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A Complete Guide to Educational Games Online

21 Aug,2020

A Complete Guide to Educational Games Online

A Complete Guide to Educational Games Online
Students and parents reading this article will learn everything thy need to know about educational games online.

Here, they can learn everything about it and understand how learning online works. They can also read to understand about how to master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and even division in our soroban school easily found on the web.
Lifelong learning is a journey that should be made fun and we have created the perfect answer to your problems.

I'm the author of this article and I'm a qualified abacus teacher, answering questions from around the world online abacus and various questions from online-soroban.com students.
Table of contents

1. Educational Games Online and What Do You Know About Them?

Educational Games Online and What Do You Know About Them?

In today’s lesson with Online Soroban, we will be talking about the general meaning of what universal entertainment are about.

These types of entertainment usually mean that they are made for all or for everyone.

There are no borders or requirements in general, and your kids are able to play with them for fun or for an objective in the end.

For example, a child can play things that are usually competitive like the abacus with mental calculation.

Learn how you can have lessons with them by using different forms of entertainment to teach.


1-1.What are educational games online about?

What are educational games online about?
To understand more thoroughly, kids entertainment are usually informative games in it themselves, meaning they also teach the children something while playing, for example, they could teach the child to arrange the shapes into the proper hole, like a shape sorter, and then we have activites where we encourage and build their hand-eye coordination.

There are also forms of entertainment where we build and develop their mental capabilities and those games would be more complex with more mathematical solving.

Some examples will be language problems, history lessons, and even have maths thrown into the mix so that the children will have more fun while learning these subjects.

Its user interface is also pretty simple and colorful so that children will have an easier time when they navigate through websites like our soroban school and see abacus instructions more clearly and so that they may not get confused and frustrated.

This allows them to find what they were told to play and explore with ease.

I forgot to mention that there are also kids entertainment available to play in real life too besides their online counterparts, these kids games are mostly played for recreation and for fun and usually have no lessons to teach.

Kids everywhere around the world enjoy these recreational activities and a lot still play even with the prevalence of the internet and its vast stockpile of fun.


1-2.What are some educational games online that are played by everyone globally?

What are some educational games online that are played by everyone globally?
You can find a lot of games on the web, from the internet!

They are found in their home websites or where they have allowed them to be bought like internet shopping platforms.

A great example would be Valve Corporation’s “Steam” platform where a multitude of games can be found for purchase (A lot are not usually Kid’s games).

There is also Minecraft.net, Mojang’s website to buy, and finally Roblox’s own roblox.net.

Educational sites like Online Soroban hosts a wide range of mathematical entertainment for all ages to enjoy and learn at the same time.

You can learn how to mental calculator with abacus and discover how to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Generally, you can find a lot of things on the web besides playtime activities.

Some of the you see in real life can also be found on the internet although they are mostly instructions on how to play them.

If you search deep enough, you can also discover kids games that can be played by people globally.

For instance, the abacus is known to be an interactive and engaging method to teach.

Students from all over the world use this to learn how to do maths and in Japan, some even use it to upgrade themselves by participating in mental calculation competitions too.


1-3. Are there any educational games online and where can I find them?

Are there any educational games online and where can I find them?
Learning how to do abacus with our soroban school gives students many opportunities to harness their imagination and creativity to build and solve complex problems and improve critical thinking skills.

Universal games like chess help develop your spacial awareness and strategy making especially when playing up against people that has a good command of both their right and left brains.

A lot of these games are beneficial, even if they are shooters or platformers since they also help develop hand and eye coordination as well as stimulate the mind to think outside of the box.

Educational games especially abacus ones are then, of course, available so that you may learn while having fun which removes the boredom of trying to learn something that you are never interested in or have no passions for.

A lot of people still play these games even if they are too old for them even for the informative games yet they still have fun and enjoy it.

Some of the games are also social tools to meet new people online and across the globe connecting each other with the love of playing the game they are already playing.

Friendships are easily built by having the same interests are the people who you are bonding with.


Learning with our soroban school helps children from all over the world to learn how to master mathematics in ways that are fun, engaging, and also entertaining.

Even with quarantine, little kids will not be bored and they will be able to find fun in their electronic devices.

Learning with us is a great and creative way to get your little ones to learn and maximize their potential.

Understanding and mastering mathematics is a life-long journey.

When you do it with the right mentors, it is smooth sailing and fun.

With a good command in numbers, you will be able to discover how your life can be changed with just a snap of your fingers.


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