirks such as problem-solving and invention originate from the right brain, and “brainpower” that connects problem-solving thinking circuits in the shortest distance will be developed.

Also, “Fingertip training promotes synaptic entanglement and builds a neuron network”.

The ability to create new systems is the essential “brainpower” required in every field.

In other words, it is one of the “brainpower” that children must acquire.

Why do not you acquire the imagination power in abacus learning?


Power to remember

There are two types of mental arithmetic: pearl arithmetic (using the right brain) and arithmetic mental arithmetic (using the left brain).

Arithmetic mental arithmetic stores the patterns of answers processed by the right brain.

This training is a long-lasting memory of intuition.

Generally, the memory method (left brain use) used in tests is often forgotten in a short period of time,

but the abacus memory method (intuitive image memory using the right brain) is not lost for a long time.

Such “brainpower” is acquired by Anzan training.

The more you start as a child, especially as a kindergarten child, you will surely acquire these “brain powers”.


Power to concentrate

Soroban exams must be answered correctly in the time limit.

Taking first-class multiplication as an example, in the process of calculating a 6-digit x 5-digit problem, you will be required to perform more than 100 fingertip operations.

During the calculation, you can cast multiplication tables 30 times and enter an 11-digit (10 billion) answer.

Meanwhile, no one mistake is allowed.

If you repeat this question 20 times, you have finished calculating the specified number of questions.

Now, the movement of the fingertip is counted only over the multiplication item and counts over 2000 times.

As it is said that "the fingertips are outside the brain",

you can see that Soroban learning is raising the brain by fingertip training.


Power to process information

With the development of computers, an enormous amount of information passes through society.

“Brainpower”, which catches necessary information quickly and processes it at a super-fast speed,

is one of the essential abilities of the 21st century.

Soroban Anzan training consistently conducts numerical information processing training.

Reads numbers quickly without mistakes, performs right-speed processing with the right brain, and converts to accurate numerical information with the left brain.

From input to output, you will be cultivating information processing skills through abacus training.

This “brainpower” is an important weapon along with academic ability.

Number processing and character processing skills are some of the abilities that I want to acquire in my childhood for the future.


Ability to listen and read quickly

There is an event called “Reading Count” in the Soroban training.

This refers to training that promptly listens to and correctly handles the problems the reader reads.

It looks like a pre-modern learning method, but in fact, we are training “the ability to listen quickly”.

In addition, the learning method that reads and processes numbers for each block quickly trains the ability to read quickly.

In recent years, the abacus classroom has practiced state-of-the-art “ability training”,

which is required as an essential ability of businessmen.

These are one of the “abilities” that you want to have in your childhood when your brain is flexible.


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How to register online soroban?
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