Does abacus works effectively on adult
Does abacus works effectively on adult








Abacus is a simple tool. However, throughout the time, it has proved to be an important education instrument in society. It is benefiicial to the logical reasoning of a child.However, will is it still be able to stimulate an adult brain?

Researchers have found that abacus has plenty of advantages to the stimulation of the brain.

A research by Ryuta Kawashima, a professor in Northeast University Japan has shown that abacus learning is.linked directly to the prefrontal cortex, which when stimulated, helps cultivate logical reasoning.

Besides that, finger movements improve blood circulation to the brain.
It inhibits the procession of Alzheimer's disease as well as alleviating the symptoms
By repeating the finger movement to stimulate the brain.
By moving their fingers repetitivity can improve a child' brain functionality and willingness to learn.

Concrete influences
1) Improvement in cognitive and communicative skills
2) To stimulate the pre-frontal cortex
3) Alleviate Alzheimer's disease,brain damage and the blockage of brain function.

"Simple Arithmetic enables the elderly to enhance their vitality of their brain" announced by Northeast
University Japan
Professior Ryota kawashima and his team
announced at an international conference on brain science
"Continuation of Calculation can enhance the brain activity of the elderly"

In an old folk's home Fukushima, 44 elderly between 79-98 participated in a simple experiment
that involved simple experiment that involved simple calculation for 20 minutes each day for half a year.
During that period,the participants' thought processes and action were being observed
to determine the functionality of their prefrontal cortex. The results after three months showed tremendous

improvement in their day to day decision making and social behaviour.
Practice abacus to keep you focus.


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